Look at you go, babies! We’ve made it through the first month of 2020 and it appears like we’ve made it through, mostly unscathed. We are hoping you’re absolutely crushing it with your new year’s resolutions cause it seems like this year will be packed with brand new challenges and rewards. But if you are struggling (and believe us, we know that the current state of affairs is not ideal) we’ve compiled some of the best live music events that our beautiful city has to offer so that you can shake off the blues and enjoy:


Franiadas and Rayo join forces at Local

Up-and-coming psy-pop artists Franiadas and Rayo will be playing together in an electronic format at Local this Wednesday. Franiadas will be playing some songs from his latest project Ansiedad, and Rayo will be giving its last presentation before the release of Arcadia, their brand new Tame Impala-esque album. There are loads of reasons for you to drop by and warm up your dancing shoes, but at the top of our list? It’s FREE!

10pm | FREE | Local| Gorriti 5045


Lisandro Etala Trío at Auditorio Belgrano

Having released two albums, Lisandro Etala, a singer song-writer who flirts with regional genres and styles, will be presenting some songs off Tiempo en El Aire and El Kid de la Cuestion in a Trio format. We strongly recommend that you give these albums a listen, as the mix of influences is delightful. Lisandro will be playing at Auditorio Belgrano and it’s a la gorra! So, again, there’s no reason for you to miss these delightfully infectious songs!

8:30pm | FREE (a la gorra) | Auditorio Belgrano| Virrey Loreto 2348


Nahuel Briones presents: Íntimx at Moran 

The poster boy/girl for the slowly brewing independent music scene, Nahuel Briones will be playing in what we can only describe as a REAL unplugged show. With absolutely NO amplification other than their guitar and vocal cords, Nahuel promises to go over their entire discography in an intimate and personal performance at Moran. Beware, though, the tickets for the first show at 9pm are SOLD OUT. You can, however, get some of the last tickets for the 11pm show so don’t sleep on it!

11pm | $350 pre-sale/$450 at the gates | Moran| Pedro Moran 2147

Los Siberianos give a fogon experience for FREE at Camping

If a laid-back afternoon while the sun lightly toasts your cheeks appeals to you, then you can definitely pick up what the guys from Los Siberianos are laying down with their sonic equivalent. With a dreamy and atmospheric album such as Algo Tuyo, they manage to juggle musical genres with ease, going from americana-style melodies to straight-up psychedelic rock. Fortunately for you, you can catch them live and for free at Camping this Friday.

9pm | FREE | Camping| Av. Pueyrredon 2501


Verde y los Caballos a Marte and Ex Colorado (SoloSet) at Vuela El Pez

Calling all Krautrock and shoegaze fans. Verde y Los Caballos a Marte and Ex-Colorado will be offering a mantric and spacy experience at Vuela El Pez. Verde y Los Caballos a Marte flirts with elements of heavily distorted shoegaze and classic singer-songwriter sensibilities, while Ex-Colorado blend all the energy of krautrock with elements of classic Argentine indie music. Of course, we’re just the messenger, so get out there and space out with some of our favorite bands in the current scene. 

9pm | $100 pre-sale/$150 at the gates| Vuela El Pez| Av. Cordoba 4379

La Nube Mágica presents “El Poder de la Música” at La Confiteria

La Nube Mágica is one of those bands that are brimming with joyful and feel-good vibes. With an impressive amount of musicians on stage in the style of Arcade Fire, they blend pop, reggae, and even some folk elements seamlessly. Not only are the songs catchy, but the performances are super engaging, with singers and percussionists running from one end of the stage to the other. Everybody should see them at least once, and because of that, we strongly encourage you La La Listers to snag your tickets now!

8pm | $200 pre-sale| La Confiteria| Av Federico Lacroze 2963

DILDA Transfeminist Festival: FIBA Edition (DJs and Bands

Y a la yuta con que nos vigila, mecha y fuego le daria.” With that introduction, we present to you the latest edition of Festival DILDA. For those who have been following us for a while, it should come as no surprise that we put this festival in the spotlight. For those not in the know, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s one of the most iconic transfeminist festivals in our local scene, and they sure know how to throw a party. In this edition, we’ll be treated to an assortment of bands and pop groups such as Son Pololos, Rocio Tirita, Efrita, and some DJs such as Dj K1n,  DJ Last Beats, and DJ Ex Novia. It’s free but you need to visit Alternativa Teatral to get the tickets. Get your booty moving, bb! 

9pm | FREE| Ladran Sancho| Guardia Vieja 3811