Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

2019 is finally over, and so we can now say with relatively minimum fear of retaliation – what the fuck shitstorm was that!? Between economic uncertainty, political changes galore, and mercury being in retrograde (and apparently every other planet and like, moons and stuff? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), it for sure left many of us feeling like we had been run over by an 18-wheeler. 

But last year is on the outs and the roaring 20’s are here, so grab your best flapper dress (yes, this is how I will do 2020, you can’t change my mind) and let’s dive into the first culinary agenda of the year. Oh how I’ve missed you, kids! ❤

THU 16.1

New Summer Agenda at the Patio de los Lecheros

Yes, we all wish that the beach wasn’t just something we saw scrolling on Instagram, but what are you going to do? Stay at home complaining about life or go out to make the most out of a bad situation? Grab a friend or three and head out to the Patio de los Lecheros to enjoy their daily shows, music, DJ’s, and naturally, food trucks galore. Check out the schedule here.

20:00 hrs|Patio de los Lecheros|Av. Tte. Gral. Donato Álvarez 175| Caballito

SIDEDISH: Por Amor al Baile at the CC Recoleta

The two time winner of the best possible city outing during the summer is back for more, and you don’t have to tell me twice ’cause you know at this point, I’m practically part of the planning committee. The CCR is once again inviting all of us left in CABA to join them for a nice night of sensible partying – meaning that you can make your way to Plaza Francia at around 7 pm and know that you’ll be going home at midnight, and also, that you’ll be able to dance without feeling cramped by strangers simply because you’ll be outside. Now *this* is precisely my kind of party.

Be warned: This year, and unlike previous editions, they’ll only do two nights of partying instead of every Thursday for most of the summer. Last year it got so crowded they canceled the last date, so today, right in the middle of Jan where people are still vacationing at the beach, is definitely the right moment to attend. Don’t forget to look for me – I’ll be the one holding the beer.

Oh, and by the way: we recommended this event and so much more on our January cultural outings agenda for you to enjoy and let your hipster flag fly, boo.

8ish onwards| Centro Cultural Recoleta| Plaza Francia | Recoleta

FRI 17.12

Winetasting + Pairing training with Wine.BlaBla

Is 2020 the year we learn about wine? Maybe, if that means it’ll make it socially acceptable to request a glass of it whenever I feel like it. Join sommeliers Paula and Dai for a light hearted, but very insightful lesson on all things wine (in particular, those from Perpetuo Wines), hot tips on what to consider when trying to find that perfect wine pairing, and because no good comes from drinking with an empty stomach, delicious tapas that make me want to openly weep as I look at my dish filled with leftovers.

22:00| Limon 8 Bistro| Address Upon Request | Palermo

Vegan Sushi + Cocktails by Naiara Murua

Was going vegan one of your New Year’s resolutions, and are you now in those hellish days where you’ve made your choice and all that’s left is living with it? Well then, despair no more: I can’t offer you a solution for everything, but at least when it comes to sushi, I’ve got you covered. Join cook Naiara Murúa for a closed door vegan sushi experience where you’ll be able to keep your resolution but also, satisfy those mad cravings. 

19:00| Naiara Murúa| Address Upon Request | San Cristobal

SIDEDISH: Witch Market

All the esoteric arts are making a comeback, so why should witches be any exception? Join the gals at Vende Humo Tienda for an afternoon of delving into the great unknown of astrology and tarot cards, and stock up on natural, cruelty free goods such as natural cosmetics and toiletries, sustainable menstrual products, and why not throw in a few magical herbs?

19:30 – 22:00| Vende Humo Tienda | Corrientes 2115, timbre 8 | Once

SAT 18.1

Valle Grande + La Neta Cenas Pop Up

As our bonafide food writer and resident fatty Kevin has been saying for a long time, 2019 was *the* year for food pop ups. However, 2020 won’t see that changing, and Valle Grande and La Neta Cenas are definitely taking that seriously with their very first pop up of the year. Join them (and don’t forget to book) for one of the two shifts available and embrace the deliciousness of Mexican food at the core of the Ciudad de la Furia.

While you’re at it, check out our thoughts on 2019’s most relevant eateries and what we think (or hope?) awaits behind door #2020. 

20:00 and 22:00 hrs| Valle Grande Cocina| Freire 1229 | Colegiales

Cinema Club’s Open Air Cinema + Food Trucks

I’m unsure why I’m so obsessed with open air cinema considering it’s essentially watching a movie, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and this heart wants to feel the mosquitoes while watching The Neverending Story, apparently. Make your way to Olivos for a lovely day in the sun and finish it off with a hearty meal from one of the dozens of food trucks populating the vial costero while singing along to the incredible soundtrack of one of your childhood’s classics. Did I mention it’s free? Don’t ever say I don’t take care of you.

20:00 hrs| Gastronómada Foodtrucks + Cinema Club| Caracua 300 | Olivos

SUN 19.1

Fermentation Workshop

Is it outside your comfort zone? Maybe, but January of a new decade does feel like the moment to try new things. Join Buen Provecho Clases for a class (d’oh) on how to make your own fermented goods, the principles behind these processes, how they can benefit your body, regulate your digestive system, and much, much more. 

11:00 – 15:00 hrs| Bartolome Co-cooking| Juan Carlos Cruz 2354 | Olivos

Summer Cookin’: Lattente x Las Pibas

Give me a feminist pop up with great cooking skills and what will you get? All my money, naturally. Join Las Pibas until February 16 at Lattente Café for their take on the menu where you can choose how to better compliment the delicious coffee already in your hands. 

All day| Lattente Café | Migueletes 509 | Las Cañitas

SIDEDISH: Boardgame Afternoon at La Confitería

Am I a huge nerd for loving boardgames and getting super competitive about it? Maybe, but the fury I felt a few weeks ago after spectacularly losing a game of TEG was very real, so there’s no hiding this. It’s hard to find both people to play with and access to different games, considering that well, we broke. That’s why a plan like La Confitería’s is so great – get the benefit without the burden by making your way to fancy Colegiales for an afternoon of craft beer, delish food, and boardgames galore. 

18:00 hrs| La Confitería| Federico Lacroze 2963 | Colegiales

WED 23.1

Japanese Cooking Class with Fuego

Fuego is back with their fancy cooking lessons that cover everything from chocolate and spices, to mediterranean food, to asado, or, in this case, Japanese dishes. Discover the true taste of Japanese ramen and start understanding the craze that’s taken over the city in regards to all things Asian food – hot tip: it’s because it’s delicious. 

19:30| Fuego| Address Upon Request | Congreso

Got any cool events you think we’ll love? Is there anything that you’d like to see more of? Don’t hold back! Email us at and let’s talk food, bb.