Happy New Year people! Eze here telling you that it feels great to be back, La La Listers, it really does. Has your year been off to a swell start? Personally it’s been a mixed bag, but I get the feeling that this year will be jam-packed with great experiences and even MORE fun and entertaining events. I’d love to hear all your wonderful (or not so wonderful) summer adventures and stories but time is of the essence and we’ve got a wide array of events, so as I slowly melt into my chair let’s have a look at what this first week of The Setlist has got in store for us:


Santa Azucar will rock the hell out of El Panda Rojo

We’re kicking off our first weekly agenda of the year with some good ol’ hard rock for all you folks who still enjoy a foot-stomping, head-banging experience. The rock and funk-infused trio Santa Azucar will be bringing the sonic shugah at one of our favorite venues in all of Buenos Aires: El Panda Rojo. Best part? It’s free y’all!

8pm | FREE | El Panda Rojo| Sarmiento 3096


Whimsical Acoustic Sets: Open Mic Night at Feliza

If you’ve been living here in the big city for a minute, you’ve surely heard about Feliza, one of the most famous and popular LGBT+ clubs around these parts. There’s always something fun and sassy to do, either disco funky nights, drag queen/king races and; on this particular evening: Open mic night! So go on, shoot them a DM to sign up and show us what you got!

9pm | FREE | Feliza| Av. Córdoba 3271


Porque Lo Digo yo Full Album Videoclip

Daiana Leonelli, her band and Maxo Garrone turn up the temperature at Wara Wara

This is not the first time Daiana Leonelli has shown up on this site. An alumni of our monthly track roundups, this time she’ll be playing some songs off her latest record Porque Lo Digo Yo with her whole band. But that’s not all! This event will also include some off-the-wall humor from Maxo Garrone as well as some slam poetry (right in THE F E E L S). Get your swimsuit ready and dive in!

9:30pm | $150 or a la gorra| Wara Wara| Martinez Rosas 973

Melanie Williams & El Cabloide – Free at Camping

There’s really not much we can say about multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Melanie Williams that we haven’t said before. So much so, she’s been featured in our album of the year list (!) This time, though, we’re happy to share with you this AWESOME bit of news: she’ll be playing FOR FREE with her full band! If you’re still wondering if you should go or not, just give her latest live session a listen and you’ll be totally convinced. We’ll see you there, chikkibaby!

9pm | FREE|Camping| Av. Pueyrredon 2501

Miranda! at Niceto Club

Here’s one for all of you old-school pop aficionados! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 8 years, you’ve probably heard of Miranda! before. The legendary pop duo will be playing a flaming hot set at Niceto Club with some songs off of their upcoming album Me Gustas Tanto. So if you are in the mood for some booty-shaking and dancing, make sure to get your tix FAST!

8:30pm | $900|Niceto Club| Niceto Vega 5510


La Familia de Ukeleles – Floreado & Hawaiano Vol.III at Niceto Club

Once again, Familia de Ukeleles will be hosting this new iteration of Floreado & Hawaiano with a whole bunch of songs curated from their extensive catalog. Sunny Mondays will open the show with a few folk classics. The best part about this event is that if you go with a truly Hawaiian outfit, there’ll be prizes! Also, there’s a 40% discount on the first 200 tickets. That-‘s right, you have no excuse to skip this one. Go, my child!

9pm | pre-sale: $300|Niceto Club| Niceto Vega 5510