Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

Here comes Moveable Feasts, here comes Moveable Feasts, right down La La Lista lane! We’ve got a list that’s filled with delicious food for boys and girls again! Hear those wine glasses clinking, oh, and they’ve come to stay, so jump out of bed, and don’t cover your head, ’cause MF comes today! 

Yes, the holiday cheer finally caught up with me – about time! But in all honesty, I never stood a chance, considering pretty much everything I see right now has tinsel, mistletoe, fake snow, bright Christmas balls, etc. times a thousand. Have we forgotten that it’s hot as balls? Why are you trying to sell me a ridiculous Christmas sweater? It’s 20 billion degrees. If you want to entice me to get Christmassy, do as these events did and offer me tasty food and cool, festive drinks – that’s how you win me over. Let’s do this – last MF of the year, babies! 

THU 19.12

Wine Tasting, But Make It Funny

Wine tastings can sometimes take themselves a bit too seriously, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this is where you scroll right through. Join BonVINO for their last wine tasting of the year, hosted by Paula and Ale, two very knowledgeable people in all things adult grape juice, but also, downright hilarious human beings which will ensure that you get pleasantly drunk, learn a thing or two about wine, all the while having a hilarious night.

20:00 hrs| BonVINO| Maipu 995 | Retiro

FRI 20.12

Asian Night Pop Up at Vino Tinto Cocina

One of the restaurants that made the biggest splashes when they opened up… what was it, two years ago? Whoa. Time flies when you’re overworked and exhausted. Sorry, you lost me there for a second. One of the restaurants that made the biggest splashes when they opened up two years ago was Niño Gordo, and if you haven’t tried their amazing take on Asian cuisine by now, let’s just say you’re *truly* missing out. However, if you’re unsure about it, perhaps you can start with a small little Asian pop up with their frankly talented chef Pedro Peña and see what’s all the fuzz about? Make your way to Vino Tinto Cocina rait nau, friend-o.

19:00 – 23:00 hrs| Vino Tinto Cocina | Humboldt 2157 | Palermo

Karaoke Night, vol. 5, ft. Sol Negro Tacos

Fine, I’ll stop trying to convince you to try Asian food, carry on in your child-like eating ways and stick to foods from this side of the globe. I mean, I can’t judge you (lies, I am judging you, you heathen!), considering that one of the best meals in the world started in Mexico. And tonight, you get to say hello to them one more time thanks to Sol Negro Tacos and their brand new menu at Sheikob’s bagels. Go stuff your face with all that’s good and once you’ve eaten enough to feed a small army, grab that microphone and make an absolute fool of yourself – that’s the true holiday spirit.

20:00 hrs| Sheikob’s Bagels | Uriarte 1386 | Palermo

Bs. As. Markets Introduces Cities of the World

I’ve offered you Mexican food. I’ve offered you Asian food. I’ve offered you my heart, and nothing seems to be good enough, so, you know what? Pick whatever you want to eat yourself, and leave me alone. This weekend, Bs. As. Market will be putting on the party hat and presenting “Cities of the World” at the Paseo de la Costa in Vicente Lopez, and no matter what exactly is your cup of tea in terms of food, you’re sure to find something that moves you, considering the variety will be astounding: Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Japan, China, Syria, Peru, India, US, Korea, Colombia, Argentina, and more! If can’t make it on Friday, remember you’ve still got Saturday, and should it rain on Friday, the event moves to Sat-Sun!

17:00 – 00:00 hrs | Buenos Aires Markets | Paseo de la Costa| Vicente López

SIDEDISH: Dario Z at Ciudad Cultural Konex

It’s never too late to join Dario Z for some philosophy, and honestly, what better way to end the year than by reflecting and analyzing this life we lead? No, but really – yes, perhaps you’re more in the mood to get your drink on and relax, but that’s the great thing about this dude – you’re reflecting, you’re thinking about important stuff, but you’re also having a beet at Konex with your friends. That’s gotta count for something, right?

19:00 – 22:00 hrs| Ciudad Cultural Konex | Sarmiento 3131 | Almagro

SAT 21.12 

Mercado BioTerra, Christmas Edition

Looking to stock up on all those veggie goodies for this holiday season? Then don’t miss out on the Christmas edition of the Mercado BioTerra, ripe with vegetables, vegan goods, and opportunities! Enjoy all that’s good this holiday and let’s see how many relatives you can convince that a bit of green won’t kill them. 

21:00 hrs| Casa Jache | Aranguren 213| Caballito

Weekend Menu by Entre Frascos

Like every weekend, closed door restaurant Entre Frascos is bringing us food-shaped wonderfulness in the form of a brand new 5 course weekend menu – this time, featuring quiche, trout, eggplant, peaches, and more. Enjoy the tasty + healthy meal seasoned by the quintessential summer drink (Campari + orange juice!) at AR$ 850. Booking is mandatory!

20:00 hrs| Entre Frascos | Adress Upon Request | Villa Urquiza


Star Wars cutting boards? 3D printed Stranger Things Keychains? Posters, magnets, stickers galore? You’ve stumbled upon the Nerdo AR, and being the Christmas edition, it’s bigger than ever. Take the opportunity to buy as many Christmas gifts as you’re missing from the hands of small producers hustlin’ to make their art profitable and ensure you’re gifts are the most memorable at the table. As always, entrance is free of charge, and you can buy food & drinks at Matienzo’s bar – so, delish and cheap (L).

14:00-21:00 hrs| Centro Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249 | Villa Crespo

SUN 22.12

MASA at Vino Vivo: Glu Glu Party

Have we been #intense with trying to get you to try MASA’s tacos? Yes. But be merry: this is the last time we’ll ask this of you… for the year. Yes, all my friends love my Dad jokes, thank you for asking. But really: everyone loves tacos, and MASA makes the best one’s in town, so whatcha waiting for? Join them at Vino Vivo, enjoy all the wine, and let yourself be treated to a life-changing experience.

19:00 hrs| Vino Vivo | Tronador 1734 | Villa Ortuzar

MON 23.12

Las Sasa’s One Year Anniversary

Incredible asadoras Las Sasa have been blessing us with their food for whole year, and if that’s not a reason to celebrate, then what is?! And because they’re truly lovely beings, they’re taking their first birthday to give back, by offering us yet another chance to enjoy their magical take on the classic Argy asado. Open terrace? Delish food? Rivers of beer and wine? Sign me up, boo.

20:00 hrs| Las Sasa | Address Upon Request

WED 24.12 Writer’s love letter

Dear Reader,

Yes, I could write down tons of restaurants that will be hosting a fancy Christmas Eve dinner for the bargain price of one million billion dollars, but I honestly don’t think that’s what you’re looking when you check out our culinary calendar every week. Instead, I’ll say this: Happy Holidays! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, whether this year was great or by now you are barely hanging in there, this can be a trying time. We’re all busy, we’re all exhausted, and random thoughts start creeping in about what you should have accomplished by now but haven’t. This is a friendly reminder: If you’re alive, then you’ve made it, boo. There’s nowhere to go but up. Try to be kind to yourself and others, remove yourself from situations that hurt you, ask for help when things become too much, and if by any chance you were looking for a sign, then this is it. Take that daunting step – close your eyes, deep breath, and leap into the new year. 

May every day be filled with hearty meals and hearty laughs,



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