Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

Are we ice cream that was left on the table after dessert was over because everyone thought the other person was going to put it away? Because we’re all here collectively melting, but we really, really wish we weren’t. Summer may not be here, but boy do these temperatures tell another story. With the current weather forecast hitting around one million billion degrees, staying cool is but a long forgotten dream; however, being cool is a whole different thing when you’ve got your faithful La La Lista by your side! Check out this weeks events and let us help you fight off all that is bad (the heat) with all that is good (the food). DJ, do your thing:

THU 12.12

Presentation of Aguinaldo #02 at Sheikob’s Bagels

Sheikob’s Bagels. That’s it, that’s the end of my pitch, and honestly, it should be enough to get you to show up. Since I can see from your face it really isn’t, here’s more: today, Sheikob’s is going all out and cutting the street (!) to present their second edition of Aguinaldo Revista. You’ll get to see incredible artists like Julieta Venegas + Panchito Villa performing for free, great art by Santiago Motorizado and Lucy Shanghai, and stuff your face with cold pizza (huge fan here, don’t @ me) from Lardo y Rosemary x Sheikob’s Bagels, as well as beer from fan favorite Strange Brewin’ and wine from Piel y Hueso. By the way, entrance is free, so yeah.

20:00 hrs| Sheikob’s Bagels| Uriarte 1386 | Palermo

FRI 13.12

Le Marché, Night Edition, Day 1

It is always a happy time when another edition of Le Marché comes around, but we’re especially happy for this one ’cause it’ll be taking place under the cover of darkness, meaning a) lower temperatures (can you tell I am obsessed? I. Am. Dying) and because of that, b) a wide variety of music shows, workshops, and classes for all attendees to enjoy. For this edition, the location has been moved from their classic spot next to the French Embassy to the plaza next to the MALBA. You’ll be able to enjoy a variety of local producers offering not just French food, but also, products ranging from cooking utensils to clothes, purses and children’s toys. Just in time for Christmas gifts!

19:00-24:00 hrs| Le Marché | Plaza Perú (next to MALBA) | Palermo

End of Year Party at Vino Tinto Cocina

Less than 20 days away of bidding farewell to, at the very least, a complicated decade, Vino Tinto Cocina is pulling all the stops and celebrating the beautifulness that is being alive with what they do best: classy wine and delicious food. Make your way to their location in Palermo Soho and stop when you start seeing the people, as they’ll be making the sidewalk their main venue. Look for me, I’ll be the one being screamed at by the manager by asking for ice cubes for my wine. 

18:30 hrs| Vino Tinto Cocina| Julián Álvarez 1602 | Palermo

Sat 14.12 

Extrawurst Summer Bierfest

I know that today is a lot cooler than yesterday, but considering the way summer works, it won’t last, so how about cooling off with some delicious German beer? Make your way to Extrawurst Gastschänke to enjoy the gloriousness that is all the German sausage you can eat and drown your complaints about the current temperatures in a glass (or four) of cold, delicious beer. 

18:00-02:00 hrs| Extrawurst Gastschänke| Tres Sargentos 427 | Retiro

#VinoYArte Wine Tasting

Get in the mood for more serious drinking and/or partying (or, you know, sleeping in – whatever floats your boat) with the ultimate adult activity that mixes in some classy arts & culture with fancy wine you get to sip while you pretend to know what you’re talking about. Join Vinos Sustentables at their latest wine tasting of the year and take home a wine bottle or three to impress your family and/or cat next time you find yourself feelin’ like you’d like some adult grape juice.

19:00-23:00 hrs| Botica del Angel| Luis Saenz Peña 543 | San Telmo

SUN 15.12


La Juntada Imposible at Valle Grande Cocina

The end (of the year) is near, and nobody wants to bid it farewell by being discrete about it. What does this mean at Valle Grande? They’ve brought together five different cooks, each with their own personal cooking style, to create a series of food offerings for the attendees to choose from. Now, I won’t reveal what’s cookin’ here (hehe), but I will tell you this: getting these chefs together was no easy feat, so this is one date you won’t want to miss. Unlike the usual Valle Grande, no bookings are needed – just meet them on the sidewalk!

19:00 hrs| Valle Grande Cocina| Freire 1229 | Colegiales

MON 16.12

MASA at La Fina

Do we have two Masa Makes Tacos events for you this week? Yes, we do, but here’s the kicker: for once, the Taco masters will be straying from their roots and tackling one of food’s favorite children: pizza. Yes, I know, risky move, but do you really have anything other than trust for their ability to make an incredible thing even better? Join them for pizza with a Mexican twist and let your taste buds be dazzled. 

19:00 hrs| La Fina| José Hernández and Migueletes | Belgrano

TUE 17.12

MASA Goes Vegan

Yes, two events, and none of them are their classic take on tacos – but could we ever really fit them in such a restrictive box? Join MASA for a delicious Mexican inspired, vegan meal and you just may be moved to start reconsidering what’s so good about meat anyways. 

20:00 hrs| Jaam| Bolivar 916 | San Telmo

Got any cool events you think we’ll love? Is there anything that you’d like to see more of? Don’t hold back! Email us at and let’s talk food, bb.