Hey-oh La La Listers! Yes indeed, it’s Eze here coming at you with some of this week’s gigs, festivals, and events. It seems like the sun has decided to finally roast us all so you might as well make the most of this end of year apocalyptic weather. Fortunately, it seems like the Earth might not die on us as soon as we’d expect so before Christmas week makes all the Bonaerenses lose their minds, take this music agenda as a safe haven from all the December burnout we’ve all been exposed to. Let’s-a go!


Hiatus Kaiyote at Konex

Fronted by soulful singer and guitarist Nai Palm, the high-flying Jazz/Soul/R&B quartet Hiatus Kaiyote will be playing a dancy and blissful set for the first time ever here in Argentina, CC Konex to be more precise. Get your dancing shoes ready, baby.

7pm |Pre-sale: $2400 | CC Konex| Sarmiento 3131


Garage Punk Power Pibas: MUGRE present Gracias Por Cuidar El Equipo at Niceto Lado B

If you haven’t listened to MUGRE yet then I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve been sleeping on a real gem of our local scene. An abrasive sound and a bratty attitude constitute MUGRE a blistering breath of fresh air. They’ll be presenting their latest EP and HIENAS will be warming up the stage! Tix here

8:30 pm |Pre-sale: $250 | Niceto Club Lado B| Humboldt 1358

π˜Όπ™π™π˜Όπ™‰π™Œπ™π™€//𝘜𝘯π˜₯𝘦𝘳𝘍𝘦𝘴𝘡: Sto Fue Tdo, Peter.Symbiotic and Proyecto Gomez Casa

With special performances by Sto Fue Tdo presenting xInfiernox, Peter Symbiotic presenting  Control Mental and Proyecto Gomez Casa playing a solo set, this festival promises to assault your senses with some of the whackiest and vanguardist musical acts in Buenos Aires. Where? Uniclub!

8pm |Pre-sale: $250 and $300 at the gates | Uniclub| Guardia Vieja 3360


Pyramides present their latest single: Fragil at BLACK 

Post punky, atmospheric and visceral these and many more are the adjectives that could describe the sound that Pyramides has been building through these years. Prolific as they are, they’ll be presenting their latest work at BLACK this Friday. 

10pm |Contact the band directly | BLACK | Juramento 1543

Folie and Tick Toper bring down RABIA

Long-running indie rockers Folie and spacy lads, Tick Toper will be playing a memorable set near the Palermo area. We’ve featured Folie and Emi is a big fan of their music. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see her there! 

10pm |$150 | Rabia Bar| Costa Rica 4901


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Festival GRL PWR 2019 – Buenos Aires at CC Konex

In its new edition, GRL PWR festival promises to rock your socks off with a headliner bracket brimming with female artists! You’ll be treated to the likes of Paula Maffia, Melanie Williams, and Loli Molina to name a few. If that trifecta isn’t enough for you to rush and get your tickets then nothing will!

3:30pm |$500 |CC Konex| Sarmiento 3131

Excursionistas present La Sangre En El Ojo with Penny Peligro at Vuela El Pez

With a dancier approach, Excursionistas will be presenting their brand new LP together with Indie powerhouse Penny Peligro. There will also be some DJ-ing with some actual vinyls at the place. Make sure to get your anticipadas while there’s still some. 

9pm |FREE! |Vuela El Pez| Av Cordoba 4379