We did it. (I tried to stop myself). We’ve made it to December–let’s just take a moment to bask in the glory of this achievement, shall we? Okay, done. Remember that day back in June (or was it July?) when, curled up on the floor bewailing your heart out you thought “How on earth am I gonna make it to 2020 (alive)?. Well, the wait is almost over; Mariah Carey’s (and her net worth’s) beloved season is here and so is our will to thrive (Sidenote: is Christmas to Mariah what Halloween is to Heidi Klum?). Rightfully so, give yourself a round of applause for making it this far, and reward whatever remains of your persona with these early Christmas presents by means of a magical visit (minus the creepy looking elves) to the galleries, exhibits, fairs and workshops we’ve compiled. Because all we want for Christmas is art. And money. And money to see the arts.

Where to Go: Galleries and Exhibitions

Museo Peluche by Ad Minoliti

Photo Credit: Mite Galería

Ad Minoliti’s Museo Peluche (Stuffed Museum) exhibition has been around the Museo Moderno (Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires) for a month now, reuniting the Argentinian’s most significant works from the past 15 years. Curated by Carla Bravero and Marcos Krämer, Adriana’s pieces reject the gender binary by installing new cultural patterns and approaches based on feminism and queer ideologies. By means of colorful paintings, stuffed sculptures, playful murals, and installations, the artist integrates the concepts that Western culture once thought opposites: the spiritual and the rational, the feminine and the masculine, merging both worlds.

General entry costs $50 but students, children under 12, seniors, and visitors with disabilities get in free. Bonus: Wednesdays are free (oui, F-R-E-E), and you can also request an English tour by reaching out to educacion@museomoderno.org.

Mon, Wed, Thur and Fri: 11-19 hrs. | Sat and Sun: 11-20 hrs. | General entry: $50, Wednesdays free | Museo Moderno  | Av. San Juan 350  | San Telmo

Bifocal by Iván Navarro

Photo Credit: Artishock

San Telmo’s treasured museum MACBA (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires) is now presenting Iván Navarro’s iconic works of art. Born in 1972 in Santiago (before the 1973 Chilean Coup d’etat that overthrew Salvador Allende and gave way to Pinochet’s government), Iván addresses the violence perpetrated by the country’s military regime using light as his primary source. The result is strong, conceptual, politically charged sculptures and installations. Wednesdays tickets are discounted to $100. 

Mon-Fri: 11:00-19 hrs. | Sat-Sun: 11-19:30 hrs. | General entry: $150. Students, teachers and seniors: $100 | MACBA | Av. San Juan 328 | San Telmo

Surge by Anish Kapoor

Photo Credit: Jack Hems

Born in India, bred in Helen Mirren’s home country, Anish Kapoor is a contemporary sculptor known for his urge to explore the dimensions of human relationships and their states (both the physical and psychological). Newly arrived at Fundación PROA, his latest exhibition Surge (from the Latin word īnsurgēns: “rising upon or against”) refers to what emerges after an uprising against established authority, providing visibility to the hidden. With works that date back to 1992, selected by Brazilian curator Marcello Dantas, Kapoor’s sculptures invite the audience to engage in a conversation about life’s polarities; presence and absence, light and darkness, and so on. Intriguing, isn’t it? No wonder Anish is one of the most influential sculptors of his generation. 

Don’t miss out on this exhibit! (Some of the imagery of his works can be very strong, so viewer discretion is advised.) General entry costs $100 but students and teachers get in for free on Tuesdays. As always, don’t forget to bring your student ID.

Tues-Sun: 11-19 hrs. | $100 | Fundación PROA | Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929 | La Boca

Poesía Brossa by Joan Brossa

Photo Credit: Artxipèlag

There is poetry and visual arts, and then there is visual poetry. If you’re into this form of literature, and minimalism, then there is a 99.9% that it’s already raining (my bad. This is what watching Mean Girls does to your brain) there is a 99.9% chance you’ll fall for Joan Brossa (1919-1998) and his works of art. Born in Barcelona, the Catalan poet, playwright, and visual artist pairs the power of language and imagery, transforming his thoughts into some kind of 3D visual poetry.

Organized by MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona) and Fundació Joan Brossa, in collaboration with the CCK (Centro Cultural Kirchner) and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, this free exhibit will be taking place at the CCK. Just a teeny tiny detail: hurry and add this to your busy agenda ASAP, for the exhibition will come to an end soon (soon as on Dec. 8th).

Wed-Sun: 13-20 hrs. | CCK | Free | Sarmiento 151 | San Nicolás


Artwork Credit: Milagros Correch

Curated by Lucas Marin and organized by Sullair Cultura, Marco Arte Foco (headquarters of the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de La Boca), is currently presenting Umbral, an art exhibition gathering the works of seven of the artists that participated in the 25 murals painted in Barracas. Showcasing the best of contemporary street art, Umbral seeks to erase the boundaries that separate street art–a discipline outside the context of traditional art venues, from its fellow contemporary art practices by transferring what once emerged from the old and chaotic city walls to the exceedingly white corners of museums, proving street art can also belong indoors.

Wed 4th-Sat 7th: 12-18 hrs. | Free | Marco Arte Foco | Av. Don Pedro de Mendoza 682 | La Boca

International Queer Art Festival

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Queer cinema, queer literature, queer theater, queer music, queer dance, queer performance, queer art in all its different forms? Starting tomorrow (Tuesday the 3rd) and until Sunday the 8th, you can visit F.A.Q. (Festival de Arte Queer), an art festival organized by Casa Brandon, showcasing the works of 50+ current forces and emerging artists of the LGBTQ+ scene. General entry costs $200 but all activities are free of charge.   

Tues 3rd-Sun 8th: 16-23:00 hrs. | $200 | Casa Brandon | Luis María Dragó 236| Villa Crespo

Fairs to Visit

There’s always a first time for everything, even buying Christmas presents on time. Pay a visit to these free fairs (is my dad joke game going strong or what? Definitely or what) and find the perfect gift for everyone in your fam. Yes, even for that aunt who’s one tunic away from becoming a vivid low budget version of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. 

La Capitana Festival

Photo Credit: La Capitana

Independent (and not so independent) design objects? Check. Food trucks? Check. Live music? Check. Oh God, there’s even a “sector mate,” a space dedicated to mate lovers (you know, that caffeine-rich infused drink Argentinians carry around with them more than their IDs?) for people to simultaneously exchange their saliva out in the green, all the while sucking the life out of that bombilla. I don’t know about you, but I’m in (minus, maybe, the mate bit). If you’re on the lookout for a Sunday escapade look no further; La Capitana has got you covered. Held in the bewitching Espacio Mendoza in Maschwitz, this festival brings together design, music, and food–life’s Holy Trinity, for you to shop around while eating a croissant (more like three).

Sun 15th: 12-20 hrs. | Free | Espacio Mendoza | Mendoza 139-299 | Ingeniero Maschwitz

La Capitana Feria: A Closer Alternative

Photo Credit: La Capitana

Because not all of us have the same level of stamina and power of will to go to Maschwitz, we present La Capitana Feria, a much less risky option for those who’d rather travel the bare minimum. Located in the neighborhood of Villa Devoto and organized by the same hosts of La Capitana Festival, this alternative offers all things design: prints, pins, cool tees, chic ceramics, crafty notebooks, beauty products, healthy snacks, and more.

Sun 22th: 14-19 hrs. | Free | Casa de La Villa | Gualeguaychú 4104 | Villa Devoto

Feria & Birra

Photo Credit: Pexels

That’s right. Shop around while sipping on your favorite craft birra (beer) at Feria and Birra, a design fair held at Ravens Craft Beer featuring prints, posters, pins, plants, decor items, clothing, and accessories made by independent artists, betting on design d’auteur (because everything sounds fancier in French). Disclaimer: we’re not responsible for whatever you purchase after the third pint.  

Sat 7th: 17-21 hrs. | Free | Ravens Craft Beer | Balcarce 983 |  San Telmo

ClubFest: Happiness Edition

Photo Credit: Trending Media

Founded by Feria Festiva and Estudio El Mercat, ClubFest will be carrying out its latest edition this upcoming Saturday the 7th, presenting the products of 100+ design, clothing, and decoration brands made by local entrepreneurs. Take a stroll through the city and discover a more bohemian side of Microcentro (is that even possible? Yes). Design, art, and sugary snacks (#Priorities), all day long at the Centro Cultural Borges

Sat 7th: 12:30-20 hrs.| Free | Centro Cultural Borges | Viamonte 525 | Microcentro

Feria Migra

Photo Credit: Feria Migra

If you love prints and independent publications as much as you love your dog, you should definitely migrate (sweet baby Jesus) to Feria Migra. Come see this year’s last edition featuring live art installations, artist interviews, workshops, and more.

Sat 7th-Sun 8th: 16-22 hrs. | Free | Cooperativa Cultural Qí | Thames 240 | Villa Crespo

Feria Fuega

Photo Credit: Centro Cultural Recoleta

Celebrating its 8th edition, Feria Fuega is bringing back the fire to the streets of Chacarita with an all-new art and design fair, along with a photography exposition and a collective collage. Moreover, there’ll be workshops, live art, live music, and (of course) food. Come find that print for that cousin whose bedroom wall is emptier than our fridge and enjoy a different kind of Saturday.

Sat 14th: 16-22 hrs. | Free | El Taller de Omar | Fitz Roy 1243/1245 | Chacarita 

Workshops: Make it Happen

There’s more to December than invading our friends’ swimming pools and doing last-minute shopping. This last month of the year, make the most out of it with these artsy activities.

Watercolors for Beginners

Artwork Credit: Jungsook Hyun

Still struggling to handle watercolors? Painting is hard, (and I thought peeing at the club without having someone fling open the bathroom stall door was hard enough). Bash is here to shed light on how to become a proficient painter by way of a three-hour intensive course. Wet-in-wet painting, underpainting, layering, gradients, and color blending; learn all there is to know about the do’s and don’ts of watercolor techniques. ”Should I bring my own material?” No need to! Everything you need will be provided by the workshop itself. Hyped? Send a DM and get all the info you need.

Wed 4th: 10-13 hrs. | Paid Activity | Bash | Recoleta

History of Art: A Seminar

Photo Credit: Italy Museum News

Does Manet and Monet sound like the same person to you? Can your knowledge of Renaissance artists only be attributed to The Ninja Turtles? (I know mine is). If that’s the case, Casa Taller’s seminar will fit you to a T. Hone your wisdom and finally understand the essential differences between Baroque and Renaissance art. Price, inscription, and other doubts? Drop by Casa Taller’s Instagram for more info.

Wed 4th and Wed 11th: 10-13 hrs. or Fri 6th and Fri 13th: 18-21 hrs. (You can choose between the two) | Paid Activity | Casa Taller | Palermo

Illustration and Creativity

Artwork Credit: Robertita

The good thing about illustration workshops is that no matter what time of the year it is, there’s always one around the corner. Eager to spark your creativity through drawing? Make good use of December and wake up your creative side with the Illustration and Creativity workshop dictated by the talented Robertita; architect by day, illustrator by night. When? Every Wednesday and Thursday throughout December, from 19 to 21 hrs. ”Is experience a must?” Absolutely not; anybody can join in. All you need is your crafty self, some blank pages, and pencils (or your artistic weapon of choice). Want to know more? DM Robertita.

Wed 5th, 12th and 19th and Thur 6th, 13th and 20th | 19-21 hrs. | Paid Activity | Talleres Robertita | Congreso

Botanical Art

Artwork Credit: Dianne Sutherland

There’s something so puzzling and magical about botanical art. Their clean, smooth lines and defined details make me want to A) Slam my head with a reinforced door upon realizing I’ll never be able to draw as good– or draw for that matter, and B) Go back to college and study biology (that is, until I remember my IQ falls far behind).

If, like me, you dream of learning the BTS of these beautiful artistic and scientific types of illustrations sign up for Stephanie Reiter and Maevia Botánica’s workshop at Fuega. For more info check out Fuega’s Instagram page.

Sat 14th: 17-20 hrs. | Paid Activity | El taller de Omar | Palermo   

Papercutting Workshop

Photo Credit: Design Bundles

There are patient people and then there are paper-cutting artists (we, ordinary human beings who cannot even wait for our microwave to beep to grab our lukewarm Mac and Cheese, are not even close to the first group). Do you look at those beautifully fragile works of art and cry–I mean, *wonder* “How is this humanly possible?” Does it make you wanna grab a scalpel and start experimenting yourself, never mind the fact you can hardly cut a slice of pizza? If you answered yes to both questions, then this Papercut Workshop is the way to go.

Learn all there is to know about the basic cutting techniques for curves and straight lines and the different types of papers you can use. As for materials, there’s no need to worry! Everything you need will be provided by the studio. Interested? Drop by the workshop’s Instagram to find out more.

Sat 14th: 14:30-18 hrs. | Paid Activity | Natasha Vázquez Arte| CABA   

Draw the City

Artwork Credit: Robertita

Dictated by Titi Hoon; both an architect and an illustrator, this workshop is meant to sharpen and broaden our view on the architectonic environment that surrounds us, by exploring the texture and materiality of Buenos Aires through drawing. Eager to know more? Contact Titi here.

Every Thursday, starting the 5th: 11-13 hrs. | Paid Activity | Berlin Gafik | Montevideo 88 | Monserrat