Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

Dear Reader,

I write this column with the last of my strength. The heat has come upon the City of Buenos Aires, and the concept of “Good Air” is now but a fading memory upon which my mind stumbles when trying to recall simpler times, happier times, colder times. The air is now a mass of impassive stickiness that fails to move even the tiniest of leaves growing in the lush green trees. Nighttime offers but a brief respite amidst the ever scaling temperatures, and the cover of darkness lasts too little in between long, bright days. If November brings us this, I can only wonder in fear of what January may offer. I have stared into the void – and it stared back. 

However, whilst my weakening fingers don’t fail me, I shall continue to bring you the latest food events that grace this city. I hope you find solace in them, and I wish upon thee that all of these venues offer some sort of temperature managing solution.

Forever yours,


THU 21.11

Jazz Vinyl Sessions

It’s never a bad moment to cut down on a stressful week with a delish glass of wine and some great, strange jazz (direct from Tokyo, bbs, and as a non-jazz expert, anything that is not completely classic always sounds weird to me but I. Am. In to It!), and that’s precisely what Black Forest is offering us yet again. 

19:00 hrs| Black Forest | Charlone 201 | Chacarita

FRI 22.11

BIOFeria: Night Edition

With the summer heat upon us, now more than ever is the moment to stock up on veggie goods to make eating something delicious but also, slightly lighter to make it easier for your body to digest. Even better? The fact that the BIOFeria happens at night ensures that all these purchasing will happen at a time where the sun doesn’t burn your skin off, and where it’s socially acceptable to drink one of the cocktails they’ll be selling there. 

21:00-01:00 hrs| Casa Jache | Aranguren 213| Caballito

MASA at Vino Tinto Cocina

You know it’s a good week when there’s another MASA pop-up scheduled, and boy oh boy do we have great weeks coming up for you. Join MASA for their delicious take on Mexican food and discover smoked pork tacos, creamy corn, and the forever classic staple that is nachos with pico de gallo. No need to book – just take your butt over there!

19:00 hrs| Vino Tinto Cocina | Humboldt 2157 | Palermo

SAT 23.11

GAL Restaurante Opens their Doors

GAL Restaurante is giving up their closed door status to make it easier for bystanders to simply walk in and enjoy the deliciousness of their food, and to celebrate this, their kicking off open door season with a tasty parrillada ft. free Rutini wines! Join them inside or in the patio and celebrate this joyous occasion the Argy way – with asado!

12:00 hrs| GAL Restaurante | Conde 3121 | Coghlan

Tapeo Porteño + Live Music at El Jardín Oculto

What better way to fight this heat than by drinking good wine, listening to good music, and eating good food? Join El Jardín Oculto for a delicious tapeo porteño for two people, a bottle of wine, and tickets to listen to the wonderful jazz tunes offered by the Sebastián Greschuk Quartet for AR $450.- per person and cool off after what promises to be yet another hot pre-summer day.

20:00 hrs| Cuerda Mecánica| Juramento 4686 | Villa Urquiza

SIDEDISH: Fulldome Visual Concert at the Planetarium

Yeah, listening to music is cool, but what about seeing that music? Join the Bienal Sur Arte for their Fulldome Visual Music Experience at the Planetarium for a day filled with wonder and just like, cool sights. In this edition, the program includes several premieres of works created by artists from America and Europe, with a special section dedicated to visual-music pieces created by students of the Bauhaus Universitat – Weimar, Germany, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the foundation of this famous design school. Dope!

21:00 hrs| Planetarium | Av. Sarmiento s/n| Palermo

SUN 24.11

Thanksgiving Brunch at Alacena Abierta

Ah, yes, the deliciously imported tradition that is Thanksgiving (all with pumpkin and cozy sweater that definitely match this weather) neatly packaged into a Palermo Viejo restaurant for us to enjoy. Let Thanksgiving meet brunch at Alacena Abierta and get classy drunk on cocktails while also stuffing your face with both sweet — like banana bread and cinnamon rolls — and savory food — like cornbread, scrambled eggs, bacon, and of course, turkey and cranberry sauce. Don’t forget to top the whole thing off with a slice of pumpkin pie.

13:00-17:00 | Alacena Abierta | Address upon request | Palermo

Macarons Masterclass at Queik Pastelería

What are you doing for gifts these holidays? Because boy do I have the solution for you. Everyone loves macarons (and if they say they don’t, either they’re lying or honestly, reconsider your relationship with that person), so why not bake a batch yourself and share this gift with the world? Learn exactly how at this great macarons workshop where you’ll learn the ins and outs of the ever elusive fresh and light tiny alfajor look alike, so that no one will be able to tell the difference between you and any regular French chef. The best part is? Your friends will likely not be able to resist such a delicious treat and so they’ll start eating them then and there… which means you get to eat too. 

10:00-12:30 hrs| Hope Market| Julián Alvarez 2466| Palermo

Buenos Aires Market with a View

You’ve gone (and taken advantage) of the Buenos Aires Markets before, but now is most definitely not the time to stop. Not only will this edition be a great opportunity for you to stock up on agro-ecological goodies such as all the fruits and vegetables you need to make the best smoothies and licuados in the world, but also, you can take your purchases to which ever shady patch you find overlooking the Río de la Plata and dive in right there. Let Saavedra be your muse, and make the most of the weekend by finding solace in nature even when close to home.

11-19:00 hrs| Bs. As. Market | Avenida García del Río and Pinto | Saavedra

Greens with a Side of Yoga

What is it about Sunday that just screams yoga? If “Nothing, Nicki, what the hell are you talking about” is precisely what’s going through your mind right now, then we’re more alike than you know, but hear me out. Maybe waking up early-ish and eating healthy is… good? I don’t know man, but I do know that at some point you gotta drink your water and eat your greens, and adding some movement to the mix sounds like the perfect combo to start your day filled with endorphins. Join personal trainer Carolyn Banner for a morning Vinyasa class at a beautiful Palermo terrace and top it off with a delicious healthy meal that will have your body thanking you for taking care of it – book one of the few spots available by emailing them at

10:00-13:00 hrs| Body by Banner | Address upon request | Palermo

TUE 26.11

El Vino Celebra Retiro

Another month, another edition of El Vino Celebra! Join countless wineries and bars as they open their doors to become a part of one of BA’s most eclectic wine tours and take this as an opportunity to taste those innovative flavors that may otherwise seem too “out there” to match your regular meal. While you’re at it, sample some of the delicious food many of this wineries will be offering, and take the chance to wander around Retiro and discover the beautiful neighborhood with a glass of wine at hand.

18:00-23:00 hrs| El Vino Celebra | Varies | Retiro

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