Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

When I was young, just like many other kids my age, I was sent to Sunday school (it was not on a Sunday and it most definitely did not feel like a school) in order to learn… who knows what, exactly, but anyways, yes, God’s way or whatever. I dropped out after a year of spending every Tuesday afternoon at a church where I met some of the meanest kids I had ever encountered, and a teacher that frowned at me when I told her I had several siblings from different mothers as if I was presenting her with a brand new concept (lady, it was 1999 and divorce was super common, get real). 

Later in life, when asked about my religious interests, I often oscillated (and still do) between a strong belief in energy and mother nature (more on that here, if you’re curious), and a wannabe buddhist concept of the soul where we are thrust upon Earth in order for us to learn certain things. The idea being that we shall continue living and reliving lives until we have truly acquired this knowledge. Under this concept, every time you feel like life is testing you, you have likely encountered one of the many things that you should be learning.

This long introduction is here to say: I have been having a rough week and have absolutely zero patience for nonsense. Is the end of the year affecting us all the same way? Maybe. But what better way to deal with that than with food? Let’s do this: 

THU 14.11

La Noche de las Heladerías

As promised, I’m here to remind you that while this week may be La Semana de las Heladerías, today is the big day were all bets are off and discounts and special offers get really spicy. Take a look at all participating artisanal ice shops here and discover where you can get that sweet, sweet helado at truly #macrisis rates, since you’ll be scoring up to 50% off in 1/4 and 1/2 kilo. This is the dream, babe, and we’re just lucky enough to be livin’ it.

19:00 hrs onwards| La noche de las heladerías| Varies| Varies

SIDEDISH: Jazz al Frente

Bar de Fondo is back at it again with their consistently great offering of activities, music, and just general good vibes; this time, in the shape of jazz Thursdays. Join String Triory to enjoy the perfect mix between jazz, bossa and blues while grabbing something to eat at the bar and continuing to support the local cultural scene. Best of all? Payment is al sobre, so don’t let your willingness to go out and enjoy your evening be stifled by that middle-of-the-month brokeness. 

21:30 hrs| Bar de Fondo| Julián Álvarez 1200| Villa Crespo

FRI 15.11

Chocolate Tasting by Loreley Chocolates

My favorite type of event is back at it again, providing me an excuse to eat chocolate while pretending that this about “discovering new flavors” and not “I just really, really love chocolate,” so you bet I’ll be waiting in line for the doors at Beer Garden Bar to open! Join Loreley Chocolates for one of the last chocolate tastings of the year, this time, featuring special Argentine flavors and pairings. Aside from gourmet chocolates, expect to find delicious wines, forever classic dulce de leche queso y dulce, and even Fernet. Spots are limited and going fast, so book your spot via WhatsApp at 16-6686-5425.

19:00 hrs| Beer Garden Bar| Paraguay 4539| Palermo

Japanese Flavors: Sushi Edition

Join Hanami Eventos for two days filled with delicious sashimis, nigiris, rolls, and more at this brand new edition of Japanese flavors! Considering how much of a hit previous editions have been, I’d seriously recommend you booking your slot in one of the two shifts (20:00 hrs and 22:30 hrs), and to come ready to eat your fill and maybe just a bit more. Is there more to Japan than sushi? For sure. Do I still think only of sushi when anyone mentions eating Japanese food? Well… 

20:00 / 22:30 hrs| Hanami Eventos| Medrano 1230| Palermo

SAT 16.11

Julbasar Christmas Bazar

I went to Falabella this weekend and I was almost toppled by mountains of Christmas decorations, and while it does make me wonder why we do this earlier and earlier each year, there’s also not much I can do about that other than just embracing the good that Christmas brings. For me in particular, that almost always means gingerbread and butter cookies, which I make from scratch every year. However, if that’s not your thing, make your way to this Christmas Bazar and feel free to buy them from one of the many stands that will be offering this and many other Swedish delicacies and gourmet food & drink. Beware that Swedish christmas is most definitely for colder weather, so I’d recommend buying all the food you can… and then going inside to somewhere with A/C to enjoy it. Yei, Christmas in the southern hemisphere!

11:00-18:00 hrs| Swedish Church | Azopardo 1428 | San Telmo

Gourmet Dining + Wine Tasting at Lulia Puertas Cerradas

If you’re feeling like bidding farewell to this week with a bang, why not make your way to Lulia Puertas Cerradas for a gourmet evening of fine wine and delicious food? Yes, you will have to venture outside of CABA for this one, but trust us when we tell you that it’ll be worth it. Feel free to either come with someone and book a private table or make new friends by joining other guests in a shared table, and be delighted by the different moments (that’s how they call each dish!) that are displayed in front of you with it’s perfectly selected glass of wine courtesy of Cellar Wines. As far as menu goes, think stuffed portobellos, salmon ravioli, sourdough bread and homemade dips, and more, much more. Request the address and book your spot at 15-2270-5665 or

21:30 hrs| Lulia Puertas Cerradas| Address Upon Request | Olivos

Del Campo a la Mesa Closed Door Restaurant

Del Campo a la Mesa are back for their monthly edition of healthy, delicious food expertly paired with tasty wines and lovely live music. This is an event that goes way beyond the distances one is normally willing to travel considering it will happen in Capilla del Señor, but with the weekends we’ve been having, why not take this as an opportunity to venture outside the city? Make a day outing out of it, soak up the sun, and finish your day with a delicious agro-ecological meal.  Ask them about vegetarian or gluten free options and remember that booking is mandatory!

21:00 hrs| Del Campo a la Mesa| Address Upon Request| Capilla del Señor

Barro y Vino: Pottery class + Wine Tasting

We’ve talked about this event in the past, so if you skipped it last time, this is the moment where you reconsider previous decisions. Join pottery teachers Lorena and Yasmin for an incredible evening of letting those creative juices flow — and if that’s something you struggle with, well, that’s where the wine comes in handy. Sommelier Macarena Reynoso will be exploring the various flavors brought by The Wine Marchand while you get pleasantly tipsy and ready to sink your hands into the clay, and after all that is over, sink your face into a tasty home made meal with even more wine. This is quite literally the best event, period. 

19:00-23:00 hrs| Espacio Beauchef| Get Address Here | Parque Chacabuco

SUN 17.11

Regional Products Fair by Sol Huarpe

Looking to get your hands on local products while supporting the local producers that make them happen, without sacrificing quality gourmet food? Then this is the place to be, my dude. Join Sol Huarpe to discover a variety of locally sourced items and enjoy (and by enjoy I mean eat) anything from olive oils and olives, to nuts, sauces, spices, teas and dressings. Make sure you stay in the building for the different talks about how these products come to life, as well as the live tastings of the products. Enjoy!

10:00-19:00 hrs| Sol Huarpe Productos Regionales Showroom | Palermo

#Cantineras at Sede Whisky

Sede Whisky has been a huge hit since it first opened in Chacarita, and that’s mainly because they really do know what they’re doing. In fact, the only negative thing I can say about them is that at night, it gets so packed that people are literally spilling out the door, but that’s really just a testament to how awesome it is. Join them this Sunday (and all Sundays from now on) in their new initiative, #Cantineras, where different bartenders (you guessed it, all female!) will be invited to co-opt the bar and create new drinks in honor of different artists and thinkers (you guessed it again, all females!) through fancy cocktails. Some people may say they are high on life, but me personally, I’d rather get drunk on feminism. 

20:00 hrs| Sede Whisky| Guevara 421| Chacarita

Burger Fest at the Hipódromo de Palermo

Yes, yes, yes, give me all the burgers always and forever, the end. Join me and many others this weekend as the ultimate hamburger party comes to town thanks to Bs As Markets. Gluten free bread? Veggie burgers? Tomato, pepper, lettuce, a variety of cheeses, onions, french fries, cucumbers, etc.? You name it, boo. Make your way to the Hipódromo and see your wildest burger dreams come to life. 

12:00-23:00 hrs| Hipódromo de Palermo| Av. del Libertador 4101| Palermo

Masa Tacos + Natural Wine

What better way to spend a Sunday then stuffing your faces as you sample a variety of natural wines selected by the folks at Mas Que Comer, while you browse your way through the clothing selections of Menestér. Join our favorite Mexican pop-up, Masa, as they serve up street tacos that will melt your ice-cold heart. See you there bbs. 

13:00 hrs| Mas Que Comer | Tronador 1734 | Villa Ortuzar

MON 18.11

ULÚA Mexican Food at Alegra – Pop Up

BA has many good things. In fact, Argentina has many good things. There’s many things that don’t work, that’s for sure, but there’s many things that do. One of my favorites? Our deep understanding that sometimes, you just need a feriado to give you the power to finish your week knowing that there’s a long weekend coming your way. That’s why we have so many, including the one happening on this beautiful Monday 18th (National Sovereignty Day, in case you were curious), and one we suggest you celebrate by attending Ulúa’s Pop Up lunch at Alegra. Take advantage of what promises to be a lovely sunny day by grabbing a seat on the sidewalk and enjoying some quality Mexican food and the perfection that can only be found in a cold beer.

12:00-16:00 hrs| Alegra | Olleros 3891 | Chacarita

TUE 19.11

Beer, Paper, Scissors

I could do a cool intro here, but I’m going to get right to the point: Think beer. Think Paper. Think scissors. Think not getting too drunk because scissors are dangerous. But definitely think beer and grabbing those scissors, ’cause we’re here to make some cool collages and talk nonsense, baby! Think of this event as the kid brother of the fancier pottery + wine event a few paragraphs back – if you feel like getting creative but don’t fancy getting your hands that dirty, or if wine’s not really your thing but beer most definitely is, or if you’re looking for more of a bar vibe, then this is the way to go. Feel free to bring your own pictures to include if you want, but they’ll have lots of supplies!

19:00 hrs| Centro Cultural Paramo | Carlos Calvo 3974| Almagro(ish)