Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

Good morning/afternoon/evening, ladies, gentlemen and non-conformers, and welcome to a wonderful game called “Christmas is seven weeks away; where did this year go!?” The rules are simple: hold on as hard as you can to whatever’s closest and watch the world around you spin super fast through the last weeks of the year. It’s not fun and nobody wins!

Yeah, I’m being dramatic (haven’t you gotten used to that by now?), but honestly, where did time go? I remember being in grade school thinking that school years were super long. Sometimes even summer vacation felt like too much at some point (dumb child, why would you ever complain about too much vacation?). My mom once said that this had to do with the fact that when I was, say, six, a year was a much bigger proportion of my life than it is today, and thus it felt way longer. Honestly, IDK, I think it may be related to the fact that I did pretty much nothing back then while today I’m working a billion hours an hour (yes) and getting three hours of sleep, but WHO KNOWS.

Does any of that matter to you guys? No, but you know I take this space to ramble a bit, so it is what it is. I’m done, anyways, so check out the cool events that follow: 

THU 07.11

Txotx! at Amalur Restaurante Vasco

The first Thursday of each month brings us a delicious traditional event via Amalur Restaurante Vasco, the first place to hit up in town if you’re looking for Basque delicacies peppered with an old-timey, homey feel. Join the peeps at Laurak Bat + the masterminds behind Txapela for a night of off-the-menu deliciousness (think classic Basque dishes like Tolosa Beans, Txuleton, chorizo a la sidra, etc.) perfectly paired with a glass of natural cider.

20:00 hrs| Amalur Restaurante Vasco| Av. Belgrano 1144| Monserrat

FRI 08.11

Sol Negro Tacos Pop Up at Cuatro Gatos

Sol Negro Tacos is back at it again, and this time, not only have they prepared a special menu just for us lucky visitors, but they will also be debuting a brand new dish including forever delicious smoked salmon. Don’t miss the chance to taste their own personal take on the classic taco while enjoying the eclectic rhythms provided by DJ Riki Etsu. Click the title link for a full menu and more info about the event!

19:00 hrs| Cuatro Gatos | Aguirre 539 | Villa Crespo

Vegan Night Fair with Mercado Bio Terra

In yet another edition of their awesome Vegan Fair, Mercado Bio Terra is ensuring that we never blame vegan-ism for being boring by creating not just a place where you can buy vegan stuff (always good and helpful, thank you, but also very similar to going grocery shopping) but a place where you can just have fun hanging out. Aside from the classic vegan spots, you’ll be able to find craft beer and a live stand up show to enjoy while you dine at Casa Jache. Get out of your Palermo comfort zone, my dude, and let me show you the shining, shimmering, splendid world! 

21:00 hrs| Casa Jache| Aranguren 213| Caballito

SIDEDISH: Music is My Girlfriend at CC Konex

The grand music festival (or, more accurately, one of the many, BA is so full of stuff to do that it doesn’t seem fair to narrow it down) “Music is My Girlfriend” is back! With 12 years running and a history of great names on stage this is definitely one of the places to check out if you’re looking for bands that are not quite famous, but have music that’s good enough to get them there. In this edition, Gauchito Club, Yataians, Un Planeta y Delfina Campo – check them out on Spotify (and give La La Lista a follow while you’re at it) and come join the party!

23:59 hrs| Ciudad Cultural Konex| Sarmiento 3131| Once

SAT 09.11

BA Celebra the Afro Community

I love these BA Celebra events because they allow me to get in touch with cultures that are otherwise outside of my normal circle, which I guess is the point that brings this events into existence, so I find that cool! Join all the different producers, musicians, artists, chefs, etc. times a thousand at Avenida de Mayo for another take on this well-known event. This time we’re focusing on the African community. While all of these events are great in concept, we can all agree that certain cultures have not gone through the same types of experiences or oppression as others, so keep this in mind while you approach a long overlooked community and take this opportunity to learn about their history and struggles – that’s the whole point here!  

12:00-19:00 hrs| BA Celebra | Avenida de Mayo y Bolivar| Monserrat

Naiara Barto Pop Up at Almacén Comunal

Have you been looking for an excuse to make your way to Chacarita to try some of the incredible bars that just keep popping up there? Why not start with Naiara Barto / Barto Naiara‘s Pop Up at Almacén Comunal? (Although why would you ever need to find an excuse is beyond me – food, my babe, food is the excuse). For this edition, they’ve prepared four special dishes out of Almacén Comunal’s regular offering (which will mean that I will have to come back some other day for their burrata pizza, snif) + 1 extra special dessert. What makes it so special? I don’t know, but the girls keep saying that, so you know I wanna find out. 

19:00 hrs| Almacén Comunal| Guevara 406| Chacarita

La Neta Cenas + Valle Grande Cocina Pop Up

Can you get too much of a good thing? The general consensus here at La La Lista is that it’s gonna be a no from us, dawg, since stuffing our faces with as much good food as possible is not only one of our favorite activities, but also one that we engage in as much as possible. In case the first pop up of the day wasn’t what floated your boat (you’re crazy but OK), join La Neta + Valle Grande for a menu filled with Latin American flavors, a dash of Mexican, and a sprinkle of the Caribbean – but don’t take my word for it, check out the menu here. Book one of the two shifts (one at 20:30, one at 22:15) for your dinner or simply pop by – however, be aware that while reservations are not mandatory, the venue is small and it can get packed! 

20:30 hrs| Valle Grande Cocina| Freire 1229| Colegiales

La Noche de las Birrerías

Ah, yes, another edition of one of BA’s ways to get you to drink even more beer. Don’t take this the wrong way – I’m not saying no, just pointing out that right now, craft breweries are starting to compete with cafes when it comes to sheer numbers in our city of Good Air. In any case, I will take this opportunity to drink more beer, for sure – specially if, like today, it’s being offered at delightful discounts. To take advantage of those, buy your pints in advance and show the QR code at whichever local breweries you decide to hit up, and get deliciously drunk while enjoying the special surprise each venue decided to put up – from live music shows to a photography exhibit, and anything in between. Plan where you want to go by checking out who’s participating in your neighborhood here.

19:00 hrs| La Noche de las Birrerías| Varies | Varies

SUN 10.11

Nippon Mania at CC Nichia Gakuin

Japan is one of the (millions) of places on my bucket list, but with one single dollar being around 65 pesos, I don’t really see that happening any time soon. The next best thing? Joining CC Nichia Gakuin for their Nippon Mania festival where you’ll be able to get a beautiful taste of everything from art and culture to a variety of food offerings (think sushi, ramen, tempura, miso soup, yakitoris, onigiris and more!). In addition, join some of their workshops, or get an invigorating Reiki session to get you through next week. Bonus: you’ll get the lowdown on scholarships and programs that might just be the ticket you need to visit one of the most ancient cultures in the world. 

10:00-18:00 hrs| CC Nichia Gakuin| Pringles 268| Almagro

The Vegan Market

Do we have two vegan markets in this week’s agenda? Yes. Is that great? Also yes. Make your way to La Casa del Arbol for this tried-and-true vegan market where I once tasted one of the best vegan Ferrero Rocher chocolates in the freaking world (I swear that I honestly don’t know if I’d rather have those or the real thing, and I am a *huge* chocolate addict), and keep an open mind when trying the vegan choripán – again, carnivore here, and aside from a more spice-rich taste, I could not have said that there was no meat involved. Lastly, if you happen to swing by at 14:30, don’t miss the vegan pastries cooking class to not only take home delicious food, but to learn how to make it yourself! 

12:00 hrs| La Casa del Arbol | Avenida Córdoba 5217| Palermo

SIDEDISH: Plus Size Clothes Showroom

We all know that buying clothes in BA isn’t easy – essentially, everything’s super expensive (even subpar quality items); and especially for women, size charts are a joke to say the least. It’s common to find yourself looking for a dressier item only to be told that sizes go from 1 to 3 – as if a woman’s body could only vary between the 6 cm difference that separates a size S from a size L. However, times, they are a-changing, and where the norm aims to cage us, dissent will set us free, in the form of inclusive brands that cater to all bodies while bashing gender norms. If you, like myself, have struggled your entire life with having to buy what fitted and not what you wanted, gift yourself the pleasure of attending this Plus Size showroom, where over 20 brands will be offering anything and everything that’s clothes – from lingerie and T-shirts (which aren’t as hard to find) to swim suits (!!) and jeans (!!!!!). Even better? It’s wheelchair accessible. Vive la differénce! 

16:00-20:00 hrs| Discover participating brands| Suipacha 826| Microcentro

MON 11.11

Artisanal Ice Cream Week

You’ve heard of la noche de las pizzerías and la noche de las birrerías – but it’s now time to make space for the real giant: ice cream. (Note: this opinion may not be shared by the rest of the world, but everyone else is WRONG, because ice cream is LIFE). In fact, ice cream is so big here that they don’t just get an evening, they get a whole week! Wander around the ciudad de la furia and stuff your face with all the ice cream you can find, and make a special point of attending on Thursday 14 (don’t worry, we’ll remind you about it next week) where ice cream parlors will be offering even steeper discounts to please both your stomach and your pockets. Find out who’s participating in the event here.

La Semana de las Heladerías| Varies| Varies

Masa’s Monday Mexican Fix 

Our favorite boys of Masa will be returning to their Monday San Telmo roots, but this time with a fun rooftop terrace flair. Head to Virrey after work on Monday and stuff your face with all the glory of a life-changing Masa taco experience. Rumor has it there will be fried chicken on the menu… ENOUGH SAID.

18:00 hrs| Virrey Cocina Urbana | Carlos Calvo 242 | San Telmo

WED 13.11

Wine + Meat Pairings at 4ta Pared Gastronomía

This is it, guys, this is what BA does. We have the meat, we have the wine, and we have a beautiful ability to bring them together in a way that makes flavors pop and explode in your mouth. There isn’t much else to say – join 4ta Pared Gastronomía for the quintessential Buenos Aires eating experience. If you happen to have family visiting from abroad, this is what you want to take them to.

20:00 hrs| 4ta Pared Gastronomía | Habana 3499| Villa Devoto