November is here and so are sweaty bus rides, roaches the size of Siberia and pre-Christmas anxiety. At La La Lista, yet again, we want to ease the pains that come with humid weather and Gregor Samsa’s (uncalled-for) visits, and help your aching, bohemian, insatiably curious soul, one (air conditioned) gallery at a time. So, give yourself a break from the boiling Buenos Aires congested streets, and take shelter in these art exhibitions, fairs and workshops with us.

Where to Go: Events

Photo Credit: ArteBA

Art Weekend Buenos Aires

What if I told you three days is all you need to discover everything there is to know about the current Buenos Aires art scene? This November, come enjoy Art Weekend Buenos Aires, a three-day curated tour of unmissable artworks in the city. 

The event, organized by Fundación arteBA and Meridiano (the Argentine Chamber of Art Galleries), in collaboration with the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, will be offering guided tours, performances and talks with curators, gallery owners and the artists themselves throughout 40+ exhibits and museums divided into three circuits. Head to Retiro and Recoleta on Friday 8th. Saturday 9th will cover Palermo, Villa Crespo and Chacarita, and Sunday 10th will cover the neighborhoods of San Telmo and La Boca. Excited? Contact to reserve a spot and head to the website here for starting points and more. 

Fri 8th – Sun 10th | Fri & Sat: 14-20 hrs. | Sun: 14-18 hrs. | Free | All over

Photo Credit: Creative Boom

Electric Art at Escalatrónica

Eager to see some non-traditional art? This month, the Universidad de Lanús will be holding Escalatrónica’s third edition, a free festival dedicated to the lesser-known campus of electric art (otherwise known as “artistic endeavors aided by an amish’s ultimate BFF: computers”). So there’s that; sign up here, hop on the Línea 37 and come see the lovechild of art and science. Entrance is free but you can make a contribution by bringing half a gallon of UHT whole milk.  

Thur 7th-Fri 8th | 10-22 hrs. | Free | UNLA | Hipólito Yrigoyen 5682 | Lanús


Illustration Fair

In need of a fun plan for the weekend? Come check IlustraciónFinal.jpg, this month’s freshest illustration, print and design fair, featuring the works of more than 30 artists at Casa Pichincha, located in the heart of San Cristóbal. Drawing workshops, illustration jams, live shows, drinks, (possibly) new friends, and more.  

Sat 9th | 16-22 hrs. | Free | Casa Pichincha | Pichincha 674 | San Cristóbal

Juntas: A Fair for All Things Design

If Feria Juntas sounds slightly familiar to you, maybe it’s because you read about it on our where you should be shopping article. In any case, don’t miss out on this once in a month(time) opportunity and visit this lovely fair dedicated to all things design: pins, ceramics, crafty notebooks, beauty products and more, mostly created by women. Who runs the world? Girls, girls (and cats).  

Sat 9th | 16-20 hrs. | Feria Juntas | Ciudad de La Paz 502 | Colegiales

Stickers, Stickers Everywhere

A sticker fair? ‘Nuff said. Stick with this plan (you should’ve of seen that coming) and go find the perfect new sticker for your old, barely-hanging-in-there, laptop at La Casa de Viñetas Sueltas

Fri 22nd | 19-23 hrs. | Free| La Casa de Viñetas SueltasDickman 1260 | Paternal


What To Do: Workshops

Photo Credit: FRIDA

Ceramics 101

One person (you), two days (Saturday 19th and Saturday 26th), four ceramic objects (no one knows what). Welcome, ceramic aficionado! Come get your hands dirty and take your first steps through the world of ceramics. Get introduced to all aspects of craft pottery in just two classes. Secure your spot at FRIDA Cerámica and you’ll be on your way to create that chic bowl you’ve always thought of stealing from your best friend (or the coffee shop around the corner). 

Sat 19th and 26th | 15-18 hrs. |  FRIDA | Conde 1069 | Colegiales


Photo Credit: La Gubia

Frame your Art

We all know how important (and how much of a pain) framing our works of art can be. Constantly torn between hiring a professional or doing it yourself? Sign up for La Gubia’s workshop and learn how to frame your art, increasing not only your masterpiece’s appearance, but also its longevity and value. As for the course, you can either choose between four classes (starting on the 12th, from 19-21 hrs.) or two intensive encounters (Friday 1st and 8th from 19-22 hrs. or early in the afternoon, Saturday 2nd and 9th from 14-17 hrs.).

All Month | Paid activity | Taller La Gubia | Paraguay 2941 | Palermo


Getting Creativity Back

Stuck in a moment and now you can’t get out of it? Oh, those are U2’s lyrics, I’m sorry. Stuck in a creative block? No need for frustration to take over! Join us on Tres Episodios Creativos, a talk intended to get your creativity back on track. Brought to you by Haus, this cycle seeks to serve as a source of inspiration for all those nagging souls struggling with their creative process, via life stories from Juan Manuel Garrido (Co-founder of El Gato y La Caja), Mercedes Lara (UX leader at Mercado Libre) and Juan Manuel Puerto; illustrator and professor at the Universidad de Buenos Aires.  

Mon 4th | 19-20:30 hrs. | Paid activity | Haus | Mendoza 2432 | Belgrano


Galería Patio del Liceo: One-day Workshops

Can you imagine taking not one, but two different workshops over the course of a day, for free (yes, free)? We can’t either. Thank tiramisú (my one and only God) because Galería Patio del Liceo, in cooperation with LADOS and the City Government, will be dedicating Tuesday 12th to dictate 20+ non-conventional art workshops within the fields of design, photography, music, literature and more. FYI: all workshops are free of charge, so space is limited. Just be sure to sign up here

Tues 12th | 10-13 hrs. | Galería Patio del Liceo | Av. Santa Fe 2729 | Palermo

Artwork Credit: Sarah Marie Lacy

Paint your Saturday Away

Does the  idea of spending your Saturday in front of a canvas sounds like a dreamboat to you? Check out Aura’s intensive portrait seminar; a five hour course focused on expressions, gestures and color. Interested? DM the studio and get all the info you need.

Sat 9th | 15:30-20:30 hrs. | Paid activity | Aura | Abasto | Palermo


Artwork Credit: Alejandro Sordi

From Analog to Digital: Digital Illustration

Intrigued (A.K.A. scared) by the transition from analog to digital drawing? Hush, for Alejandro Sordi’s Digital Illustration workshop has got you covered. Starting Wednesday November 6th, this short course will provide an overview of the basics of digital illustration as well as the different digital drawing techniques. (Am I using the word “digital” too much? Thought so. Does that makes me an eligible Millennial? I wish, but I’m not that much of an avocado fan).   

Wed 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th | 19-21 hrs. | Paid activity | Parque Chas


Artwork Credit: Rosie Sayers

Collage: For Beginners 

For those of you interested in taking your first steps into the playful world of collage, Georgi Maekaneku’s Handmade Collage is your workshop to-go. That’s right folks, time to unleash your inner Matisse! Submerge yourself in the art of assemblage and learn the ABC’s of this magical universe through paper-cutting, layering, and texture capabilities. Got any questions? Drop by Georgi’s inbox and ask away.   

Tues 5th and Thur 11th | 16-19 hrs. | Paid activity | Georgi Maekaneku | Café Cortázar (Tues) and artist studio (Thu) in Liniers

Collage: For the More Experienced

Primitive Ink’s Color & Collage is meant to teach you how to best sort different colors in order to make your piece’s palette pop (if only I could make my own colors shine as bright. My soul is as dark as a rotten banana– and equally crumbling). Dictated by the talented Carolina Simonelli, this intensive workshop seeks to explore the use of color by mixing and overlapping different shades to take your collage’s potential to the fullest. Anyhow, you know the drill: check the prices here. Pack some magazines, your sharpest scissors, and off you go. 

Sat 9th | 14-19 hrs. | Primitive Ink | Costa Rica 4368 | Palermo

Photo Credit: Lovepop Cards

The Art of Pop-Up Books at Fábrica de Estampas

Ever wondered how pop-up books are made? Special guest Estudio Repisa will be giving a pop-up workshop at Fábrica de Estampas, based on the design and construction of a three-dimensional book, using the basics of paper engineering and origami. Keen to know more? Reach out to for prices and general information. 

Sat 9th | 17-20 hrs. | Fábrica de Estampas | Nahuel Huapi 4699 | Villa Urquiza


Artwork Credit: Natalie Radcliffe

Make your Own Monocopy

This month, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes will be holding a monocopy workshop based on the works exhibited by the one and only, Julio Le Parc. Have fun while discovering one of the oldest printmaking techniques (and no need to worry– luckily, all materials are provided by the museum). Just a reminder: since the activity is free of charge, there’ll only be 16 vacancies available based on order of arrival (meaning “get there at least 30 minutes before”). 

Every Friday and Saturday, starting Fri 1st until Sat 16th | 18 hrs. | Free | Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes | Av. del Libertador 1473 | Recoleta 


Photo Credit: Haus

Develop 35mm B&W Films

Although it never faded out per se, the analogue photography trend is, no doubt, back on its feet stronger than ever, and Haus is well aware. Ever wanted to learn the developing process of a 35mm black and white film? Well, now’s the time. Come aboard the retro train and learn all there is to know about homemade manual developing techniques. For prices and details click here.

Tues 12th, 19th, 26th | 19:30-22:30 hrs. | Haus | Mendoza 2432 | Belgrano