Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

Halloween is here, which means ’tis the time to get spooky, my peeps! Wanna know what’s spooky? That the end of the year is quite literally here since Christmas is in EIGHT WEEKS! Woo-hoo passage of time! There’s no stopping the fact that we get older by the minute and we’re all walking towards our death! Fun!!

Ok, ok, I’ve calmed down, but my point still remains, so why not make the most of the time we’ve been given with delicious food? And, because there’s just *too* many events and we really don’t want to leave any of them behind, this week (and for the time being), we’re opening up a new section within our Culinary Agenda: The Side Dish. From now on, not only will we tell you where to stuff your face with delicious treats, but we’ll also show you were you can get great entertainment sans food, so good that you’ll be able to trick your stomach into believing it’s not hungry. Get it? Trick or treat? Jesus, man, tough crowd. Let’s get on with what brought you here, then. 

THU 31.10

Celebrate Halloween at 416 Snack Bar

Does Argentina *truly* celebrate Halloween outside a barrio cerrado? Nah. is that going to stop us from dressing up and getting weird? Come on, you should know the answer to that by now! Join 416 Snack Bar at their regular digs for a Halloween soireé filled with all the snacks you could ever wish for plus a few you would have never imagined, and on top of that, get a free sumethin’-sumethin’ to eat if you come in costume. As if you needed another reason to play dress up!

21:00 hrs| 416 Snack Bar| Carranza 1940| Palermo

Spring Menu at Salú

Salú Argentina is back at it again, this time, with a delicious spring-centered menu! Join chef Mecha Solís for a menu inspired in the warm weather (the one we were supposed to be having, remember?) and the bright colors (okay we do have those, have you seen the trees?), perfectly matched by the season’s drink of choice – Apperol Spritz. Seats are limited, so don’t forget to book your spot, but because it’s the end of the month, don’t forget to use the code “MAMASALU” for 20% off! 

19:30 hrs| Salú – Club de Mesa y Cocina| Nicaragua 4880| Palermo

Winetasting at Funes

Is this event a bit far away? Maybe. Does this bodega have a cool name and because of that, did I not care about the distance you’ll have to travel to attend the event? Also maybe. Should you get over the fact that you live in Palermo and start venturing outside the ten block radius around Plaza Serrano? I mean, it’s about time. Join Cervecería Funes in San Isidro (I know it’s far, but the nights are beautiful and there will be wine and food!) and get a taste of the delicious wines of Mosquita Muerta bodega (check out the names and labels here – I am a sucker for good names and labels!) paired with Argy classics such as chipa, milanesas, buñuelos de acelga, and more.

20:00 hrs| Funes Acassuso| Av. del Libertador 15274| Acasusso

Jazz Vinyl Session

The forever classic Black Forest is back with another edition of their incredible jazz vinyl sessions that feature not only great music (with an ever-changing selection; this week, with a special on European Jazz labels curated by Jali Wahlsten) but a perfect combination of various whiskey, coffee and wine labels to make sure that each one of your senses feels pampered. If Halloween is not your thing, this event may just be the perfect way to end your Thursday night.

19:00-21:00 hrs| Black Forest| Charlone 201| Chacarita


SIDE DISH: Halloween at La Warhol

Do you feel like partying ’til the sun don’t shine? Honestly, good for you and your youthful spirit. That kind of attitude deserves to be celebrated in and of itself, and thus, I bring you *the* event for you to attend if you’re looking to partying it up during Halloween. Join La Warhol for their spooky special and enjoy dancing to the sweet, sweet tunes of pop classics and a healthy mix of cachengue thrown in there for good measure, all reasonably seasoned with cheap beer and drinks to survive this grueling end of the month. 

23:45| La Warhol| Chacabuco 947| San Telmo

FRI 01.11

Anafe BA Pop-Up at Vinoteca El Salvador

With the warm weather (yes, yes, I made this comment already but where is it?!) come two of BA’s main attractions: patios and terraces. This week, Vinoteca El Salvador is officially kickstarting their #TemporadadePatio (so, #PatioSeason) with a perfect combo of wine (which, since it’s a winery, isn’t really shocking information) and food by Anafe BA. Since Anafe is currently closed ’til they reopen in December, this is the perfect opportunity to remind yourself why we should be looking forward to the momentous date when they reopen their doors – don’t miss it! 

19:00 hrs| Vinoteca El Salvador| El Salvador 5537| Palermo

Día de Muertos Fest at La Confitería

With Halloween (or All Hallow’s Eve), comes the Mexican tradition of Día de Muertos, and while you could cuddle up at home and watch Coco for the umpteenth time (I am *never* letting Coco go, I cried like a baby and I. Stand. By. This. Movie!!), you could also, like, have an active social life. Make your way to La Confitería to enjoy their special brand of Mexican food as well as various Mexican art displays covering graphic art, poetry reading and art performances, and feel free to bring your own offering to the collective altar that will be on display. 

20:00 hrs| La Confitería | Federico Lacroze 2963 | Chacarita

SAT 02.11

Wholegrain Empanadas, Pizza and Pie Workshop

Wanting to make a switch to a more healthy lifestyle, but also don’t want to give up eating pizza because its the very definition of greatness? I feel you, my dude. That’s why Almacén Consciente’s proposal is so damn tempting: you get to eat slightly better (we all know that white flour isn’t great for you – it’s fine, it’s not the end of the world, but like, we know) by making stuff you already eat just a tad healthier. You’ll also get to try vegetarian and vegan options with your freshly made dough, and take the recipes home to repeat to your heart’s desire. 

10:00-13:00 hrs| Almacén Consciente | Address upon request | Colegiales

Mexican Dinner at John Von Diola

Fun fact: Día de los Muertos lasts for two days, and that means double the chances of participating in a delicious Mexican dinner. Join the chef’s at John Von Diola for a Mexican inspired menu featuring homemade chorizo, a variety of tacos, a pint of artisanal beer and café a la olla for the lovely price of AR $650. Also, read all about this very interesting and visually stunning Mexican tradition here.

20:00 hrs| John Von Diola| Masa 846| Boedo

SIDE DISH: Noche de los Museos

The Night of the Museums is back for its 16th Edition! With over 280 spaces opening their doors on this lovely Saturday night, this event will definitely have stuff going on that has nothing to do with food, and you should definitely check it out. However, being the food-obsessed person I am, I naturally managed to find a beautiful way to enjoy your cultural outing in a way that incorporates feeding your body and not just your soul. The answer to my prayers? The Mercado de San Telmo, where doors will be open ’til 2 AM with all their regular foodie spots offering a wide array of options to keep your stomach happy. Work up an appetite by walking the city – you already know where your outing will be ending!

20:00 hrs | 280+ locations | Plan your tour here| CABA

SIDE DISH: Illustration Fair at Atelier Art Café

Atelier Art Café is having their second illustration fair, where they’ll be sharing their lovely space with a variety of artists as well as their regular menu of delicious treats and incredible coffee. If you’re looking to support local entrepreneurs with their personal ventures while having a beautiful, artsy outing, this is most definitely the place to be!

10:00-19:00 hrs| Atelier Art Café| Uriarte 1838 | Palermo

SUN 03.11

Vegfest Argentina, 15th Edition

One of my best friends recently became a vegetarian, and being the supportive lady I am, I decided to go with her to a vegetarian/vegan pop up for a night out. The result? While I am very much still eating meat, I know that the vegan choripán I ate there is definitely among some of the best I’ve eaten in my life. I get that we may find meat delicious, but trust me when I say that being vegan by no means mean just eating greens – there’s a wide world out there for the taking. Enter Vegfest Argentina, the biggest vegan/vegetarian event in a carnivorous country. Join the variety of stalls, entrepreneurs, business ventures, cooks, etc. and discover the vegan version of everything you see in your daily life. And who knows, you may even start seeing the appeal. Also: tickets are free, but you do need to book – don’t forget to do that here.

09:00-20:00 hrs| Regente Palace Hotel | Suipacha 964| Retiro

SIDE DISH: Vinyl Fair at Berlina Bunker

You’ve probably heard about Berlina for their beer. They claim to have “the best beer in the county,” and while I personally believe that’s a bold statement in a city where the amount of breweries is getting dangerously high, I will say that it is definitely one of the top contenders. If that’s not enough reason for you to make your way to San Telmo, how about this: this Sunday, they’ll be hosting a Vinyl Fair where you’ll be able to purchase both new & used LP’s as well as some CD’s and even cassettes thrown in there for the nostalgia of it all. Grab your hipster glasses and take ’em out for a spin, boo.

13:00 hrs | Berlina Bunker | Estados Unidos 352| San Telmo

TUE 05.11

Pizza a las Brasas + Beer at Tomate de Estación

There’s very few things in life that I enjoy quite as deeply as pizza and beer. While BA swears by the thick, greasy deep-dish pizza that I obviously love, I prefer to leave that for the after party (digging into a slice at Güerrín after a night out drinking will forever hold a tender spot in my heart). If we’re talking dinner, nothing really beats the thin crust pizza with a flexible enough dough that you could potentially fold it into a warm, cheesy, tomato-y sandwich. Add a beer to that and my heart is yours forever – which I guess then means that Tomate de Estación now owns my heart. Am I fine with that? Yes, yes I am. But I digress – the important thing here is that you not only get to eat this, but you get to learn how to cook it to perfection, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Join chef Nico Colli for a delicious night and learn how to dazzle your friends forever.

20:00 hrs| Tomate de Estación| El Salvador 4676| Palermo