Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

When I think spring, I think picnics on terraces, bike rides through the light breeze, beers on patios, and strawberries by the kilo. I don’t think torrential downpours, leaky bedroom roofs, and winter jackets. Yet here we are friends, well into October and the sunshine has been “staying in” for one too many weekends. According to my weather app this should be turning around starting tomorrow. In the event that it doesn’t, (because can you even really trust a weather report?) I’ve developed a list of events that should make you happy come rain or come shine. From pop-ups, to vegan friendly fairs, to entertainment with your meal, we’ve got all your foodie needs for the week.

THU 10.17

4 Gatos, 4 Platos Pop-Up: Cuatro Gatos Beer + Naiara Murùa + Marina Bartolome

What better way to kick off your almost weekend than by sipping on delicious craft beer and gnawing on something tasty. The brilliant Naiara Murùa and Marina Bartolome, known for their fermented magic, have joined forces with Cuatro Gatos beer to mix Japanese, Korean, Mexican, and Argentine flavors that are sure to blend together in a burst of deliciousness. We’re talking classics, we’re talking adventure, we’re talking options my friends. From chori on sourdough bread, to kimchi fixings, fish tacos, and gluten free, veggie, and vegan options, this is everything you’ve ever wanted in a Thursday night out.

19:00-0:00 hrs | Cuatro Gatos Cerveceria | Aguirre 539| Villa Crespo


Vegan Pizza 

Being vegan in a city full of carnivores can be lonely. Not in the sense that you can’t have friends, just that it’s sometimes hard to find places to eat out with said friends. Well, not anymore my vegiends (vegan friends)! This Thursday bring all your pals for a night of all you can eat pizza, that unfortunately is not so friendly for the celiends (celiac friends). You must make a reservation (and FAST) by sending a message to their facebook page here. It’ll be a mere $350 for all the pizza of your vegan dreams + that garbanzo faina goodness. 

20:30 – 0:00 hrs | Casa Jache| Aranguren 213 | Caballito 

FRI 18.10

Pop Up: Saigon and Sheikob’s Bagels

We love the Asian food that Saigon whips up and we’re always down for the pop-up parties at Sheikob’s (plus his pickled beet and dill cream cheese bagels). Bless our lucky stars because these two are back at it again. They’re joining forces for a meal that’ll start your Friday night off right. While the menu is still a mystery, if the photo collage for the event is any indication of how it’s going to go we have full faith it’s the right move to make. 

20:00 hrs | Sheikob’s Bagels | Uriarte 1386 | Palermo


Dinner Theater Where “Things Will Happen”

We recommended this same theater group last week, but chances are there were just too many things to do (or you were marching alongside 200,000 of your closest female, non-binary, trans friends in La Plata) and missed it. Plus it’s a whole new alternative play my people! The concept is simple: a mansion opens its doors and a vegetarian dinner is served while you are entertained by… we don’t know exactly, but we are very intrigued. And at   $400 a pop, for dinner and a show, it seems more than reasonable to head there to find out. Spots are very limited — send an email to and await further instructions. 

21:15 hrs | Es Cena En Barra| Adress upon request

SAT 19.10

Healthy Cooking Workshop: Fermentation Edition

A few years ago I spent a summer living in a tent on a beautiful, young vegan family’s property in a small surf community on the coast Uruguay. It was sandy, and dreamy, and roughly as hippie as you’d imagine. It was there that I first became hooked on fermentation. We drank kefir everyday, made our own kimchi, and even started experimenting with yogurts. All this to say, living cultures are cool people. Eat them. Use them. Get to know them. Ideally by kicking it with a beautiful Uruguayan fam, but if you don’t have that on hand….go to this workshop! From vegan cheese made of seeds, to different loafs made from sourdough, to a cream made out of dates, the fermentations are endless and most certainly delicious. 

9-13 hrs | Fulcrum Escuela de Osteopática | Guardia Vieja 3534 | Almagro


Festival Salvaje: A Fair for a Cause

A vegan fair for a good cause? But aren’t they all essentially for a good cause? Yes, dear reader, but this one especially because 100% of its proceeds go directly to the over 300 animals that Santuario Salvajes takes care of. From vintage clothing, to fanzines, to all the vegan and gluten-free foods, this is the fair to go to if you want to feel good about your weekend purchases. Plus, we’ve been assured you’ll finally have the opportunity to buy that super subtle vegan slogan tee you’ve been wanting. 

19:00-1:00 hrs | Santuario Salvajes | Adolfo Alsina 1860 | Congreso

Expo AlimentArte 2019

This two day expo (Friday and Saturday) is both delicious and nutritious. Focused on that good, clean eating, there will be workshops, talks, booths full of healthy options, food trucks and more! If you’re interested more in the nutrition side of eating this is your sort of food fair. The self-proclaimed “first expo in Argentina that brings together healthy food with good habits and nutrition trends” is bound to have some tips to fill you up in a way that won’t hurt your stomach only minutes after. Get your tickets here

10:00 – 17:00 hrs | UADE| Lima 775 | Monserrat

SUN 20.10

Masa Makes *Lives Worth Living*

If you’ve learned anything at all from this column it better be that Masa makes the best damn tacos in the greater area of Buenos Aires. We know that in the past it’s been a bit of a paja to have to get yourself down to San Telmo for their Monday goods. But now THEY’RE IN PALERMO PEOPLE. And on Sundays. With coffee. Get your butt down to Félix Felicis & Co. to cure that hangover, get your brunch on street-style, or just because it’s the smartest decision you could make all week. Bring yo’ momma too. 

12-15:00 hrs. | Félix Felicis & Co. | Serrano 1415 | Palermo 

Mother’s Day Breakfast at iLatina

Mom’s are the best (shoutout to the #1 Nicole Nicholas). This Sunday feed your mommas right and get yourself reservations at iLatina, for a breakfast worth sharing with those maternal creatures. iLatina is known for its consistently stellar menu, pairings, and sustainability. And at 1700 a head (with booze!) you can call this breakfast your gift without having to shop around. Reservations can be made by calling +54 11 48579095 or by scoping out their website here

 Special Mother’s Day Hours| iLatina | Murillo 725 | Villa Crespo 

MON 21.10

History of Women and Distilling 101 

Mapa de Barmaids & Afines is the kind of project we love here at La La Lista: empowered women drawing visibility to other badass women in local industries. They’re creating a map of all the female bartenders throughout Argentina that you should be paying attention to. If you’re interested in booze or the general process of distilling and you want to learn a thing or two from Valeria Saavedra and Fer “the dog” Nandes head down to Pantano this Monday. They’ll be talking technology, distilling, the history of women in whiskey, gin, and the fallen hegemony of it all. Reserve your space by emailing and bring along a suggested $250 contribution. 

18:30 hrs | Pantano | Virrey Arredondo 3486 | Colegiales 

TUE 22.10

Dinner and A Movie: Alfred Hitchcock Edition

While Alfie was a bit of a pervert in real life, his art was pretty great (hmm…this seems to be a recurring theme). A more relaxed kind of event this is just the type of reason to get out of your house early in the week. Despierta has food options for all types of eaters (bring your vegitiends and vegiends…okay I promise that’s it) and prices necessary for the Macrisis times. With pizza and beer specials, a cozy projection spot, and limited space, we reccomend you get there early (around 20:00) to write your name down on the list! This week’s they’ll be screening Rear Window, a classic Hitchcock thriller.

21:30 hrs | Despierta Espacio | Federico Lacroze 3578 | Chacarita

WED 23.10

Oh Yes, It’s Lady’s Night, Oh What a Night

I hope that you were singing along the background (oh what a night) as you read this. If not, inform yourself please. Now that you’re grooving, grab your friends and get down to Post Street Bar. Every Wednesday is Ladies Night and you’ll get 25% your tab (if you’re a table full of chicks). For those of you non-female-identifiers don’t worry, they’ve got discounts for all the other nights of the week.

17:00 hrs. | Post Street Bar | Thames 1885 | Palermo