So I was gonna write this very calm and collected intro but SERIOUSLY WTF BUENOS AIRES? If this is what spring is gonna be like then I’ll just snuggle into a huge-ass sweater and sleep until you’re nicer to be around. Literally while I’m writing this it’s POURING outside.

Any who, I’m back this week to bring you a heaping helping of cool live music events to fill your week and weekend. 

P.S. That’s huge-ass sweater, not huge ass-sweater. Who has a sweater for their ass? Don’t be a weirdo. 


◭ 52 Cancionautas 52 at La Casa Del Arbol ◭

As they’ve been doing for 51 editions, La Casa Del Arbol presents their now famous and celebrated ciclo Cancionautas. If you’re in the mood for some original songs by up-and-coming artists who might one day be filling up venues all around the city, then this is definitely your chance to get to hear them in their rawest and most intimate form. The best part? Not only will you be supporting our local musical scene, but the event is also an a la gorra event so you can pay (no $2 bills FOR THE LOVE OF GOD) what you want! Click on the event to see the songwriters who’ll be participating.

8:30 pm| Pay what you want |La Casa Del Arbol| Av. Córdoba 5217


Música para viajar at Club Plasma

Many of the bands and live acts we recommend here at La La Lista are quite trippy but this time we are taking it to the next level. Musica para viajar promises to bring forth artists that share a common thread: the fact that their music is not only trippy in the sense that it transports you to different places, but they are also people who travel often and it really shows in their musical arrangements. Take Manu Estrach with his tender and overwhelmingly powerful voice, Jeronimo Ramasco who’s guitar compositions are breathtaking. Also, Morel and Sol Basurto will be the pibas who’ll be sharing some of their folklore-tinged songs and gorgeous lyrics. For more info, hit the event link and don’t forget to share! 

9:30 pm| $100 |Club Plasma| Piedras 1856


Saint-Andreu presents Las Gracias with Tomi Porcelli & Depuratumba at La Confiteria 

After making an appearance in our monthly music roundupSaint-Andreu will be presenting his brand new musical endeavor Las Gracias alongside Tomi Porcelli (who we’ve also covered before here at La La Lista), and Depuratumba an artist that will melt your face with a memorable electronic music set. There is little we can say about these artists that we haven’t already in our previous coverage so check out those links to find out more!

8pm | $200 pre-sale| La Confitería|Federico Lacroze 2963

Mermelada de Morcilla, Agustin Arnau and Fabula at Antiguas Lunas

Infectious choruses, funky guitars, and anthemic harmonies. If any of that sounds like something you might enjoy, then this show will be of your liking for sure! Mermelada de Morcilla (disgusting mental picture, I know) will be presenting his uplifting and at times jarring pop-infused songs alongside Agustin Arnau, who’ll be bringing some funk to the mix and Fabula, the female-fronted proggy-rock outfit that’s been making its way through the indie scene jungle. The entrada is a la gorra so there’s no excuse not to go!

9pm | Pay what you want AKA A la gorra|Antiguas Lunas y el Gato Negro|Blanco Encalada 2848


Muma presents her debut Afuera at Roseti

Tender, real and at times heart-wrenching all of these are adjectives that can accurately describe Muma‘s debut Afuera an expression of feelings, people and experiences that go through our bodies and changes us for better or for worse. There’s really no reason for you to miss this exclusive and one-time-only album presentation by one of the most sincere and authentic artists that our music scene has to offer. Get your tickets ASAP cause they’re flying off the…um…ticket shelves!

8:30 pm| $250 |Roseti| Roseti 722 |Chacarita