Welcome once again to Ltd. Edition, the corner of La La Lista where we focus on independent Argentine comics! Today, I have the pleasure to share with you a brand new title that seems custom made for this site’s main readership. Did you arrive somewhat recently to Buenos Aires? Or have you lived here for a while and simply enjoy a good meal? Are you a fan of pizza? If you answered “yes” to any one of those questions, then this book is for you.

Going out for a pizza in Buenos Aires is one of those classic activities that both newly-arrived tourists and lifelong porteños enjoy. Buenos Aires has a strong relationship with pizza; historic pizza places abound all over the city, and pizza fanatics make it a point to visit every notable spot in town. From the most well-known places to the best-kept secret of each neighborhood, each place has something unique to offer.

In Gira de Pizzerias, Camila Torre Notari brings us along on her delicious quest to visit the best pizza places in the city, along with her companion Chelo. In its second title, published by Maten al Mensajero, she collects stories about her visits to over 25 pizza places all over the city, along with a smattering of recipes and pizza-related trivia. It is all dedicated to figuring out the secret behind the magical taste of melted mozzarella.

The first thing one learns upon opening the book is that, thankfully, Camila is not one of those snobs who loudly proclaim they know the exact obscure spot where the best pizza in Buenos Aires can be found: instead, she enjoys each new flavor that she bumps into through the course of her journey, finding something to appreciate about each different recipe and ingredient that make each spot a unique experience.

The author’s fascination with pizza, combined with her sharp eye for detail, make for a great reading experience where each location’s unique quirks are well captured, and she is great at applying her art style to conveying the intricate differences between each type of pizza. Camila is able to finesse her uncomplicated art style into an evocative, artful journey through various locales, giving each its own personality.

With each illustrated visit, Camila combines interesting facts about each pizza place along with memories of shared moments with every person who has accompanied her in each visit, reminding us that the joy of food is as much about the quality of the meal itself as it is about the time spent with other people. 

Among these pizza chronicles you’ll find an assortment of recipes, a pizza “glossary”, bizarre stories and curious facts that both pizza novices and experts will enjoy. It also serves to document how the Italian culinary art was adopted by Argentina, so it makes a great gift for a friend who is not aware of the close link between both countries’ cuisines. It can also be used to map out your own pizza journey, hitting several key points along the way. 

That’s all for this installment of Ltd. Edition, which I am writing from Rosario, where I’ll be at the annual Crack Bang Boom fair, which runs until Sunday October 13th. It’s the mecca of independent comic conventions in the city. If you’re planning to go on a quick, spontaneous trip, this is a great option. Myself, I hope to return home with a huge pile of comics and fanzines, which I’ll be reviewing in future installments. Until next time!