Hey La La Listers! It’s your favorite bearded melomaniac filling in for Emilyann‘s spot for the following weeks. I know you are wondering if Emi is fine and let me tell you she is positively powering through post-surgery like a total champ! So the weather is getting hotter and this week’s events are also bringing the temperature up with some HOT AF artist and live acts that will surely be up to par with our current climatic conditions. Ok, I know Emi loves alliteration but enough is enough! Let’s just get to the events, shall we?


Psicodelia & Rocanrol 8th Edition: Ayermaniana & Los Acidos at Strummer Bar

If there was ever a perfect time to dust off that old denim jacket in your closet and indulge in some acid-trip-induced adventures then what psychedelic rock bands Ayermaniana and Los Acidos (can’t make it more obvious huh?) have to offer will strike your fancy. Following up their release of their latest album, El Reflejo, Ayermaniana will be sharing the stage of Strummer Bar with the long-running stoney-rock outfit Los Acidos. So time to rock the good ol’ bandana & round shades combo (ok maybe not) and a flashearla! By the way, NO THERE ARE NO SPIDERS UNDER YOUR SKIN, always test your substances! Love, Eze.

9 pm | $150 | Strummer Bar | Godoy Cruz 1631 | Palermo


Festival Oculta Nº5: Telefonema, Conntenti, Las Eras and MORE!

Your favorite dark, gothic, ambient and non-binary-friendly festival is back and more mostra than ever! This edition promises to bring forth some of the scene’s most prominent figures from the post-punk and industrial genres such as TelefonemaConntenti, and Las Eras as well as Tobey and SCXLAG on the techno/house and ambient side department. Art exhibits of all shapes and sizes will litter every corner of one of the city’s most concurred venues to let your dark side loose amidst the driving basses, synth soundscapes, and nocturnal beats.

Midnight | $150 | Club Cultural Matienzo |Pringles 1249 | Palermo


Bubis Vayins, Penny Peligro, MDEC and Pelopincho light up La Cigale

We know you love some laid back and heartfelt indie tunes on–FINALLY a warm spring night! Precisely because of that, our dear reader, we’ve decided to share with you the epitome of indie coolness all crammed into a single evening. The usual suspects will be there: Bubis Vayins with their eclectic and sometimes even confrontational songs, Penny Peligro with her folk-poppy sensibilities, Me Destaparon El Cerebro, the acoustic duo that has been making waves in the local indie-folk scene and Pelopincho who are the cherry on top of this bittersweet and breakup flavored sundae. 

10pm| $100 |La Cigale |25 de Mayo 597

Niños Envueltos, Pels and Carolina Donati at La Confitería

It’s always a tremendous pleasure to share events where some of the most influential up and coming artists play along with veteran bands from the local scene and this event is precisely that: Niños Envueltos will be presenting their second LP La Nueva Crema reminding us why we love their endearing melodies and at times painfully sincere lyrics. Pels (Primero Estan Les Segundes) with a musical career that spans 15 years of craftsmanship and sound experimentation are sure to surprise us once again with their characteristic and ever-changing style. And last but certainly not least, Carolina Donati will play with her full band (!) after the release of her first LP Lo Que Quedó which we’ve featured in our monthly music roundups earlier this year. 

8pm | $200 pre-sale, $300 at the door| La Confitería|Federico Lacroze 2963 

Medalla Milagrosa ✯ Ragazzas ✯ Playa Nudista At Strummer Bar

Now, this is a gig that truly deserves the phrase ALTA FECHA! If dream-pop, experimental rock, and punk-surf are music styles that you like (and frankly why wouldn’t you?) then you should definitely WhatsApp some friends and meet them at the pogo. Medalla Milagrosa, another of those bands we’ve featured before, will be presenting their latest EP Pasadizo Aumentado, while Ragazzas will hit the stage to surprise us with their catchy and avant-garde songs from their earlier works to their latest musical efforts. And the ANGRY, ANGRY pibas from Playa Nudista are playing their album Ruta Hotel with their fuzzy guitars and upbeat, yelled vocals. Brought to you by Ciclo Entrepisos and Fuego Amigo Records

10 pm | $150 | Strummer Bar | Godoy Cruz 1631 | Palermo


Esto presents Ruido at La Casa Del Arbol

Here at La La Lista we are all about new artists who are looking to insert themselves into the underground scene. Esto is precisely the type of band that deserves this distinction. The musical formation that has released their first album just a few days ago flirts with some typical indie-folk staple qualities yet remains fresh enough to bring jarring and intriguing melodies, concepts, and rhythmic patterns to the table. Esto will be presenting Ruido at La Casa Del Arbol with Patricio Diaz who will be opening for them. This is a perfect chance to enjoy some fresh-out-of-the-oven musical acts, so make sure to get your anticipadas ASAP!

8:30 pm| Pre-sale: $150, General $200 |La Casa Del Arbol| Av. Córdoba 5217