Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

So on this week’s list of things that nobody cares, I’ve recently caved into the whole astrology thing (not really, but also, kinda, yes) and downloaded Co-Star. In case you have yet to embrace the millennial that you are and you’re unsure about what Co-Star is, it’s that app that gives you the “your day at a glance” thing where they tell you a phrase that represents you for the day. Now, did I download it so that I could get funny screen captures every morning to post on my IG story and make witty, sarcastic comments that would make me look hilarious? Maybe. However, today’s phrase was “Share your passion.” And here I am, a girl passionately in love with food. So why not follow the app’s guidance and share my passion with you? Let’s see what the weekend has in store for us, babes:

THU 10.10


Afrodisiac Menu at 4ta Pared Gastronomía

Spring is here, and from what I’m told, that means love is in the air. I wouldn’t know, mind you, since I’ve been binge watching Breaking Bad to get ready for the movie. Apparently for those of you feeling those butterflies in your stomach, this is the moment where you get to revel in those feelings you’re feeling. Since you’ll be busy with that, why not embrace love as a part of your food and taste a delicious aphrodisiac menu courtesy of 4ta Pared Gastronomía? 

20:00 – 22:00 hrs | 4ta Pared Gastronomía| Habana 3499| Villa Devoto

Sabores del Mundo Cooking Class

Even for a kitchen rookie like me, Mexican food falls under the range of dishes that I can more or less cook and get away with — after all, I can just grab meat, onions, vegetables, and a store-bought taco. But what if there was more to a taco and all I needed was a Mexican cooking class to enlighten me? Join me as I try to find my cooking limit at the Mercado de Belgrano.

18:00 hrs | Mercado de Belgrano| Juramento 2527 | Belgrano

Los Boleritos at Soria

Why not start closing up the week with a nice and smooth evening soiree at Soria? Swing by Soria for an evening of Confesiones de Amor and enjoy a few introspective moments by listening to love readings and live music. Join Los Boleritos as they delight you with their smooth tunes and taste some of Soria’s specialties such as their vegetarian picada and any of their tasty specialty drinks. 

20:00 hrs | Soria| Gorriti 5151 | Palermo

FRI 11.10

Gastro Korea Food Week

Yes, the Korean Food Week is finally here! I love these kinds of events since they give me an excuse to focus on dishes that I’d otherwise wouldn’t try, all the while visiting some of the most random restaurants that I’ve ever seen. Check out the full list of restaurants and menus here and let your taste buds swim in an ocean of kimchis, kimbaps, and tteokbokkis (yes, two t’s — I looked it up.) Enjoy!

11th to 18th of October | Gastro Corea Food Week| In various locations

Asado Master Class

You know how we Argys have a feriado to celebrate/mourn literally anything? Well, it seems we also have our fair share of days which, while not a non-working holiday, are still a celebration of the most random thing. Enter, the national day of the Argentine asado! Join cooks Ramiro Keklikan and Joaquín Lege for all you need to know about how to light a fire, select the right meat cut, and even how to set the table. 

19:30 hrs | Salú| Nicaragua 4880 | Palermo

Sushi, Wine, Art: An Evening at Jolie

Ever been to the original Belgrano R Jolie destination or the more modern Jolie Palermo hot spot ? If not, let me help you right that wrong immediately – otherwise, you’ll be missing the best risotto of your life. Though I admit that today’s menu doesn’t include risotto as much as it includes sushi, oh so delicious sushi, and the chance to pair it up with some incredible wines at their wine tasting. Eat up as you enjoy the rotation of carefully curated art they have on display. 

20:30 hrs | Jolie Palermo| Gorriti  5641| Palermo

SAT 12.10

Oktoberfest at Extrawurst

When I was 16, I did an exchange program in Germany for three months, and one of the things I remember the most was my visit to the local brewery. This impacted me for a number of reasons: a) I was living in a town with literally 20 people, but that was apparently enough to warrant having a local brewery (I’m talking factory, not two dudes in a basement, btw), and b) I was told that each town, no matter how small, had their own brewery. Why, you ask? Because apparently the moment you bottle your beer is when the beer starts losing quality, and for Germans, that was something to be avoided at all costs. To prevent this terrible thing, they decided to cut transportation times and make the trip between the brewery and the bar way shorter. Like around the corner shorter. Was it slightly over the top? Yes. Was the beer delicious? Also, yes. Fast forward to today, Germany continues to be obsessed with beer, and Extrawurst is generously grabbing our hand and inviting us to the most renowned beer party in the world: Oktoberfest. German beer, German music, and German wurst await — what’s not to like?

20:00 hrs | Extrawurst| Solis 1699 | Constitución

Pastry Cooking Class

So, confession time: I’m an addict. I’m addicted to dulce de leche. It’s fine, I don’t like talking about it, it’s just something that happens and I deal with it as it goes, but one of those things that really hits the sweet spot is Havanna’s conitos de dulce de leche — yes, I know it’s highly industrialized, and that I’d be much better of making them myself, I just don’t know how… until now. Dulces Mariposas is having a pastry cooking class where these conitos will be the main event, and how could I ever say no to that? Join ’em and stuff your face with dulce de leche, bbs.

10:30 – 12:00 hrs | Dulces Mariposas| Address upon request | San Isidro

MASA at Beba – Mercado de San Telmo

In another one of their delicious pop ups, Masa Makes Tacos is back at it, this time, at Beba in the Mercado de San Telmo. Expect new twists on their classic flavors with dishes such as a taco with fried egglplant, tomato, green salsa and vegan cream, or a fried-chicken taco with salsa de guajillo and goat cheese. Remember: at Masa, no one is left behind, so join them to find vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options on the menu.

19:00 | Beba – Mercado de San Telmo| Bolivar 970| Palermo

Dinner and a Show With Es Cena En Barra ft. Olga Tolosa

With what I consider a charming play on words bc I’m a huge nerd (Es Cena – It’s dinner + Scene!), Es Cena En Barra opens their door once more to invite us to dine with them while enjoying (in their own words), “A night, a place, and an intense flavor.” Make your way to their house and experience a new take on dinner and a show courtesy of unusual (but great) theater and a delicious, tasty dinner. Spots are very limited — book them here:

20:00 hrs | Es Cena En Barra| Adress upon request

SUN 13.10

Pulso at La Confitería

Yesss TATTOO FLASH DAY! I’ve been meaning to get something new done, but before I do it, I wanted to go donate blood, and I never got around to doing that, and so I never got around to getting my new ink, however, this may just be the push (and fixed date) I need to get the wheels in motion! Make your way to La Confitería and attend Pulso for a mixture of art in all its shapes and forms (yes, tattoos are art, fight me about it) and, naturally, food, food, food! 

18:00 – 23:30 hrs | La Confitería | Lacroze 2963 | Chacarita

MON 14.10

Canadian Thanksgiving at 416 Snack Bar

What I love about 416 is that it has the most random events and manages to keep it simple, delicious, and to cater to all tastes. Taco Tuesday? They have it. Sunday roast? That’s here too. Live music, poetry readings, a little sumthin-sumthin’ for your sensitive soul? Yes again, boo. This time, they’ve put together something to warm the hearts of the many ex-pats wondering around the city with a Canadian Thanksgiving that will make your forever-missing-home-heart rest easy. Also, expect a discount if you bring a bag (of any size) of non-perishable goods to share the Thankgiving spirit with those less fortunate. Join them, yes, but also bring your stretchiest pants — you’ve been warned.

20:00 hrs | 416 Snack Bar | Carranza 1940 | Palermo

TUE 15.10

Dinner and A Movie: Alfred Hitchcock Edition

Yes, dinner and a movie is usually a concept for romantic dates, and yes, Hitchcock isn’t exactly romantic cinema…or is it? Perhaps you’re going out with a movie buff? Perhaps you want the choice of film to be your filter? Perhaps you do find a million birds attacking you romantic. Who am I to judge? Just know that if any of the previous apply, you can join Gitana Cine for a lovely (?) evening of classic cinema and delicious food that includes vegan and vegetarian options. During October, they’ll be showing different movies by this film maker, but today, enjoy North by Northwest.

21:30 hrs | Despierta Espacio | Federico Lacroze 3578 | Chacarita

WED 16.10

Closed Door Dinner by Anafe

Anafe is one of those delicious hidden gems within Palermo that I had wanted to try for a long time, and when I did, I realized why: my subconscious knew that I would find love (in a hopeless place) at Anafe, and it was just making sure that I got my ass there. Join them for a delicious dinner with the beautiful, personalized attention expected from closed door restaurants and to which Anafe is no exception. In addition, ask them about their brunch options and realize that with Anafe, all your food desires can come true. Don’t forget to book! 

20:30 hrs | Anafe BA | Address upon request | Palermo


Miércoles de Juntadas at Labor Cocina

We’re reaching that dreaded half-of-the-month mark and it’s starting to look like once again, there’s a bit too much month leftover at the end of your pay check. However, a girl’s gotta eat, so meet me half way: how about, yes, we spend money on delicious food, but we also do so at places that offer tasty discounts? Get together with a group of three friends and make your way to Labor Cocina for a beautiful 15% off the total of your bill, and eat to your heart’s content while you complain about the economy. Check out the menu here.

11:00 – 00:00 hrs | Labor Cocina | Freire 1501| Colegiales