Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

It’s October already?! 

Like, I know we’re all adults, and the passage of time is inherent to our stay on this Earth, and that we have done the whole 12 months in a row over and over for at least a couple dozen of years, however, hear me out: 

How the hell is it October already?!

Do I need to start coming up with New Year’s resolutions? Re-evaluate my life choices? Think about the fact that I’m turning 30 next year and am nowhere near where I thought I’d be by 30? 

Nah. All I need is to put together a list of delicious, food-related events for you, my dear reader, to enjoy. When what I have to do is so clear, what else can I do but go ahead and do it? Join me on this wild ride, babes, and let’s get the low-down on this week’s events: 

THU 03.10

Festival Ciudad Emergente at La Usina

Let’s kick off this week on a high note, shall we? Festival Emergente is here once more for four days of non-stop activities, music, classes, and just, like, stuff, so much stuff! Taken a look at their agenda here if you don’t believe me: there’s no way I could write it all down in this simple paragraph. But before you get lost in your agenda for the next few days, know this: Festival Emergente will also include a myriad of food trucks, cooking shows by the dudes from Locos x El Asado, and even Italian Master, Chef Donato, will be there to feed those looking for pasta-shaped love. 

18:00 hrs | Usina del Arte| Agustín R. Caffarena 1 | La Boca

Basic Vegan Cooking Class

This week’s list is populated with quite the high count of cooking classes. Can I say new month, new me, or is that too much of a cliché? My goal for this month is to learn how to cook SOMETHING (yes, the bar is so low it’s glued to the floor, thanks for noticing), so why not start with some tasty vegan dishes and add some healthiness and not-killing-the-Earth-ness into the menu? Discover the first out of four vegan cooking classes filled with tips and recipes. Also, they’re free! 

17:00 – 19:00 hrs | Esquina de las Flores| Gurruchaga 1630| Palermo Soho

Pool Contest + Live Music at Café San Bernardo

Are you really in BA if you don’t, from time to time, make your way to one of its Bares Notables to enjoy an old-timey vermouth next to a vintage sifón de soda? Let the classic exterior be what pulls you int Café San Bernardo, and stay for the pool contest and the live music courtesy of Totuma. If none of this convinces you, then maybe do it for a great chance to use those Fuji filters in an actual old-style venue for your next IG story? IDK man, I’m turning 30, I clearly have no idea what young kids do anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

20:00 hrs | Café San Bernardo| Avenida Corrientes 5436| Villa Crespo

FRI 04.10

Japanese Flavors ft. All Things Ramen

Day one of Sabores del Japón is here! Book your slot at Hanami Eventos (first shift, 20:00 hrs, second shift, 22:30 hrs) for a delicious meal featuring one of the star players of Japanese cuisine: the ever-delicious ramen. Join them today or tomorrow (*insert ‘why not both?’ gif here) for a menu including entree, main course, dessert and a drink that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Can’t join them this week? Well, sucks to be you, but tune in next week for a different menu! 

20:00 hrs | Hanami Eventos | Medrano 1230 | Palermo

Lost In Argentinian Literature

Did I ever tell you I majored in literature? Yes! See, when I was 18, and had absolutely no clue what to do with my life, I decided that no matter where I ended up, what I did, or who I met, one thing was certain: I wanted to be super broke all the time. Nah, jokes aside, my career choices had to do with a never ending love of books — being broke is just one of the many perks. Submerging yourself in an interesting book really does have the power to cure all ailments, and since you’re in BA, why not get to know a bit more about the literature that makes this country so great? Grab some mate and  make your way to the Fundación Mercedes Sosa for a trip into some of Argentina’s most classic books with journalist and published author Cecilia De Vecchi.

11:30-14:00 hrs | Fundación Mercedes Sosa| Humberto 1° 378 | San Telmo

Persian Cooking Class

One class. Three hours. Four delicious possibilities. Ah, yes, Fuego has done it again, boos, and has brought you a cooking class that is not only interesting because food (yes, much eloquence, very languages, wow), but also because it’s not your typical foreign option of choice. Everyone can eat Chinese food (and they should, it’s freaking delicious), but Persian food? Well, you’re going to have to sign up to Fuego’s class for that.  

19:30 hrs | Fuego | Address upon request

Las Sasa at Sheikob’s Bagels

Are you ever fully sober on a random afternoon and think, “Hey, I would so very much would like to go sing some Karaoke”? Yeah, me neither. However, considering there’s a video or ten floating around the internet where I’m holding the mic so close it should be legally binding, it’s not a stretch to say that given the right stimuli, I can be persuaded to rock the stage. Enter persuasion herself in the form of Las Sasa’s asado, and to add to that, a beautiful spring night, some conveniently placed (and priced) beers, and Sheikob’s Bagels vereda so that you can bide your time with food and drinks until it’s time to channel your inner Cher. Is this a long-winded way of telling you to come see me perform what will be known as my 11th karaoke video? Maybe. Did it work? See you there, boo.

20:00 hrs | Sheikob’s Bagels | Uriarte 1386 | Palermo

Sat 05.10

Festival Natural

“Is she going to start ranting about yet another cruelty free, environmentally conscious, healthy, vegan event?” you ask — well, that’s a yes from me, dog! Join Che Vegano and their 9th Edition of the Festival Natural, this time hosted at the Centro Cultural Recoleta! Swing by the conveniently located venue for a lazy Saturday that includes healthy food options, a producers fair, music shows and a variety of lovely experiences — just don’t forget to sign up here first and book your free ticket!

12:00 – 20:00 hrs | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930 | Recoleta

Creative Writing Workshop

Since I studied literature, I naturally started upon this quest by carrying my notebook everywhere and penning many an obscure poem and anguish filled essay where I wrote down my every sorrow through what I considered delicate sentences that were a product of my masterful craft. Naturally, the moment I started reading the greats non-stop for college, much like everyone else in my class, I immediately stopped writing. Years later, I found a way to reconcile myself with the blank notebook in my backpack by understanding how much writing allowed me to process certain life-events — and the rest is history. Today, you can find me at the occasional writing workshop such as the one that brings us here today.

TL;DR? Writing is cool, my dude. Sign up with Escribiendo Creo and enjoy a delicious merienda + a free notebook from Tarpur + the chance to get in touch with your feelings via the written word. Or not! Write about whatever you want, I’m not the boss of you. 

14:30 – 16:30 hrs | Escribiendo Creo | Address upon request | Palermo

Jewelry Saturday*

*Now that’s a name that doesn’t make sense in English, does it? In case you needed the explanation, “Jewelry” is here referencing its Spanish translation “Joya” which so happens to have another meaning — something that’s very cool. Like this workshop! Join the peeps at Paisajita and create your very own first piece of jewelry (that you then get to take home) while eating something tasty and participating in some fun conversation. What’s not to love? Just contact them via their Instagram here.

15:00 – 19:00 hrs | Club Merienda| Nicaragua 4938| Palermo

Vallegrande + La Neta

Did you miss La Neta’s collaboration with Vallegrande for Mexico’s Independence Day? Did you catch it, and are now acutely aware of how much you need this in your life once again? Say no more, fam, I gotchu. Join them both this Saturday for yet another beautiful combination of textures and flavors seasoned with cold drinks and great ambiance. If you look to your right, you might just see me stuffing my face with their delicious, homemade sourdough bread. Note: book your spot on either of the two shifts available — these babes run out fast!

20:00 hrs | Vallegrande| Freire 1229| Colegiales


Sun 06.10


Masa at Felix Felicis & Co

How many more times am I going to talk about Masa’s events, you ask? Every single time, my dude, every. single. time. The thing is, when you know a chef that is just that good and who just so happens to do incredible pop-ups all over the city, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this and scream it from the top of your lungs? Good news is that while I’ll only mention this event once, it will last longer than one day: for at least the next few Sundays, Masa will be at Felix Felicis & Co from 12:00 ish to 15:00 ish (or until they run out of food) delighting us innocent passersby with their gourmet specialties. Just remember to not ask for cutlery — for this food, you quite literally need to be caught with las manos en la masa

12:00 to 15:00 hrs (-ish) | Felix Felicis & Co | Serrano 1415 | Palermo

Los Boleritos at Selina

Why not celebrate these warmer spring days with some live music at one of BA’s lovely terraces? Make your way to fancy Selina Hotel in the heart of Palermo and enjoy some live music courtesy of Los Boleritos, and while your at it, a beer or three from the incredible bar. And well, perhaps something to eat. No, just something small, we’ll share. Ok, maybe we can order another dish. Or two.

…just leave the menu here. I’ll call you when I’m done making my list.

19:30 hrs | Selina | Guatemala 4931 | Palermo

Despertar Feria

The beautiful ladies behind Despertar Feria are at it again! While every edition of this lovely event has its own personal magic, there are certain things that you can always count on having there: astrology (and in this particular date — tarot reading!), natural cosmetic and beauty products, crystals, a tiny bit of homemade witchcraft, and overall, a wonderful energy. Part of this energy has to do with the fact that this pet friendly event encourages you to bring your furry friend? Yes. The rest, you can blame on the delicious vegan, healthy food you’ll be able to enjoy, of course.  

14:00 – 20:00 hrs | Despertar Feria | Mario Bravo 870| Almagro

Mon 07.10

Monday Is The New Mondays

Stand up comedy at one of the staples of Argentina’s bar culture? Sign me the hell up, boo. Join fan-favorite El Bar de Kowalski for a hilarious Monday evening that manages to take your mind off the dreadfulness that is going back to work, and congratulate yourself for having made it through the day by enjoying their forever delicious cuisine paired with your drink of choice. Also: it’s free! 

20:30 hrs | El Bar de Kowalski | Billinghurst 835 | Almagro

Tues 08.10

Cocktails a las brasas – Cooking Class

Chef Nico Colli is joining the peeps at Tomate de Estación for a very special cooking class that’s sure to transform an otherwise uneventful Tuesday night. Start off by being received with a tasty welcome cocktail, only to continue to enjoy both the lesson and the meal — not to mention, the fact that you get to take these recipes home. Sign up via whatsapp at 11 6510-3056.

20:00 hrs | Tomate de Estación | El Salvador 4676 | Palermo

WED 09.10

Thai Cooking Class

So, let’s say for the sake of argument that you’re a fairly experienced chef. You can hold your own in the kitchen, you know what the different knives are used for, you even use more than three spices when cooking your dishes. Good for you! However, answer me this: are you still pretty much always cooking the same things? Come on, don’t be mad, I don’t want to blame you — falling into a cooking rut is only natural! We’re busy creatures and the supermarket can sometimes offer absolutely no inspiration beyond what we usually create. Enter: Thai cooking class. Why not take this as an opportunity to expand your cooking horizons well into South-East Asia? Learn how to make different curry dishes and how to pair them with chicken, fish, red meat, and naturally, an abundance of rice. Check out this class (and all the others) here.

18:30 hrs | Cocina Escondida | Paraguay 749 | Retiro

Game Night at La Confitería

Have you been working long hours? Going to the gym as you’re supposed to? Going to bed at a reasonable time? Let me rephrase this: how long has it been since you’ve taken your inner child out for a spin? If you had to think about it, that’s too long, and we’re going to have to turn that around STAT. Join Salon De Juegos this Wednesday at La Confitería for an evening of playful competitiveness (lol YEAH SURE) with adult juice pouches, a.k.a., beer.

20:00 hrs | La Confitería | Lacroze 2963| Chacarita