Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires. 

I’ve had the worst possible week. This is not an excuse, an “oh poor me” moment, a “please give me free things” kinda thing – it’s just the truth (maybe that last one is also true, but stay with me here for a second). What do you do when you’re sad? What do you do when you’re feeling down, when you feel like the rug’s been pulled from under your feet? The world keeps spinning and it dares to demand that you continue to show up and do all your adult things — but how? 

I have yet to figure that last part out. However, I do know that good food always improves any shitty situation, so let’s sync up our calendars for the next day’s events:

THU 26.09

Empanada & Vermut Cooking Class

Are you a bonafide empanada-eater, but have yet to master the delicate art of making a repulgue without having your empanada explode in the oven? My friend, I’ve got the right class for you. Discover how to craft your empanadas from scratch, including the dough, and throw some alcohol in it for good measure in the form of classic Argy apperitifs. Book your spot here, and get ready to enjoy the results of your cooking hand in hand with a glass of wine. 

18-19:30 hrs | Pulpería Quilapán| Defensa 1344| San Telmo

Dame Bola Comida Redonda + 911stori

There’s a new venue in town, and with their beautiful anti-macrisis prices, I sure hope they’re here to stay! Proposing a variety of round food (yes, I am aware those french fries are not round, let it go) that is most of the time vegetarian friendly, the peeps at Dame Bola are the perfect meal to pair with a visit of the growing 911stori showroom where the ladies from @sustanciayelegancia, @_negranegra, @fummo_ and @vendehumotienda display a wide array of offering to content your heart’s deepest desires. Interested in great food and affordable shopping? This is your chance to shine, boo.

19:30 hrs | Dame Bola Comida Redonda| Dorrego 911| Chacarita

Music Jam at La Confitería

While spring did officially start last week, it wasn’t until yesterday that I actually felt the weather to be warm enough to shed my sweater like a snake shedding her old skin. Why not take advantage of the warmer temperatures by enjoying the sweet tunes of a live music jam perfectly paired with delicious food and craft beer? Make your way to La confitería (and don’t forget to bring your instrument!).

18:00 hrs | La Confitería| Lacroze 2963| Chacarita

FRI 27.09

Bioferia – Day 1

BA’s biggest fair when it comes to all things sustainability is back! Join over 200 stands offering anything from sustainable clothing, to accessories, toiletries, and, naturally, food and drinks, for three days of environmentally-ethic fun. Also, remember: while tickets are not free, there are many ways to gain your entry other than food. Ride your bike there, take some broken down electronics, or even bring two non-perishable foods and be let in for free. Also, don’t forget to check out the activities for each day here

11 – 18 hrs|Hipódromo de Palermo|Avenida del Libertador 4101|Palermo

Whisky Delirium at Whisky in BA

Are you one of those fancy folks that carefully sip their whisky while enjoying the burning sensation it leaves going down their throat? I’m more of a gin & tonic gal myself, but I’m not here to stand in judgement, just to give you drinking options. Whisky in Buenos Aires is opening their bar of over 300 whisky styles at a tasty discount for all attendees — and today is the last Friday. This is your chance to try that aged, woody-toned, reddish, citrusy whisky that made your wallet scream. Also, are those adjectives that actually apply to whiskey? Who knows?

19:00 hrs | Whisky en Buenos Aires| Avenida Corrientes 1660 | Centro

Blind Wine Tasting

Gather round, dear readers, and dazzle your senses at this blind wine tasting. Together with getting gloriously tipsy, this tasting will include several activities aimed at exploring tastes, aromas and textures to widen your palate, and somewhere along that mix, some tasty snacks for you to enjoy. Also good, all attendees get 20% off when purchasing any of said tasted wine! 

20:30 – 22:30 hrs | La Cava de Vittorio Vinoteca| Arenales 964 | Retiro

SAT 28.09

Underground Theater + Dinner & Debate

Looking for a dramatic comedy that also has some snazzy tunes? Or perhaps you’re feeling a bit peckish and you want to grab a bite of something filling and delicious. Ah, but you spent all day taking care of a bunch of stuff and what you’re really feeling like is some good, interesting conversation. Well my friend, in today’s day and age, choosing is for dum-dums. Make your way to Bar de Fondo and take advantage of all three tied into a neatly package. Book your tickets by calling +54 9 11.3009.5795

19:30 hrs.  | Bar de Fondo Cultural | Julián Álvarez 1200 | Palermo

Compost Workshop

When it comes to food, not everything has to do about eating it — knowing how to properly dispose all foodstuff (and all garbage, really) is equally important. Join Catalino Restaurant for a composting class where you’ll learn how to do your own compost with the help of teacher and biologist Luciana Vigliano. In addition, arrive a bit early and enjoy the beautiful patio (bonus points if you can find their roaming cat!) and a tasty lunch while enjoying the sweet, warm temperatures.

15:00 hrs. | Catalino Restaurant | Maure 3126| Colegiales


It is a sunny, sunny Saturday, and you want to stay in CABA? Please, don’t come @ me with the whole “But Zona Norte is so far away!!” Get on the train and cross the dreary General Paz to join the Centro Cultural San Isidro at their SaracachoLLA festival where a myriad of stands offering everything from scenic arts, painting classes, and expositions will be distributed for the sole entertainment of their visitors. Naturally, among these stands you’ll be able to find a series of talented chefs offering their delicacies to all those who dare — so, will you?

17 hrs. | Centro Cultural San Isidro | Av. del Libertador 16138 | San Isidro

La Toma de Almagro – Street Festival

No matter at what time you arrive at La Toma de Almagro, there will always be food waiting. Get there early to enjoy a hearty lunch or sleep ’til 3 PM and join them for a classic Argy merienda — no choice is wrong when it involves food. Follow the event through their different venues (Casona Humahuaca, where they start, followed by Archibrazo and La Casa de Teresa) and enjoy music, food and drink to your heart’s desire.

13:00 hrs. | Casona Humahuaca | Humahuaca 3508 | Archibrazo | Mario Bravo 441 | La Casa de Teresa | Francisco Acuña de Figueroa 795 | Almagro

SUN 29.09


Rosh Hashana at Eretz – Day 1

It’s Rosh Hashana, and as any and all events that mark any sort of occasion regardless of what, we shall celebrate with food! Make your way to Eretz Cantina Israeli and enjoy the special menu crafted to celebrate the Jewish New Year with the very best Jewish cuisine. Check out the menu here.

12:00-00:00 hrs. | Eretz Cantina Israeli | Malabia 1583 | Palermo

Rosh Hashana at Hola Jacoba – Day 1

Did you go to Eretz Cantina Israeli for lunch and decided you needed more of the delicious cuisine for dinner? At the very least, change venues, and make your way to Hola Jacoba to continue the celebration. Check out  their very own special menu here

20:00 hrs| Hola Jacoba| Thames 1801 | Palermo

BA Celebrates Italy

It’s always a great day for Italian food! Join Buenos Aires Celebra as they colonize the street with tons of variations of any and all classic Italian dishes. Taste oh so flavorful tomatoes, deliciously thin pizza, and crusty pastries while you wander around the stands listening to sweet Italian tunes. Also, don’t miss the great Concerto performed by the Orchestra Popolare La Notte della Taranta. Music, maestro!

12-19 hrs.|Buenos Aires Celebra|Avenida de Mayo & Bolivar|Microcentro

MON 30.09

Venezuelan Food Festival

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with a very sudden, very real craving that could only be satisfied by slightly warm arepas? If you haven’t, I envy you, and also, you clearly haven’t tried truly delicious arepas. Make sure to correct your ways by attending the Venezuelan Food Festival at the Recoleta Grand Hotel — check out the menu (and book your tickets) here

20-23:30|Recoleta Grand Hotel|1745 Avenida General Las Heras|Recoleta

TUE 01.10

Ramen Class at Buri Sushi

Have you always wanted to learn how to cook Ramen but found out that since you couldn’t pronounce half the ingredients, you couldn’t even make it past the supermarket step? This is your chance to revert that by learning straight from the masters at Buri Sushi. Discover all the tips and tricks to rock your friend’s socks off with masterfully created homemade ramen. Meanwhile reconsider your career choices and ponder the fact that maybe you should have become a chef after all. Book your spot by emailing them at

19:00 hrs | Buri Sushi | Fitz Roy 2072 | Palermo

Pulp Fiction at Congo Garden Films

How long has it been since you last saw Pulp Fiction? If you had to think about it, then it’s been too long. Correct that mistake by making your way to Congo Garden Films where Jules and Vincent will be gracing the silver screen in their beautiful, jungle-y patio. Enjoy food and drinks that’ll make an already incredible movie even more amazing.

19:30-closing | Congo Garden Films | Honduras 5329 | Palermo

WED 02.10

Get Your Game On at Board Game Cafe

Feel like taking a trip down memory lane? Travel back to those days of youth were you were untroubled by financial worries, work problems, or deadlines, and immerse yourself in one of the literally hundreds of boardgames you can find at the Board Game Cafe. While you’re at it, grab a coffee and a bagel and put both your mind and your stomach to work.

16:00-closing | The Board Game Cafe | Holmberg 2000 | Belgrano R

2×1 Cocktails at Bruk Bar — All Night!

At Bruk Bar, happy hour needs not feel constricted by imaginary limits such as the passage of time — At Bruk Bar, happy hour on Wednesday lasts all night. Join them for a never ending 2×1 and get deliciously drunk on what could otherwise be an uneventful weekday evening. Remember: You don’t need to get drunk to have fun, but no good story ever started with “So, I was having a salad…”. 

20:00 | Bruk Bar | Fray Justo Sta. María de Oro 1801 | Palermo