Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires. 

Good [insert whatever time you’re reading this], ladies and gentleman, and welcome to yet another edition of Moveable Feasts. Let me tell you something that will shock you to your core: writing this column while hungry is the worst possible experience you could ever have. Is it also what I’m going through at the moment? Why YES, yes it is, so y’all better appreciate what I’m doing for you, because the only thing suffering more than my stomach right now is my wallet thinking of all the events I’ll be dragging it to this week. Now, let’s get down to it — DJ, spin that shit!

THU 19.09

El Vino Celebra, Chacarita Edition

I am aware I literally just said I was hungry, but it’s not my fault that another El Vino Celebra edition popped right into my schedule. Blame it on the organizers, and while you’re at it, grab a glass of wine (or six) belonging to some of the over 40 bodegas that will be participating in the Chacarita edition. While you’re getting pleasantly dizzy, don’t miss out on the live music & food once you get to the end of your journey, which conveniently coincides with the location of where you started. Stories don’t end, my peeps, they just turn into new beginnings, so get the tickets to start your journey here

19-23:00 hrs | Teatro Gargantúa| Av. Jorge Newbery 3563| Chacarita (d’oh)

MASA at Rebelión

Does today sound like a good day for tacos? Y/N? Full disclosure: there’s only one answer that matters, and that would be MASA’s. Lucky for us gordis, their answer is that it’s always a good day for tacos. Join them at Rebelión for what promises to be the most epic taco celebration ever.  Yes, I will say that very same thing every time MASA cooks because, well, it’s always true. Also, vegan and gluten free babes, this event is especially tailored to your needs, with a delicious menu that very much caters to your tastes — see you there!

20:00 hrs | Rebelión| Gurruchaga 1791| Palermo

FRI 20.09

Night Visit and Dinner at Villa Ocampo

Ah, a new day, and since I’ve already had my dinner, a new me. With a full stomach, I can now take my time to appreciate the delicate details that this event offers and narrate thee for your appreciation. But alas, first, an important question: Have you ever been to Villa Ocampo? In case you haven’t, some context: The Villa Ocampo Museum is set in what was the Ocampo’s summer mansion (Is that… is my bank account crying?), which later turned into Sur’s HQ. What was Sur? One of Argentina’s most prominent literary magazines, spearheaded by really big, really fancy names such as Bioy Casares, Oliverio Girondo, and my main man JL Borges. Two ladies were also at the forefront of this publication: the Ocampo sisters, Victoria and Silvina, writers themselves. Now, were you truly interested in this bout of history? Probably not. Do I care? Probably not. In any case, don’t  get hung up on how I always ramble on and just book your tickets here. You’ll get a 45 minute tour of the truly breathtaking mansion and sit down at the main room for a gourmet dinner that includes gluten free and vegetarian options. 

20:00 hrs.  | Villa Ocampo | Elortondo 1837 | Beccar 

Venetian Carnaval at Positano

So about two years ago my mom decided she wanted to do something really special for my birthday. There I am, thinking about how she’s definitely going to get me tickets for Lollapalooza (I will hear none of your judgement, leave me and my flower crown alone), when she comes to me one night and says: “We’re going to do something different.” One thing led to another, and I’m suddenly in the middle of Colegiales watching a… Venetian Carnaval? Surprised was an understatement, but it was actually really cool! With great food and of course, great music, Positano definitely puts on an unforgettable show to accompany your meal. Let that inner Casanova shine in BA’s makeshift Venice by booking your spot at +

21:00 hrs | Positano Lírica | El Cano 3573 | Colegiales

Wine Tasting by El Descube

Wine? More like wi-not, amirite? No, nothing? Whew, tough crowd. I was just trying to sell you on a fancy wine tasting by El Descube, but whatever man. For those of you who did laugh, the event will cover six different wines, some food, a few extra surprises, and a AR$100 voucher for the purchase of any of the bottles you just tried. Buy your tickets here.

19:30 hrs | El Descube| Rodriguez Peña 1515 | Recoleta

SAT 21.09

Wholemeal Vegan Pasta Workshop

I know exactly what pop culture reference comes to some of your minds every time I bring up cooking — “‘Boil water.’ What am I, a chemist?” however, hear me out: this is your chance to let that inner Iron Chef shine. Join Almacén Consciente for a wholemeal vegan pasta workshop and learn how to do an array of pasta dishes (together with delish sauces) to delight your guests next time you have a dinner party. Or, you know, next time you wanna catch up on Stranger Things reruns on Netflix alone on your couch. What I’m saying is that pasta is always the answer, and nothing beats homemade, so go learn that, dingus. 

10:00-13:00 hrs | Almacén Consciente | Address upon request| Colegiales

Le Marché Spring Edition, day 1

Uhm, hello, yes? I refuse to even try to convince you to go to this event. The best cheese, wine and pastries are French. If that’s not enough reason to go to a French food event, then nothing I’ll say will change your mind. Do whatever you want, I’ll be stuffing my face with a brie sandwich on freshly baked bread, onion soup, and chocolate fondue for dessert. There’s a clear winner in this scenario, and it’s very obviously me.

10 – 18:00  hrs. | Lucullus Cocina Francesa | Cerrito and Arroyo | Recoleta

Tea Service at the Palacio Paz

Did you want to go to the Villa Ocampo event but you’re a city mouse that can’t be bothered to step outside of General Paz? Well, as someone who has always lived in the outskirts of BA, I hate you, but I can’t blame you — this city is planned so that 90% of the activities happen in CABA, and in direct opposition to my beliefs, this one does to. Book your spot here for a fancy tea service and a visit of Buenos Aires’ biggest residence, the Palacio Paz. And just FYI, when I say biggest, I mean biggest — for reference, both River and Boca’s stadiums are between 7,000 and 7,500 square meters, while this is 12,000 square meters. What even…?

15:00-19:00 hrs. | Palacio Paz | Av. Santa Fe 750 | Retiro

Post & Arte at Post Street Bar

You had French food. You learned to cook vegan pasta. You then went and lived it up by walking the probably bazillion kilometers between the bathroom and the dining room at the Palacio Paz. You deserve some rest. However, what you’re going to do is take that butt to Post Street Bar, because after all, it’s the first day of spring, and that requires celebration! Enjoy some live music by Sofia Deslous and Alejandro Clavero, as well as the artistic intervention of Silvia Betancour while you eat (and party, it’s important you party!) like there’s no tomorrow.

22:00 hrs. | Post Street Bar | Thames 1885 | Palermo

SUN 22.09

Mini Vegan Supermarket

Another edition of the Mini Vegan Supermarket! Let’s be honest, it’s not easy (at least it isn’t here in BA) to have dietary restrictions. Odds are that both vegetarians, vegans and gluten free people are always slapped with the same option when going to a bar: the ever faithful french fry. This is a great opportunity to access those rarer goods that specifically cater to your vegan lifestyle and to grab some chow at the patio de comidas while enjoying some relaxing time in the sun. Make your way to Little Horse and #GoVegan, boo.

13:00-19:00 hrs. | Mini Supers Veganos | Campichuelo 472 | Caballito

Benefit Sukiyaki

How about a delicious meal and a good cause? The CeUAN – Centro Universitario Argentina Nippon is organizing a tasty Sukiyaki event (You: “Nicki, what is Sukiyaki?” Me: “Dude, Wikipedia.”) to raise funds for the different activities they do. So why not invest the bargain that is AR$ 400 for a meal in Palermo? End your weekend knowing you did something good by enjoying a warm heart and a warm belly all at once. 

12:00-17:00 hrs| CeUAN | Charcas 5161 | Palermo

Gastroafrodisiac Experience To Welcome Spring

So, full disclosure, the word “gastroafrodisiac” is the kind of word that makes me roll my eyes; however, the menu is the kind of menu that makes me say “Ok, I’ll allow it.” Join Trashumantes for a sensuous evening to continue welcoming spring and the airs of change, youth, and renewal it promises, hand in hand with a series of dishes that aptly describe the path of seduction. Check out the menu here (and book your spot by sliding into those DM’s.) 

21:00 hrs. | Trashumantes | Nicaragua 5614 | Palermo

MON 23.09

Asado by Las Sasa at El Bar de Kowalski

Las Sasa are back at El Bar de Kowalski, and what are they bringing with them? Well of course, a taste of their delicious asado! Turn that Monday-frown upside down by ordering one of their brochetitas del amor (not the real name, just how they refer to their brochettes because, why not?) and peaking at their parrilla to see where else may you curiosity take you. Also, be warned — only two Mondays (this and the 30th) ’til the event is over!

19:00 hrs. | El Bar de Kowalski | Billinghurst 835 | Almagro

TUE 24.09

Tango at Casa Catedral

How about working up an appetite with some suave dance moves? All right, it’s probably going to be a lot less suave and a lot more “Please stop stepping on my toes,” but the principle is the same. No matter how long you’ve lived in the city of Good Air, odds are that while you’ve probably seen tango danced somewhere, you haven’t given it a try yourself. Time to change that, my love, and the first step towards your tango persona starts at Casa Catedral. Join in for lessons (and a delicious vegetarian menu) and embrace the sensuous dance right there on the dance floor.

19:00 hrs | Casa Catedral | Sarmiento 4006 | Almagro

French Night at La Cigale

Yes! Another staple of Buenos Aires’ night life, La Cigale, is back with their delicious French nights every Tuesday. Join them to enjoy fancy French apéritifs and a quite tempting 2×1 happy hour that lasts ’til 1 AM, while Minelek plays those incredible techno sounds. No need to book, so just make your way down to Microcentro!

18:00-closing | La Cigale | 25 de Mayo 597 | Microcentro

WED 25.09

Mediterranean Cuisine at 4ta Pared Gastronomía

I’ve taken you to France twice this week, so why not end this article with something a bit closer to the coast? End your Wednesday with a touch of Italy peppered with a dash of Spain (and a whole bunch of other countries/places, including southern France, I know, just shh) and embrace all the goodness that is Mediterranean food. The menu includes oh-so-tempting goat cheese, roasted nuts, prosciutto, seafood, pesto, and much, much more. Let 4ta Pared Gastronomía dazzle your senses with a grand mixture of tastes and aromas, and let that evening only be heightened by the delicious wine you’ll always be holding in your hand. Oh, Mediterranean food, blessed be thee among all other foods. 

20:00 – 22:00 hrs. | 4ta Pared Gastronomía | Habana 3499 | Villa Devoto