Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires. 

Well, hello there, random reader! So nice of you to pop by. Sorry for the mess, you know how it is, this being a Thursday and all… Yes, I usually tidy up on the weekends, that’s why I mentioned the whole Thursday thing. Well, since you ask, no, I didn’t tidy up this last weekend because I was very busy doing very important stuff. Well, I was watching Breaking Bad, which, yeah, I consider very important stuff. But I did put aside time to get together as many food-related events as I could find, you know? Don’t I get props for that? Had I tidied up, I probably wouldn’t have had the time to craft this beautiful article with my usual love and care. And yes, they are very tasty events since you’re asking, but don’t take my word for it — go right ahead and dive in: 

THU 12.09

Italian Night at GAL Restaurante

What are your feelings towards closed-door restaurants? Being the delicate combination of radiant extrovert and extreme introvert that I am, and considering that the switch between those two personalities tends to happen randomly with no previous notice, these types of eating venues are most definitely my cup of tea — a place where there will be people, just not too many, and I will be carefully cared for by an attentive waiter, a master chef, and whoever is my company of choice for the night. Join Gustavo Lanús, the man behind GAL Restaurante, for their Italian night and enjoy the perfect combination of pasta, cheese, and wine — take a look at the menu here and book by calling 15.2861.2250.

20:30 | Gal | Address upon request| Belgrano-Coghlan


Yes, the epicenter of Argentina’s drinking culture not only has a bar, but also an entire day dedicated to itself. Of course, I’m talking about the classic fernet con coca, a beverage that I personally find so undrinkable that I’m not sure why I’m recommending this whole affair. It might have to do with the fact that two very cool chicks are involved with the event: @bylaconejanchina and @srtabimbo will be dj-ing this grandiose Fernet Party. Gross, but also, check out their menu of Italo-Argentine deliciousness and you just might be persuaded to drop by.

20:00 hrs | La Fernetería | Serrano 1349| Palermo

IT 1 (2017) at Cinema Crepas

Do you love horror flicks? Are you a huge fan of Stephen King? Were you excited for the first two editions of this movie, and even more excited when it was remade in 2017? Are you aware that none of the aforementioned questions even remotely apply to me, but that I’m kind enough to understand that my tastes are not universal and you’re entitled to your opinion, wrong as it may be? I sure hope the answer to all of those questions was a big, fat YES, because then, boy do I have a plan for you! Join Cinema Crepas for their open-air screening of IT (2017) and get in the mood to then go see part 2 in the theaters. Personal tip: don’t just take advantage of the free popcorn offered with the ticket, but arrive a bit earlier and enjoy some drool-worthy crepes (sweet or salty, that’s up to you). Buy your tickets here.

20:00 hrs | Cinema Crepas | Gurruchaga 1791| Palermo

FRI 13.09

Bocatas Orientales at Fuego 

You know how they “Give a man fish, and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime”? And you know how essentially any plan that implies me eating for a lifetime is like, the best plan ever, hands down? Well, the lovely people at Fuego are putting this into practice and offering an incredible three hour class where attendees will learn how to cook (and proceed to taste said food, because where’s the fun in not eating?) a specific set of dishes, sides, and dressings. In this edition, there’ll be a series of bocatas which include a Malayan hamburger and a pulled-pork sandwich. Meet me at the table, I’ll be the one holding the wine. 

19:30 hrs.  | Fuego | Address upon request 

SAT 14.09

La Neta Cenas Pop Up at Valle Grande Cocina

La Neta Cenas will be making their way to Valle Grande Cocina to delight us with tasty, Latin American inspired dishes that are heavy on the Mexican flavors. Book your spot for one of the two available times and give yourself the chance to decide between a delicious enfrijolada, a meatball sandwich, a causa limeña, or the forever classic tacos de cochinita pibil. Take a look at the full menu here.

20-21:30 & 21:30-close | Valle Grande Cocina | Freire 1229 | Colegiales

Vegetable Garden Workshop

Do you long for a grandiose garden to grow your very own organic vegetables and nourish yourself in a healthy, eco-friendly way? Do you also live in a monoambiente with a 1×1 meter balcony, if that? Let me be the bridge between dreams and reality. Join the peeps at Vuelta Completa for their workshop on how to craft vegetable gardens fitted for those dos ambientes in the city, and learn how to create your own movable feast at your very own house. In addition, enjoy a delicious breakfast courtesy of Tomate and take home your very own vegetable garden starter pack.

9:30 – 13:30 hrs. | Vuelta Completa | El Salvador 4676 | Palermo

Nola + Sede Whisky pop up

Now this is a fiery combination! Not only is Nola welcoming Sede Whisky and their wide array of tasty whisky drinks, but this event will #blessed by the full moon, which in this particular venue, means the arrival of Nadia and her tarot cards. Delight yourself with their special menu of food and drinks and dare to take a glimpse into the future. The good thing is that if you don’t like what you see, you’re literally at the best place to drown your sorrows. 

14:00-20:00 hrs. | Nola Buenos Aires | Gorriti 4389| Palermo

Anita & Mirko’s wedding

Make your way to the Centro Cultural Barracas and join Anita & Mirko’s wedding for a dash of culture peppered with a hearty laugh in the form of theater. You may be thinking, “Hey, Nicki, this is a food-oriented agenda, and you’re offering me theater. What’s up with that?” You’re not wrong, my dear reader, but you’re woefully underestimating my ability to find food in a hopeless place. Being a wedding, Anita & Mirko are not only inviting you to bear witness to their true love (and many, many mishaps): ticket includes the wedding dinner, and even a slice of wedding cake. RSVP to their invite here.

21:00 hrs. | Circuito Cultural Barracas | Av. Iriarte 2165 | Barracas

SUN 15.09

MATANGI/MAYA/M.I.A. at El Bar de Kowalski

The first song I remember hearing from artist M.I.A. was the one we probably all know, “Paper Planes,” in the movie Slumdog Millionare. In it, a train moves across a lush green landscape that transforms into cities and then deserts, all the while these kids sit on the roof, being children-adults with heartwarming camaraderie and heartbreaking ease, as if traveling on the roof of a moving train was completely normal. This scene is perfectly punctuated by the aforementioned song, all the way to the cash register and gun shot sounds, and served as my introduction to the wonderful artist. Did you need to know all this about my life? Not really. Does this let me ease into suggesting you swing by El Bar de Kowalski for a screening of Steve Loveridge’s MATANGI/MAYA/M.I.A., a documentary of this artist’s path from refugee immigrant to top chart artist? Yes, absolutely. Enjoy this wonderful end of your weekend for the lowly price of AR$ 50 and order any of their tapas with a pint of beer for full maximum enjoyment. 

19:30 hrs. | El Bar de Kowalski | Billinghurst 835 | Almagro

Viva México at Ulúa 

It’s México’s Independence day! You know what that means? It’s an incredible opportunity to celebrate this incredible country by eating, and I’m not one to pass on incredible opportunities. Make your way to Ulúa and join house chef Antonio Bautista as he teams up with not one but four Mexican chefs to celebrate Mexico the best way they know how: a tribute to Mexican cuisine.

18:00 hrs. | Ulúa | Jorge Newbery 3791 | Chacarita

MON 16.09

MASA at Koko Bao Bar

MASA, you’re back doing what you do best, and our hearts leap with joy! This time, meet them at Koko Bao Bar for a particularly delicious menu that combines tacos (& more) with Eastern vibes. What do I mean by “& more,” you ask? Dumplings, specifically, and if how I’m drooling over my computer is any measure, these particular carnitas dumplings with black aguachile will very much make getting your butt to Koko Bar worth it.

20:00 hrs. | Koko Bao Bar | Arevalo 1478 | Palermo

Seasonal Fruits & Veggies Masterclass 

Yes, more free classes on how you can eat healthily! What is that I hear you say? Potatoes are vegetables, so I should just let you eat your fries in peace? Come on, you’re an adult now (at least age-wise, not taking into account the amount of cartoons you watch), so you should at least try to broaden your palate. Join BA Saludable at the Mercado de Belgrano for a seasonal fruits and veggies masterclass, and maybe try and incorporate one new vegetable per month. Does that really sound so difficult? Hey, I’m talking to you, you don’t get to leave mid-sentence! WAIT!

18:00-20:00 hrs. | Mercado de Belgrano | Honduras 5903 | Palermo

TUE 16.09

Jazz al sobre at the Museo Fotográfico Simik

Oooh, this is a special one! If you’ve never visited the Museo Fotográfico Simik, do me a favor and please, please, please swing by! One of BA’s bares notables, the photographic museum has an old-timey vibe with tons of wood, classic Argentine minutas on the menu, and tables and chairs that have probably been there since before I was born. The place is filled with cameras both old & very old, from early accordion-like objects all the way to more modern, compact versions. These are peppered on the walls, on display columns, and even on the tables where you sit — it’s awesome! Taking this as their impromptu stage, every Tuesday, a group of jazz players get together for an incredible show al sobre, meaning they hand out an envelope per table where you pay them as much as you wish. Don’t miss the perfect combination of hearty food and flowy, wonderful jazz at one of BA’s lesser known gems. 

20:00 hrs. | Museo Simik | F. Lacroze 3901 | Chacarita 

WED 17.09

Ramen Wednesday at BURI Sushi

Spring is essentially around the corner, meaning the last days of cold weather are about to be over! So this is your last chance for truly warm food such as ramen — unless you wanna die by heatstroke eating a whole bowl of the hot, spicy soup on a random midday in January, like I once did. Join Ramen Wednesday at Buri sushi and bid farewell to winter. Book your spot in one of the two shifts at

20:00 and 22:00 hrs. | Buri Sushi | Fitz Roy 2072 | Palermo

LAB Nights

Looking for something food related where you can also pretend you’re going because you are #cultured and not just because you wanna stuff your face? My dude, 416 Snack Bar has got just the right combo of both. Every Wednesday, they’ll be having live music/poetry/video sessions for you to enjoy to your heart’s desire, all the while you order any of their delicious snacks and drinks for you to enjoy to your stomach’s desire. That’s what I call a win-win. 

19:00 hrs. | 416 Snack Bar | Angel Carranza 1940 | Palermo