Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires. 

September is here, and with it, the thought of spring, of colorful flowers, dainty butterflies, and warmer nights! Except, not yet, because as I write this, I’m wearing double socks and my coziest scarf. What happened to that faux-summer we had last week? Where art thou? In any case, join me in waiting for more amicable weather by eating our way through any and all food events happening in BA this week — which, being the generous lady I am, I have carefully gathered here for your pleasure. Here we go!

THU 05.09

Italian Pastry Cooking Class

Has the world ever seen a disgrace that couldn’t be fixed (or at the very least, significantly improved) with Italian pastries? Our friends from Aprender Italiano Conversando (Learn Italian by Talking) have decided to add a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to their tours of Italian history, tradition and language by pairing up with Antiche Tentazioni for a three hour cooking class featuring the magnificent Sicilian cannoli.

17:30 – 20:30 | Antiche Tentazioni| Honduras 4770 | Palermo

Txotx at Amalur Restaurante Vasco

I bet you’re wondering what txotx means, aren’t you? I know I had to google it but, because it was referring to an event at Amalur Restaurante Vasco, I was certain it’d pay off. Txotx refers to the act of opening the kupela’s tap (kupela = barrel — I’m learning so much, you guys!) to serve delicious, natural, freshly-made, oh-so-sweet cider, and that’s precisely what will be happening today. Join them for Basque delicacies and an open cider bar courtesy of Txapela Sidra. Book your spot calling (011) 4381-0578⁠.

20:00 hrs | Amalur Restaurant Vasco | Av. Belgrano 1144| Congreso

Sede Whisky at Koi Dumplings

Fan favorite Koi Dumplings is teaming up with Sede Whisky for a one-off drink menu to pair with their delicious baos, dumplings, and ramen. The bar will be (wo)manned by expert bartender Ani Varela, and you can expect a variety of whisky-centered drinks (d’oh) to dull your senses; among them, the original, crafted-for-this-event-only Whiskoi, made out of Grant’s Whisky, green tea, flowers and malbec wine. You can expect to get drunk, essentially, that’s what I’m really saying.

19:00 hrs | Koi Dumplings | Angel Justiniano Carranza 1591| Palermo

FRI 06.09

Sourdough Pizza with Seasonal Veggies Masterclass

BA Saludable continues to offer great cooking classes that focus on expanding your palate while eating healthily and sustainably. And if that wasn’t enough, these classes are completely free. Join them today at the Mercado de Belgrano (a great excuse to go hit it up, if you haven’t yet) and learn your way around sourdough.  Hopefully, it’ll turn out better than when I tried it on my own and was able to produce a very fancy, very expensive rock bread (being an adult is so much fun — the screams you hear are screams of joy!!). In any case, don’t forget to book your spot here.

18:00-20:00 hrs. | Mercado de Belgrano| Juramento 2527 | Belgrano

Vegan Pizza + 80’s movies

There’s much to be said about 90’s kids, and one of those things is our obsession with 80’s culture. Enter one of the formative movies of my youth, Neverending Story. While the song recently made a huge comeback thanks to Netflix’s Stranger Things (naturally, spoiler alert, but at this point, you should have seen season 3 already), the movie deserves an entire night dedicated to it. That said, join Y La Vaca Chocha this Friday by grabbing a slice (or ten) of vegan pizza in their pizza party + 80’s movies screening which will start at 21:00. I guess what I’m saying is that you should turn around to find a spot, and look at what you see in those around you as you all tune in to the movie… See what I did there? Wait, why are you backing away? For your information, my MOM thinks I’m HILARIOUS.

20:30 hrs.  | Y La Vaca Chocha | Avenida San Juan 409 | San Telmo

SAT 07.09

Gluten-Free Food Fair

In both this edition and in previous installments, I’ve shared with you a ton of vegan events — but how about we go gluten free for a change? Join the Buenos Aires Fairs for this edition of the Feria sin TACC, where you’ll be able to get your hands on over 700 gluten free meals/ingredients, while enjoying the wide array of food trucks eager to serve you. If leaving white flour behind seems both something you want to try and utterly impossible, this is just the place to start.

10:00-18:00 hrs. | Plaza Almagro | Sarmiento y Bulnes | Almagro

Gastronomada Food Trucks 

Feel like getting out of the city for a bit? I’ve got just the plan for you. Grab your trusty SUBE and take the train all the way to Tigre for an arts, music, and food festival courtesy of Gastronomada Food Trucks! You’ll find live music, all sorts of stalls selling vintage clothing and antiques, as well as an array of art proposals (including an open, child friendly art class at 14:00 hrs.). Entry is free for all, and if you can’t visit them on Saturday, keep in mind the event lasts ’til Sunday!

14-21 hrs.|Distrito de Arte Boulevard Saenz Peña|Saenz Peña 1400|Tigre

Despertar Feria

The lovely people at Despertar Feria will be having their 6th edition this Saturday and bringing together all sorts of beautiful local businesses for you to support (which is good, and what we want to do, because large enterprises are garbage, and these are nice people that are hustling and therefore, much more deserving of your money — rant over.) You’ll be able to find everything that’s vegan, eco-friendly, astrology, and reflexology related, and can enjoy complimentary tea and snacks from 16:00 to 18:00. Also, the event is pet friendly, so do everyone a favor and bring your dog/cat/ferret/etc. for the world to cuddle. 

14:00-20:00 hrs. |Despertar Feria| Mario Bravo 870 | Almagro

wine tasting at la cava vinos

Food & Wine Tasting

La Cava Wine Store is back with (obviously) wine! Enjoy five courses perfectly paired with five different wines for the budget friendly price of AR$ 450, and throw around words like “woody tones” and “long finish” for extra fancy points. Book by messaging +54 11.3845.0786 or via email at

20:00 hrs. | La Cava Wine Store | Rodriguez Peña 1515 | Recoleta 

SUN 08.09

Bruncheando Fermentaciones

Everyone knows that Sunday doesn’t start before 11 AM, and since that’s the perfect time for brunch, you won’t find me complaining. With this in mind, cooks Marina and Naiara put together a delicious brunch pop-up for you to leisurely enjoy at any point between 11:00 and 17:00, with a custom menu that includes both vegan and gluten-free options for those that feel so inclined. Secure your spot by sliding into their DM’s here.

11:00-17:00 hrs. | Mill Cafe | Scalabrini Ortiz  801 | Villa Crespo

The Vegan Market

Cooking classes? Ingredients? Organic & agro-ecological fruits and vegetables? Yes, my dear reader, you’ve stumbled upon yet another edition of the delicious vegan market. Join them for everything from vegan sushi to vegan salamín (don’t ask me — I’ve got no clue), and revel in the fact that any change of your eating habits towards a more sustainable lifestyle positively impacts the entire world. 

12:00-17:00 hrs. |La Casa del Arbol| Av. Córdoba 5217 | Palermo

Croatian Lunch on a Boat

Yeah, yeah, fairs, markets, wine tastings, this is all very good and very fine — but how about we do something very unusual and very much outside what most of us consider a normal weekend? No, I’m not talking to you, rich dude with access to their parent’s boat. I’m talking to literally everyone else. Meet up with the people from the Centro Cultural Argentino Croata and sail away of the Ciudad de la furia while enjoying a typical Croatian lunch courtesy of chef Mirko Hasenay and his team. Meal includes a reception of pelinkovac, sljivovica, and snacks, an entree of strukli, a main course consisting rolled turkey breast stuffed with potatoes and cabbage salad, and for dessert, apple strudel, and chocolate and nuts squares. What? You don’t know what half those words mean? Then sign up and find out. 

11-14 hrs.|Catamaranes Libertad|Ship departs from Corrientes 245 | Olivos

Degustango by Trashumantes

The self defined Cocineres Disidentes that form Trashumantes have come back with their well-known Degustango events at Casa Cultura. In them, they take classic Argentine dishes and reinterpret them through tango, and craft a beautiful scene to dazzle your senses through food, drink, music, and ambiance. The result? Words can’t do it justice, and attempting it would just spoil the surprise, so find out yourself by booking one of the limited spots.

21:00 hrs. | Casa Cultura| Nicaragua 5614 |Palermo 

MON 09.09

Afterhour at Trova Bar

The corporate hamster-wheel keeps spinning, and unless you’re one of the lucky ones, odds are that you’re stuck in the middle of it running like a headless chicken. Am I mixing up my animals? Maybe, but why would you pay that much attention to what I say? Just focus on what’s important: TrovaBar is helping kill these sad Monday blues by gifting you (yes, IT’S FREE) one bottle of wine for every four-people group. Grab the three people that you tolerate the most and head straight to the bar.

18:00-20:00 hrs. | TrovaBar | Honduras 5903 | Palermo

#AntiLunes at Eretz Cantina Israeli

Yes, it’s still early in the month, and you may have yet to feel your bank account tightening it’s grip around your willingness to do stuff that cost money, but that’s no excuse to give up on a bargain. Head down to Eretz Cantina Israeli for their #AntiLunes and whisper the secret password “Eretz para mí” to get 50% off (!!!) of your entire meal when paying cash. Note: you can also, like, say the secret code using your normal voice, but why would you purposely choose to be boring?

12:00 to 00:00 hrs. |Eretz Cantina Israeli| Malabia 1583 |Palermo 

TUE 10.09

La noche de las pizzerías

What a generous world we live in where a regular Tuesday can be turned into a marvelous affair by courtesy of the APPYCE and their willingness to give me my heart’s desire: cheap pizza. Join me them in a tour of BA’s pizzerías and enjoy 50% off (both cash and debit) in all stores participating  and try to not stuff yourself silly because, well, it’s only Tuesday. Check to see if your favorite pizza place is participating (and if they aren’t, go harass them to do so) here.

19:00 hrs. |Asociación de Propietarios de Pizzerías y Casas de Empanadas| Well, it depends on where you’re going, doesn’t it? 

WED 28.08

Chocolate and Wine Fusion

Looking for something to get you through today? How about the ultimate comfort foods, wine and chocolate? Yes, I know they are not foods, but that doesn’t stop me from making them my dinner so take that, you responsible adult, and revel in your superiority as I revel in my fancy chocolate bombons. As I was saying… join Wining and Cocoabit chocolates for the ultimate combination of the fan favorite pair in this tasty event. Get your tickets here.

19:30 to 22:30 hrs. |Wining | Angel Carranza 1940 | Palermo