Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires. 

There’s something in the air. I can’t say what it is, can’t pinpoint it exactly, but it’s been there for a while, like the shadow that you see out of the corner of your eye and that dissapears when you try to look directly at it. Maybe it’s that spring has come early, cementing the fact that global warming is not only real, but also getting worse. Maybe it’s this country’s economic instability, that makes it impossible to plan for the future. Maybe it’s the fact that everyone’s barely keeping it together – friends that can’t sleep, panic attacks galore, and paper-thin skin that leaves us all vulnerable. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Yes, that’s a joke to cope with today’s dark mood — my therapist told me to stop deflecting my feelings with humor, but hey, what does he know. In any case, let’s move on to greener pastures: Food events are piling up this week, and who are we to keep them waiting? Let’s dive in. 

THU 28.08

Japanese Jazz Vinyl Session

Perhaps you’re an avid jazz listener and your vinyl collection surpasses all that can be expected from a run-of-the-mill Palermo hipster because, after all, you started collecting them before they were cool. If that’s the case, you probably won’t consider this event “getting weird” — but I sure do. Join Black Forest for their vinyl listening session of Japanese jazz curated by Emilio Osso, perfectly paired with Japanese whiskey, and give your classic after-office a twist. 

19:00 | Black Forest| Charlone 201 | Chacarita

Rossel Boher Wine Tasting

Ah, yes, wine. Winexperts Argentina is hosting a wine tasting of all the magnificent beverages produced by Rosell Boher, which just so happens to be my favorite wine brand of all time. Why, you ask? The very first time I was ever dragged to a wine tasting, I was led to try Rossell Boher’s Cabernet Franc — and after that, life was never the same. Treat yo’self to trying the wine you’d buy if you were rich here.

19:00-21:00 | Sede de Bodegas de Argentina | Güemes 4474| Palermo

FRI 30.08

Spanish Night at Sans Souci Palace

Feel like experiencing life as the 1%? Step out of Palermo for a hot second and travel to distant San Fernando for a night in one of BA’s most glamorous buildings, the Sans Souci palace, built by the same man that did the Bosch Palace (today, the US ambassador’s residence) and the Errázuriz Palace (today, the Museum of Decorative Art). Enjoy a three-course meal of authentic Spanish food by chef Tomás Kentish, paired with wine and live flamenco music, and leave all thoughts of whatever your financial reality may be for another day. 

21:00 hrs. |Palacio Sans Souci | Paz 705 | Victoria

Blind Wine Tasting

There’s always room for one more wine tasting, and this one sounded particularly fun! I’m a huge fan of doing things differently (except when I don’t want to, and I will never tell you before hand so you have to guess. FUN!), and this Blind Wine Tasting offers exactly that. In it, you’ll try 30 different wine labels without any information about what you’re trying – no name, grape variety, price range, nothing. Thankfully, they also provide food, or otherwise you’d probably get very wasted… but would that really be a problem? Get your tickets here.

19:00 – 22:00 hrs. | BonVINO | Maipu 995 | Retiro

Celebrate the New Moon at NOLA

This wouldn’t truly be a publication that appeals to the younger crowd if we didn’t occasionally include some esotericism and astrology. Join NOLA Buenos Aires as they celebrate the new moon with specialty dishes and their very own tarot card reader, and see if you dare to take a glimpse into your future. Get there early, and your future can include happy hour until 20:00 hrs. 

19:00 hrs. |NOLA | Gorriti 4389 | Palermo

SAT 31.08

Vegan Fair

Remember a few paragraphs ago, when I mentioned how the Earth is on fire? Well, here’s your chance to try and curve your impact on global warming while eating a varied, healthy diet, all wrapped into one gastronomic event. Join BA’s official vegan fair and enjoy a lovely afternoon surrounded by treats, dishes, and ingredients of all things vegan. And remember: when it comes to ecology, the key thing is to keep trying– the world benefits more from 100 imperfect attempts than from one perfect, mightier than thou vegan. In the end, we’re all doing what we can.

10:00-17:00 hrs. | Plaza Alberti | Arcos y Roosevelt | Belgrano

Agroecological Fair

If going vegan is something that you’re still far from, there’s still plenty you can do to stop supporting a system that is burning down the Amazon to create room for more cows (yes, I’m grim today, but this whole thing is so insane that there’s nothing I can do). Join El Galpón Agroecológico for their fair where small producers offer fruits & vegetables from agro-ecological, organic gardens, and animal products from free range farming, to both analyze our consuming habits and support local, small businesses in our day to day.

9-18 hrs. |El Galpón Agroecológico | Av. Federico Lacroze 4171 | Chacarita

SUN 01.09

#MediodiasPopulares at Santa Evita

Can this be considered true Argentine culture? I’ll let you decide. Join El Santa Evita (the other half of the renowned Perón Perón) for their Sunday lunch ft. very affordable prices, with main dishes at AR $250, desserts at AR$ 100 and glasses of wine at just AR$ 50. Enjoy the latter being served in a penguin jar & maybe skip asking about that vintage. You’ll be surrounding yourself with Evita’s face and tons of historical paraphernalia of one of Argentina’s most impactful (note the choice of a carefully neutral adjective) political moments. *No need to book in advance.

12:00 hrs. onwards |El Santa Evita| Julián Álvarez 1479 | Palermo

Live Music at El Viejo Buzón

As part of the BA’s cultural proposal, the city’s Bares Notables offer different live music events throughout each month to appeal to both tourists and porteños alike to step into a time machine to an even younger Buenos Aires, where San Telmo was were everything happened and Palermo was considered the very shady outskirts. Join the Belén Sendot Trio at El Viejo Buzón in reminiscing about simpler times, and enjoy the wonderfully simple yet classic food offering of these bars.

21:00 hrs. | El viejo buzón | Neuquén 1100 | Caballito

MON 02.09

Exigí Buen Café

Considering it’s Monday, and the first working day of the month at that, it seemed only fitting to offer a coffee-related event to help you power through today. Exigí Buen Café (Demand good coffee – a premise I can certainly get behind) will be having its 7th edition at the Four Season today. The event will be divided into two hour time slots and tickets will include access during your selected time slot, coffee tasting, access to talks during your selected time frame, and the chance to see the Barista Competition, Latte Art Competition, and the Spirit & Coffee Tournament. Find out more about the event & book your tickets here.

11:00-21:00 hrs. | Four Seasons Buenos Aires | Posadas 1086 | Retiro

TUE 03.09

A Ciegas Gourmet

A Ciegas has been in Buenos Aires quite some time now, and it’s no wonder why. This out of the ordinary event presents its guests a gourmet dinner that has been thought out to be tasted in absolute darkness, combined with a live performance of music and blind theater that will dazzle your senses. Step out of your comfort zone for this one, you won’t regret it. Veggie & gluten free options available upon request, and there’s a couple of discounts you can take advantage of — check it out here.

20:30 hrs. |A Ciegas Gourmet| Jorge Luis Borges 1974 | Palermo

WED 04.09

La Cena Perfecta

This is the perfect dinner, or so boasts 4ta Pared Gastronomia, so why not give it a chance? In this private, five-course meal, 4ta Pared offers a two hour long event where the evening’s chef will be cooking live for those 12 guests who decide to join his table. Each dish will be delicately paired with a selected Rutini wine, and each cooking step, carefully explained for the enjoyment of all of us food lovers. Space is quite limited, so don’t forget to book!

20:00-22:00 hrs. | 4ta Pared Gastronomia | Habana 3499 | Villa Devoto