Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires. 

Have you ever looked at Friday and had it feel impossibly far away? Well, that’s where I’m at every this week. Yes, I am aware that we haven’t met before (can we really call you reading the flow of my consciousness us “meeting”? Idk, but that’s what we are doing so hurray!). With that in mind, let me introduce myself — the real me: every Monday, I long for the weekend, and every Tuesday to Friday, I complain. What gets me through each day? Knowing I’m working to achieve my wildest dreams… But actually, food, mostly food. Which is why I’m taking over the Movable Feasts column and showing you things you didn’t even know you wanted, but now won’t be able to live without. Am I your new favorite human being or what? Don’t answer that – let’s just dive in: 

THU 22.08


Argentine Cuisine at Piso 9

I think I can safely say that we all enjoy a high class dinner that doesn’t break the bank, and for that, the peeps at CCK have got you covered. The 9th floor of the beautifully restored Correo Central is offering a view of BA’s most chic barrio at relatively low prices (AR $650, or roughly $11 in USD for a four course menu – cries in Argentine pesos), all the while promoting local cuisine by featuring chefs from all around the country. While our initial visit with Kevin had room for improvement, we have high hopes the current chef Matias Tesoriero, from Neuquen, will spruce the joint up. Today and tomorrow are the last two days to give his menu a shot, so hit the link here and book your spot. 

Merienda, 17:00 &  Dinner 19:30, 21:30 | CCK | Sarmiento 151| Microcentro

La Boca’s Food Week at Café Proa

So, full disclosure, La Boca’s Food Week already started on Monday and will last ‘til Sunday – but that doesn’t mean that Thursday isn’t a great moment to attend. Embrace the tourist within and take a stroll down colorful La Boca, and end at Cafe Proa to taste some of Italy’s most iconic food staples reimagined with an Argy twist – including a savory sfogliatella, a very gourmet fugazzeta, or gnocchis with osso buco sauce. Book your spot by calling 4104-1003.

12:00-16:00 | Café Proa | Av. Don Pedro de Mendoza 1901-1999| La Boca

FRI 23.08

wine tasting at la cava vinos

Winetasting at La Cava Wine Store

Join El descube as they take over La Cava Wine Store for a what is very much a fan favorite combo: wine, food, and surprises. With AR$ 500, the tasting will focus on Bodega Vila’s rich wine selection, and to top it off you can even convince yourself that this is not a ridiculous expense but an investment: AR$ 100 out of price of the ticket can be put towards any wine purchase during the event. This is how “saving money” works, right? Book here.

19:00-22:00 hrs. |La Cava Wine Store| Rodriguez Peña 1515 | Retiro

SAT 24.08

La Chocolaterie Premium Chocolate Fair – Day 1

Now THIS is what I’m talking about. For the first time ever, Argentina is presenting a two day premium chocolate fair, hosted in the forever grandiose La Rural, because apparently granting my deepest wishes was what was on the agenda for today. Join porteños and tourists alike as they roam through beautifully put together stalls, smell delicious chocolatey aromas, and consume more sweets than is wise. (Also: join me as I stuff my face with chocolate. Do you know how hard it was to select a picture? Stroll through their Instagram feed if you don’t believe me — I dare you not to buy a ticket after looking straight at this mouthwatering chocolate volcano). Buy your tickets here.

14:00-21:00 hrs. | La Rural | Avenida Sarmiento 2704 | Palermo

Extrawurst Bierfest

My German heritage has given me many things: a passion for structure, an unwavering sense of punctuality, and a never ending love of sausage (keep your puns to yourself, please & thank you). If you were at La Chocolaterie, you’ve clearly already had dessert — why not give dinner a shot? Come for the alarmingly large wurst variety and stay for the leberkäse, special Bavarian bondiola, mouthwatering strudel, and of course, rivers and rivers of beer. If for some unexplained reason you find you can move after that, you can also give authentic German music & dancing a try! For more info explore here.

19:00 hrs. |Extrawurst – Gastschänke| Tres Sargentos 427 | Retiro

Barro y Vino

I know it’s Saturday night, and perhaps a voice in your head tells you that you, “Should be out! Living your best life! Getting drunk!” (thank Goddess I’m not 20 anymore), but why not take this evening as a wonderful opportunity to explore your creative side? Lorena Saul Cerámica has put together an intimate, beautiful event that combines a delicious wine tasting  with a pottery class that will open up an unusual possibility for most: the chance of creating something with their own two hands. Drink Bacchu’s elixir and let those creative juices flow, my dude. Bookings via email and more info can be found here.

19-23 hrs. |Espacio Beauchef| Asamblea and Beauchef| Parque Chacabuco 

Akira’s Japanese Cooking Class

You’ve probably never heard of Akira, and I don’t blame you: in a city with a very wide offering of food & events, it’s impossible to know them all. I personally discovered this wonderful man through a friend who once dragged me into one of his sushi classes, and my life has never been the same. Join Akira in his kitchen and listen to his story, his passion for authentic Japanese food, and the wonderful family he has created in Argentina; and while you’re at it, discover all the tricks and pesky how-to’s of making oden, onigiris, and gyozas. Only a few spots left!

Bookings via email, more info here

12:00 hrs. |Akira’s Japanese Food Class| Address upon request

SUN 25.08

Guiso Rioplatense at la Usina del Arte

I know I already mentioned getting you to La Boca, but how could I not do it again when the impossibly beautiful Usina del Arte is making a traditional guiso rioplatense to celebrate the colorful’s neighborhood 149th birthday? Learn how to prepare this delicacy with chef Johnnie Giebert‘s  live cooking demonstration and acquire the skills to prepare Argentina’s best food for starving off the cold. After the event, join me as I awe at the restored power-plant & wander through the ever-famous multicolored houses. We’ll assure La Boca that they don’t look a day over 148. Tickets here.

15:30 hrs. |Usina del Arte| Agustín R. Caffarena 1 | La Boca

Whiskey Tasting at 878

How about we end the week on a high note? Channel your inner Peaky Blinders persona and join 878 for their whiskey tasting hosted by Macallan Whiskey. The event will include a tasting of several malts and cocktails (plus additional surprises) and will be peppered with tidbits of knowledge that you’ll be able to repeat the next time someone looks at you in disbelief and says, “Oh, you are drinking whiskey?” Get your tickets here.

20:00 hrs. | 878 | Thames 878 |Palermo 

MON 26.08

Kosher Pop-up

Salmon tataki? Pastrami? Pavlova? Beetroot borsch? All this and more awaits you at the fancy, schmanzy Hilton Hotel for this delicious Kosher pop up. Join them for food (or food and wine – don’t forget the wine!) and start broadening your palate of Jewish food beyond potato knishes. Who knows, you may even pick up a recipe or two. Book here.

19:00 hrs. |Hilton Buenos Aires| Av. Macacha Güemes 351 | Puerto Madero

Baby Led Weaning Workshop 

So, this may be a bit outside my usual events, but I love to keep things varied, specially when it involves something that I most definitely support: healthy, nutritious eating. This event is mostly aimed at parents/families, but its teachings can be applied to anyone wishing to improve their nutrition and/or that of their child. Attendees will participate in the workshop led by a certified pediatrician, and because we all need a little push, they’ll also take home a bag of samples and goodies to kickstart their new, healthier path. Make sure you don’t forget those tickets here.

18:30 to 21:30 hrs. |BLW| Aguirre 686 |Villa Crespo 

TUE 27.08

Natural Cooking Classes “Mejor Casero”

Recipes and preparations based on seasonal fruits and veggies come together in simple, easy to make recipes that you’ll be able to repeat alone in your kitchen. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Don’t miss out on the chance to learn how to cook, how to replace processed ingredients for their healthier versions, and natural conservation techniques together in one freshly packaged lesson. *Booking through the website is mandatory and spots are limited!

18:00 hrs. |Mercado de San Nicolás| Avenida Córdoba 1750 | Microcentro

Taco Tuesday

It’s Tuesday. The weekend is approximately three years away, and people at work just don’t seem to shut upYou want, nay, you need, nay, you deserve taco’s. Join 416 Snack Bar for all you can eat Taco Tuesday, and savor anything from a classic taco al pastor, a veggie taco de papa, or the fan favorite mole taco — and many, many more. Do I really need to sell you on Taco Tuesday?

19:00 to 1:00 hrs. |416 Snack Bar| Angel Carranza 1940 | Palermo

WED 28.08

Miércoles de Pinxos

If Mexican food will forever own Tuesday’s, Basque food is claiming ownership over Wednesday’s. Discover the beautiful Amalur Restaurante Vasco and their offering of the best type of foods: foods that come on bread. Did I mention there’s 2×1 deals on gin and tonics and vermouth? And that the menu also includes the forever delicious papas bravas? I’d be lying if I said that come Wednesday you won’t find me waiting for 19:30. 

19:30 to 21:30 hrs. | Centro Vasco Laurat Bak | Belgrano 1144 | Monserrat