Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires. 

Wow, first week of August already over? I was gonna make a joke about the dollar being below 50 pesos but well, I don’t have to tell you how things turned out! But let’s get back on track. It’s time to give our vegan friends some love, specially after the whole Gauchos vs Vegan thing really misrepresented both parts. This week we’ve got all things vegan for you guys and gals (and everyone in-between). So grab a glass of almond milk and lets jump straight to this week’s events:


THU 15.08

Feria Masticar Opening Day

Us foodies have been waiting for this moment for quite some time! Feria Masticar makes its mighty return with a 10 year anniversary edition that is sure to get newcomers hooked on some of our country’s tastiest and innovative dishes. Because this is such an important fair, there are tons of things to do and taste: with both workshops and food from different provinces. Not only that, but there will also be some free samples (wink, wink) so there is really no way you’ll get bored. Get your tickets now by following the link in the event title!

14:00-23:00 hrs. |Feria Masticar| Zapiola & Matienzo | CABA

Exiliada Sushi and Ramen Pop-up

As if there wasn’t enough ramen in your life, Exiliada is coming at you full steam with a tasty pop-up that will surely rock your socks off. Some sushi rolls, makis and niguiris and a welcome cocktail to set the mood for the main course: an intense ramen with shiitake mushroom stock and macerated tofu pieces, fried with panko. But wait, that’s not all, there’s also dorayakis (a red bean pancake) filled with chocolate, aduki beans and seasonal fruits! I’ve already booked my spot. Will you? Follow our link for more info!

21:00-00:00 hrs. |Mill Cafe| Scalabrini Ortíz 801 | Villa Crespo

FRI 16.08

High Altitude Wine Tasting Event

Every time we come across a wine tasting event to caress your taste buds, we often find ourselves thinking that variety is crucial. However, this time we think we’ve outdone ourselves. Why? Well, this time you’ll literally be tasting altos vinos. No, you won’t be tasting wine on top of a mountain; instead you’ll taste wines that are made with grapes harvested at incredibly high latitudes, the kind of Spartan version of grapes. If any of this sounds like a great idea (which it does), then hurry and book those seats!

20:00-21:30 hrs. |Espacio y Vinos| Soler 5046 | Palermo

SAT 17.08

BA Vegan Fair

The vegan movement is slowly but steadily gaining more and more popularity. It should come as no surprise that CABA’s government would organize a vegan fair for everybody who’s interested. The fair will not only have cruelty free foods (that are filled with flavor) but also many other cruelty free products such as cosmetics and hygiene products. Of course all of this is completely free. If you’re tired of hearing about this entire “Gauchos vs Vegans” affair, then go and check this fair out!

10:00-17:00 hrs. |Plaza Alberti| Arcos 2650 | Belgrano

Japanese Entrepreneurs Fair

Last week we brought you a Ramen Event, where the star of the show were those juicy noodles everybody loves. This time, however, we are doubling our efforts to bring you a Japanese event that broadens the scope of dishes you can try! You’ve never tried rice vinegar on food? Are you sure that drenching your sushi piece in soy sauce is a traditional thing to do? Are chopsticks a mystery to you? Whatever your reason, going to this fair is an awesome opportunity for those in love with Japanese culture. Oh, and by the way… IT’S FREE!

12:00-19:00 hrs. |Hanami Eventos| Av Medrano 1230 | Palermo

SUN 18.08

Furia Vegana Fair

The people from Furia Vegana are no strangers here at La La Lista. However, if you haven’t tried vegan food yet, let us tell you this is the place you want to be. Furia Vegana has been a consistent vegan fair that has always offered, not only tasty cruelty-free treats, but also many other things that you would have never imagined could be veganized. We are talking lipsticks, perfumes and even clothes! Change isn’t a crime, give it a try! As always, free entrance! 

12:00-17:30 hrs. |Sigue la Polilla| Castro Barros 874 | Boedo

MASA at Strange Brewing: A Wild and Sassy Pop-Up

I’m gonna start by saying that although we’ve covered MASA tons of times in Moveable Feasts, they always manage to throw a curve ball our way, bringing us the warm comforting feeling of a well-built taco with an adventurous touch. This time, they have teamed up with Strange Brewing to present a tasty and unusual menu: right there in the picture above, you can see a behemoth of a sandwich filled with scrambled eggs, crispy onions, refried beans, goat cheese, and both green AND red salsa. If death by orgasm doesn’t happen after that, a wide array of tacos that include fried fish tacos with some fresh sauces and avocado, bacon tacos with beans and peanuts for texture and even a vegan option: fennel and cauliflower tacos al pastor (orange and chili sauce) with pineapple and pico de gallo. If you’re longing for that old childhood feeling that really made you fall in love with food and that way in which flavors become a balm for these cold days. Just go. Mark my words: you won’t regret it. 

12:00-16:00 hrs. | Strange Brewing|  Delgado 658 | Colegiales

MON 19.08

Vegan Mini Mart Open!

We are in a vegan mood, from what you might have already figured out. The truth is that we made a conscious effort to recommend more vegan-friendly spots for people to give food out of their comfort zone a chance.  The Vegan Mini Mart has revolutionized the concept of Argentinean supermarkets. For a pretty carnivorous country, the idea of an exclusively vegan market may have sounded like sacrilege. Nonetheless, here we are, celebrating another month of The Vegan Mini Mart!

13:00-19:00 hrs. |Club Premier| Campichuelo 472 | Caballito

TUE 20.08

Let’s Go Wine! Wine and Finger Food Tour

We are going from wine tasting to actual wine drinking! The peeps from Let’s Go Wine are preparing an exclusive tour around the Palermo area to explore the wild wine bars you’ve never heard of. Of course, we don’t want you to end your night poisoned by this spicy grape juice, so there will also be finger food to coat your stomach. So hit up the people from Let’s Go Wine and let them know you’ll be dropping by!

16:00-00:00 hrs. |Let’s Go Wine| Bulnes 1940 | Palermo

WED 21.08

Ayurveda Food Workshop

The next round of Ayurvedic Cooking will be landing next Wednesday with a deep exploration of flavors: You’ll learn to prepare an exquisite veggie risotto, some avocado and herb dips, and even some banana and carob ice-cream. Don’t forget that you’ll be provided with a folder filled with recipes and you’ll get to taste and take your creations home. What’s great is that you don’t need any experience, just sign up and you’ll be on your way to a healthier diet!

19:30-21:30 hrs. |Demetra Ali| Angel J Carranza 1645 | Palermo