Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires. 

Winter Holidays have ended and what better way to get over the back to university blues than with some hearty and delicious meals from your friendly foodie La La Listers? This week we’ve got huge variety of options for you to choose from: fairs, workshops, sushi, ramen and even a restaurant specialized in avocado recipes. Need we say more? Let’s get started, drool is falling over my keyboard and I’m all out of napkins.

THURS 08.08

Gran Dabbang + Fu-King Bar Indian Food Pop-Up

The people from Gran Dabbang and Fu-King Bar have joined forces to bring you a spicy AF dinner night. Curries, chutneys and everything in between to get you sweating and smiling. There will be some appetizers that combine the sweetness and fruitiness of South American cuisine with the powerful , intense and layered flavors of the Middle East. If you’re up to challenge your taste buds, then don’t hesitate any longer. Hit them up on their IG and get your reservations for one of their two seatings. You seriously don’t want to miss it. 

20:00 hrs. & 22:30 hrs. |Fu-King Bar| Thames 1402 | Palermo

Closed Doors Sushi Omakase Experience by BURI

For the uninitiated, eating sushi can be kind of a daunting experience. I mean, after all it involves RAW fish! The old tradition of Omakase dinners is one that dates back many many years; it consists of an interactive dining experience, where the sushiman (or woman) prepares sushi pieces in a way that tells a story, freshly made on the spot.  As always, the people from Buri Sushi are a step ahead and they’re offering this very same experience: traditional sushi pieces and other dishes such as Butakimuchi (sautéed pork with kimchi *drools*) and sesame ice-cream to top it all off. If all of this sounds like it might strike your fancy then make your reservations here: We’ll see you there!

21:00 hrs. |Buri Sushi| Fitzroy 2072| Palermo


FRI 09.08

Mercado BioTerra Natural Vegan Fair

Whether you’re vegan or you just want to have fun on a Friday afternoon, Mercado BioTerra has organized a culinary vegan fair that is sure to rock your body. Why? Well… I’m glad you asked hypothetical reader. This time it’s different because not only will you get the chance to try the vast universe of vegan food (yeah, not only lettuce and tomato, duh) but there will also be music, craft beer, metegol, board games and even some stand-up routines! So yeah, it’s not your run of the mill vegan event! Entrance is free so, no excuses! Have fun and get feasting!

21:00-1:00 hrs. |Casa Jache| Aranguren 213 | Caballito

SAT 10.08

Sabores de Japon: Ramen Edition by Hanami

Have you ever tried authentic ramen before? If your answer is yes, then let me tell you that those Maruchan instant noodles don’t count. Hanami Eventos are giving you a chance to redeem yourself. You’ll have a huge variety to choose from, both veggie and non-veggie ramen options aplenty. You can even pair your noodlely goodness with some beer or wine from the house. It is also important to clarify that this is a family event, so the little ones can also get to experience one of the best aspects of Japanese culture, its food! Shoot them a DM to make your reservations!

20:00 (Shift 1) 22:30 (Shift 2)|Espacio Alto Hanami|Medrano 1230 |Palermo


Enviromentally Conscious Cooking Workshop 

It’s undeniable that we live really fast and as a consequence we seldom take a good hard look at what we consume. Naturalquimia Permacultura have organized a series of workshops starting this week that deal with different ways of preparing food while also taking care of the environment and the animals that inhabit it. In the very first class, you’ll be introduced to the basics of nutrition and how to get the nutrients you need from sources that don’t damage the planet. Each workshop will get progressively more complex until you are a true expert on the subject. Follow the link to sign up!

14-18 hrs. | Naturalquimia Permacultura| Nazarre 2984 | Villa del Parque


SUN 11.08

Sunday Roast Dinner by 416 Snack Bar

You’ve read it right, the people from 416 Snack Bar will be hosting a Sunday Roast Dinner. If you’re not too busy deciding the fate of this (godforsaken) country, then you should definitely pay them a visit! This isn’t your typical Sunday roast: there will be tons of options for you to delight your palate.  From what they call “The only legitimate caesar salad in BsAs” to a scrumptious aux poivre steak roast with a pastel de nada and honey semifreddo as dessert. There will also be some inviting side dishes such as garlic parmesan peas and twice baked paprika spiked potatoes & much much more! Sound good, huh? Well, follow our link and let them know you’ll be dropping by.

20:00-23:00 hrs. |416 Snack Bar| Angel J Carranza  1940 | Palermo


MON 12.08

Wine Tasting w/ Jorge Benites by Bonvino

This wouldn’t have been a Moveable Feasts list without a wine tasting event and that’s exactly what we’ve brought for you this time around.  Jorge Benites, owner of Melodia Wines, will be presenting some of his favorite wine varietals with a little help from our dear friends from Bonvino. From red wine to espumantes, you’ll be treated to quite the wine tasting experience! We know that wine tasting can be expensive, so we’ve got you: the price of this wine tasting event is just $150. It’s so good and so cheap it almost sound like a joke, but it isn’t! All you have to do follow the event link, make your reservations and you’re all set!

19:30-22:00 hrs. | Bonvino| Maipu 995 | Retiro


TUE 13.08

The Avocado Company Arrives

Avocado is one of those foods that you can simply eat in a million ways. You can spread it on some crackers or just straight up dig in with a spoon and go crazy. However, The Avocado Company have decided to take our favorite creamy vegetable and experiment with it. Here you’ll find unusual ways of using avocado in a meal, from a risotto with fried avocado (sounds weird, I know but just trust us) to a burger that’s got avocado instead of buns and even pancakes made with avocado. You know what? I’m getting tired of writing the word avocadom so I’ll just say that if you’re a fan or a curious foodie, The Avocado Company’s got your back.

8:00 hrs. | The Avocado Company| Soler 5999 | Palermo

Clandestino: A Meat-lover’s Delight

One thing that’s really goes without saying is the quality of Clandestino when it comes to meat. If you’ve grown tired of hearing everybody yapping about how Argentinean meat is a gift from the gods then this meat-lover’s foodie joint will surely scratch that itch. It’s really remarkable how the owners make one feel at home with a cozy ambience and a menu that surely lives up to the phrase: “more is less”. The dishes are well crafted and you’ll be begging for more as soon as that last little piece of molleja is gone. The fish is as fresh as it can be so disappointments are literally and figuratively off the table. Head down to their place if any of this makes sense to you, cause it sure makes sense to us!

20:00-23:30 hrs. |Clandestino| Fitz Roy 1820| Palermo


WED 14.08

Agroecological Fair at El Galpon 

Once again, Feria Agroecologica is bringing you fruits, vegetables and more, straight from the farm. But that’s not everything! There will also be farm raised chicken, eggs and even baked goods & legumes. Not enough? Well, they have cosmetics products that have no weird substances and salt lamps to give your home that “I’m not a hippie but, hey their aesthetic is nice.” All of this at a moderate price, which is always low if you consider that all of these goods have no pesticides or additives! Free entrance, of course!

9-18:00 hrs. |El Galpón de Chacarita| Av Federico Lacroze 4171| Chacarita