Racist white men are still gunning down the innocent. Presidents worldwide are still major pelotudos. Emilyann is on round 98238 of antibiotics. And there’s still approximately 47 official days left of winter. But…we’ve got a full agenda of music loud enough to drown our sorrows. Don’t miss out on your chance to get out into the world and listen to some folks play some things that make some sounds that produce some joy in these seemingly bleak times. 


Wednesday 07

Lunch Break: Classical Concert

It’s mid-week and your office job is boring. That pay by weight buffet just isn’t cutting it on the daily excitement scale. ESCAPE! At CCK there will be a mid-afternoon concert of killer classical music. We’re talking award winning violinist, Leonardo Jaffé, and the well known pianist Paula Peluso. They’ll be slaying works by Beethoven, Paganini, Dvorák and Ysaÿe and it’s bound to brighten up your Wednesday.

1:00 PM | Free | Centro Cultural Kirchner | Sarmiento 151

Record Club: Cerrati Edition

Still haven’t heard an album through the crazy holophonic speakers? What are you waiting for people? Whether you are a tired and true fan of Gustavo Cerrati or new to the Argentine rock god, this is the edition of listening to an entire album in a pitched black theatre worth going to. And yeah we get it, it’s technically not live. But with those speakers and a slight inhale some of those “special cigarettes,” you’ll surely feel like it is. 

8:00 PM | $200-250 | Auditorio Kraft | Florida 681


Thursday 08

So Long, Sweet Coiffeur 

Our favorite electro-pop groove maker Coiffeur takes on the stage at La Tangente once again. And you heard it here first folks, possibly for the last time ever. EVER. Eh…or not given the event name is: “This is Not Goodbye.” But he is leaving for an indefinite trip far, far away. Don’t miss out on your last opportunity to pop that shoulder to his smooth voice and synth-y sounds one last time. If you do it right, it’ll heal up just in time for him to come back from playing backpacker. 

9:00 PM | $300 | La Tangente | Honduras 5317

Nuevo Under

This ciclo is all about the new kids on the underground block. We’ve got the psychedelic charms of The Primos, who had us swooning with song titles like “Hijo de Satán.” Hail Satan. Joining them are the rock duo Los Gluteos, and the hardcore psychedelic sounds of the equally impressively named GORE. Get out there and support your local bands! (Especially when it’s free!)

10:00 PM | Free | Club V | Av. Corrientes 5008

Necesidad & Urgencia #2

The mellow guitar sounds of Visión Borrosa, mixed with Ex-Colorado’s “raut-rock progressions and delicate folk meanderings,” and the post-punk energy of Dynammo provides the perfect excuse to leave your heater behind and immerse yourself into a variety of genres. And in the times of slim wallets and meager meals we promise the 150 pesos will be well spent jamming out. Now, we just gotta let the boys club know that there’s both a necessity and an urgency to including some females up in this ciclo

9:00 PM | $150| Especial Cultural Bar | Rivadavia 1261

Acoustic Magic at Feliza

The magic of a good acoustic set is that it can be absolutely inspiring watching that shy singer-songwriter finally leave the nest to come out into the wild, wild world. But yeah, sometimes it makes you regret ever going to an event that openly encourages the tone deaf to take the mic. While we cannot promise you this’ll be a night of good music, we can promise you a good time. And who knows maybe you’ll be the first to hear the next Argentine Jewel of our generation, who will saaaaaaaaave your soul.

9:00 PM | Free | Feliza| Av. Córdoba 3271


Friday 09

Karina Vismara, Carola Zelaschi, & Fred + Rose 

Whether you want the goddess-folksy melodies of Karina Vismara, a full orchestral experience, or the fun rockabilly duo of Fred and Rose, we promise you that this show will blow you away. The badass drummer Carola Zelaschi is coming in hot with a mini presentation of one of our favorite albums of the year and speaking as someone who has seen Panal in full force, DON’T BE AN IDIOT AND GET YOURSELF A TICKET. 

11:30 PM | AR $150 | Especial Cultural Bar | Rivadavia 1261


Alto Bondi Vol 2

With an indie rock band who unknowingly stole their name from a Cheesecake-Factory-like Canadian chain restaurant #Cactusclub, charming synth lover’s Hamsters, and the delectable 70’s progressive blues style of conurbano’s Valle Inquietante this’ll be a hell of a good time. While Boedo seems far for your Friday night self the live readings, fair, and overall community vibes are sure to be worth the while. 

21:30 PM | $100 | Páramo Cultural | Carlos Calvo 3974 


Saturday 10

Las Edades Take Over Casa Sofia

The experimental, dark love songs that made up one our staff pick albums of 2018 will fill the walls of our favorite Fitz Roy cultural space. Las Edades take the stage at Casa Sofia as Sesiones Colmena continue to slay. As always with this ciclo there will be a live interview along with the tunes. This time Nicolás Zakarian from Secuencia Espacial will be getting the lowdown on what’s happening with the band. 

9:00 PM | $150-200 | Casa Sofía | Fitz Roy 1327

Gypsy Jazz

Channel your hidden Django Reinhardt and brush off those dancing shoes.  Club Caliente Jazz, the old timey Parisian quartet will be playing all our favorite tunes from the 30s. From jazz to swing, you’ll travel back in time to boogie down like they did in the pre WW2 times. Tonight is the night to get swinging. Take whatever liberties you want with that phrasing. 

9:00 pm | $120 | La Casa del Árbol | Av. Córdoba 5219