Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires. 

It’s the start of August, one of my favorite months and it’s not just because it’s my birthday month, ahem ahem. Some springlike days have granted us the chance to feel that warm weather once again. Warm weather always gets my guts rumbling… so let us haste towards this week’s moveable feasts, where high end food and accessibility have a wonderful marriage. One that surprisingly doesn’t end in divorce or have polyamorous adventures. 

THURS 01.08

Authentic Porteño Dinner and Show

We are kicking off this week’s feasts with a night out that screams Argentina! Not only will you have a chance to get to know the mythical Bar Los Laureles, where traditional Argentinean dishes abound, you’ll also have the opportunity to actively participate in activities such as a masterful tango class for veterans AND newcomers. After, grab a glass of wine with some juicy empanadas and lose yourself in the notes of the classic milonga music genre– a chance that surely, can’t be missed! The price is $150 so there is no excuse! More info:  tel. 4303-3393 / 15 5109 2932

22:00-02:00 hrs. |Bar Los Laureles| Av. Iriarte 2290 | Barracas


Free Wine Tasting For Fundación Si

After seeing that last week’s agenda was filled to the brim with wine tasting events, we figured we might as well offer another. This one teaches you the basics of wine tasting while also helping the charity group Fundación SI. You’ll get to taste some of the classic wine varietals and learn how to identify them. Yeah, I know you might be thinking this might cost a fortune…well, actually, no! This is absolutely FREE! Yeah, I’m behind the keyboard, but I can see that glow in your eyes. The only condition is for you to follow Amigos y Copas, donate a toy of any kind (Dia del Niño is around the corner), tag some friends on IG about the event and shoot them a Whatsapp here: +5491133379174 with your full name and the day you’ll be attending. Dude, it’s free wine; it doesn’t get any better than this!

22:00-02:00 hrs. |Bar Los Laureles| Av. Iriarte 2290 | Barracas


FRI 02.08

Last Meal and Farewell to La Cava de Vittorio

Goodbyes can be pretty tough; it’s undeniable. However, sometimes goodbyes come bring forth wonderful and life-changing opportunities. This is the case with our dear Cava de Vittorio: they are closing their doors and moving somewhere new around Buenos Aires! As a result, celebrations will be held with over 10 wines available and a 3-course meal that includes a wholesome creamy veggie soup, the good old bife de chorizo and a delicate and tasty dessert that is a real delight. My mouth is watering just writing about it, so head down to La Cava one last time! The price of everything (wine included) is $700 and you can make your reservations here: or by phone here: (11) 4824.0647. Remember that there’s a 20% discount  on wines you take home, so this is your chance!

20:00-23:00 hrs. |La Cava de Vittorio| Arenales 2321 | Recoleta


SAT 03.08

Wild Brunch By MASA + Yedra

Our friends from MASA and Yedra are teaming up this time! They are going for a risky, yet tempting menu involving fried fish tacos, waffles and a special something something called nopal kimchi: a fermented condiment made out of an edible cactus variety that will make your taste buds skyrocket off this planet! If, like me, you’re aching to try all of these delightful tacos and more, head down to Yedra, where MASA will also be offering some dessert options. Beware though, there will be no reservations, so it’s best if you arrive a few minutes before to save your spot. MASA brings all the boys AND girls to the yard.

12:00-16:00 hrs. |Yedra| Cap. Gral. Ramón Freire 896 | Colegiales


Free 3 Course Cooking Class

Here at La La Lista, we are in favor of wholesome and homemade food and what better way of getting that than with a completely free workshop? That’s right, the peeps from CouCou Art are holding a cooking workshop where you will learn how to prepare and taste three different dishes. Even better, you don’t even have to bring any of your own ingredients, everything will be provided by them. However, it would be nice if you drop some pesitos in the gorra.

15:00-18:00 hrs. |Teatro Luisa Vehil| Av. Hipolito Yrigoyen 3100| Balvanera


SUN 04.08

Cupcakes Expo

Time to get your sweet tooth on! Expo Cupcakes is right around the corner and from what it seems, it’s bigger and better than ever. The aim of this expo is for you to learn everything about the baking world, from edible flowers to double barrel cakes with heavenly frosting. Of course the entire event isn’t just filled with workshops, there will also be many finished products for you to take home or feast on right there on the spot.  You may even find some people from local TV cooking shows teaching you their best kept secrets. The entrance fee is just $200, so get your detox juice ready for the day after and get feasting!

13:00-20:00 hrs. |Palais Rouge| Jeronimo Salguero 1443| Palermo


Cookie Baking Definitive Workshop

Have you noticed the trend? Yeah, we are in the mood for some sweet, sweet treats! Literally bite sized joy awaits in this intensive cookie workshop. Every possible aspect of cookie making will be covered: proper cookie baking techniques, conservation tips, glaze decoration methods and even how to get those hyper realistic effects on your cookies. This is an INTENSIVE workshop, so you’ll be having a light lunch and a coffee break between cookie batches. So yeah, remember that detox juice joke? Well, it doesn’t sound like a joke anymore, does it?  

16:00-23:00 hrs. |Cookie Bouquets| Mario Bravo 1153| Palermo


MON 05.08

Boutique Wine Tasting and Pairings

Hot take: every Monday should be paired with a hefty glass of fine wine. You may not think like me and I don’t blame you. Monday drunk texting is just as bad as Saturday drunk texting. But for real now, Bonvino has prepared a very special wine tasting event where the whole deal is that you don’t have to pay a load of money to taste some good quality wine. Malbec will be the star of the night and the owner of the place will be in charge of presenting every wine. As if that was not enough, a gourmet chef will be getting some pairings ready for each and every glass of wine so that your senses are taken on a cruise ship far away from the cold and chilly season.  Tickets range from $100 to $450 so make your reservations as soon as possible on the FB event!

19:30-23:30 hrs. |Bonvino| Maipu 995| Retiro


TUES 06.08

Vegetarian Transition Meal Workshop

Have you been meaning to transition into vegetarianism or veganism but you’re not sure about how to meal prep? Well, this workshop seems like a gift from heaven, veggie heaven, that is. Naturist chef Karina Mariani will be walking you through an extensive workshop that consists of 5 meetings every Tuesday of August and September.  The deal is that you can actually get cooking without the need of meat or refined industrial products, leading you along the path of a healthier and more environmentally conscious lifestyle. All main meals of the day will be covered and you’ll be glad you decided to go down the road of veggies. Besides where else will you get that detox juice recipe?  Contact: a or whatsapp: 112376 4898

18:00-21:00 hrs. |IATENA| Av. Santa Fe 1769| Recoleta

Intensive Sushi Workshop

The definitive sushi learning experience has arrived. Our good old friends from Buri Sushi come at us with a complete definitive guide to sushi in all its shapes and sizes. The first class will go over the basics, such as how to properly cook rice or how to handle every element that goes into sushi making. So rest assured, you won’t leave these classes without a wide knowledge of Makis, Urumakis, Nigiris, Temakis and everything in between. Oh and by the way, did we mention that materials and an email list of trustworthy providers will be included? This just gets better and better and as always Buri never disappoints.

19 hrs. |Buri Sushi| Fitzroy 2072| Palermo


WED 07.08

Introduction to Tea and Tea varieties

Not everything in Moveable Feasts is booze and refined sugars! That’s the reason why we’ve decided to surprise you with a course that will introduce you to the wonderful world of tea. You’ll learn the theory behind this classic beverage thanks to expert Helena Deniszczuk. There will also be a hands-on practice section where tea strand selection is the name of the game. A certificate and study material will be provided for all attendants (there are few spots so don’t sleep on it!). Who knows, perhaps next time some hipster starts yapping about how coffee is the top beverage you’ll actually have some facts to lay down. Make your reservation on the FB event!

18-20:30 hrs. |Skal Club| Tucuman 731| Microcentro