July is almost over and, even though most of us are tired of staring into the void of our wallets, hoping that magically some Evitas will pop up like manna from heaven, we’ll always have live music to elevate our spirits. 

Here’s our live music agenda for this week:

Wednesday 31

Fernández Fierro en el CAFF

Tango revolutionaries Fernández Fierro will be bringing their particular blend of rock and tango to the stage of Club Atlético Fernandez Fierro every Wednesday of August. If you’re a tango purist and think Piazzolla was jazzy garbage, please stay at home chain smoking with your Spica and a bottle of Vasco Viejo. This is definitely not for you. On the contrary, if you have an open mind and don’t mind a little distortion thrown into the mix, this 2×4 smorgasbord will be right up your alley. 

10 PM | AR $100 | Club Atlético Fernández Fierro | Sánchez de Bustamante 772

Holando + Nico Friele

Holando (the project of musician/journalist Santiago Marini) and Nicolás Friele will be performing live at La Casa del Árbol this Wednesday. To be completely honest with y’all, we don’t know much about these projects but if you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands and want to discover new artists, La Casa del Árbol is the perfect place to do so. It’s cosy, welcoming, and there’s always something interesting going on. 

9 PM | AR $100 | La Casa del Árbol | Av. Córdoba 5217

Thursday 1

NUEVA Fecha! Lucy Patané presenta su disco debut en Capital

What can we say about Lucy Patané that hasn’t been said already? After a sold-out show presenting her exquisite first LP, the incredibly dexterous guitarist, songwriter, and producer is back for a triumphant encore. She’ll be joined by Carola Zelaschi on drums, Mene Savasta on synthesizers, and Melina Xilas on saxophone. If you were colgado enough to miss the first show, hurry up and get your tickets for this one. You won’t regret it. 

9 PM | AR $300 | Centro Cultural Richards | Honduras 5272

Friday 2

Lxs Familia – Gratis en Camping

Enjoy perreo but feel weird going to a club because you’re over thirty and something tells you you’re too old for that whole thing? We get you, boo. That’s why we have the perfect plan for you: vibrant r&b/hip-hop trio Lxs Familia are playing a free live show at Camping, our favorite outdoors-y venue in town, in a twerking-friendly event for the whole family. Get your dèrriere down to Plaza Francia and enjoy a chill evening with the right amount of skere

9 PM | FREE | Camping | Av. Pueyrredon 2501

Lev, Chipi & Jaz Pimentel

What better to kick off your weekend than a trio of talented singer-songwriters? Virginia Lev, Chipi (the project of musician Ivanna Rud), and Jaz Pimentel will be playing some songs at La Casa del Árbol, bringing some much-needed warmth and folksy vibes to another cold winter night in Buenos Aires. 

9:30 PM | AR $150 | La Casa del Árbol | Av. Córdoba 5217


Noiseground Festival is back for its eighth edition, this time with more metal than you thought you could handle. 18 bands. 3 days. Power chords. Pentagrams. Does that sound like your kind of thing? If so, get yourself to Uniclub to catch local metal legends such as Bandera de Niebla, Avernal, Dragonauta, and many more. 

6 PM | AR $335 | Uniclub | Guardia Vieja 3360

Saturday 3

SÁB 3.8 | Paula Maffía & Sons en Humboldt

Seasoned singer-songwriter Paula Maffia (pronounced MA-FEE-AH) joins forces with axe woman extraordinaire Lucy Patané and multi-instrumentalist Nahuel Briones to bring the house down in a show for the ages. If you want to catch some of the most talented musicians in the scene at the peak of their powers, this is your best shot. 

10 PM | AR $300 | Niceto Club | Humboldt 1358