Growing up there was a strict rule in my household that before we were allowed to wake our parents up we had to have a pot of coffee already brewed. Call it a brilliant parenting strategy or slightly concerning, either way coffee holds a very important place in my life. In whatever city I find myself in I seek out cafés to serve as my home base. Whether I need get down to business, catch up with a friend, or hole up with a book to escape the rain, a cup of coffee and a pastry always does the trick. My criteria is simple: coffee, pastries, seating, Wi-Fi, and plugs to charge my computer. Here’s a short list of a few of my favorite coffee places that I reccomend you check out while we wait out this cold, cold winter.


Marte Café

My most recent discovery around town, El Martes, has stolen my heart. From the blueberry, green tea muffin I had (FLAVOR SELECTION PEOPLE), to the gender neutral bathrooms, to the shelf of tapes and tape player on the wall–– this place just knows what’s up. The coffee is banging and there’s no pretentiousness to the vibe. Meet a few friends here or camp out for the day in front of their selection of books and I assure you that’ll you be back again. Plus the Wi-Fi is beautifully consistent, which isn’t always the case at every coffee shop in this city. 

M-F 9-20:00 Sat 10-20:30 hrs. | Marte Café | Av. Dorrego 1470 | Chacarita


La Noire Café

Do I speak French? No. Do I find the language as alluring as a croissant with my coffee? That’s a strong yes. Do I sometimes go to this café just to try and listen to the owners chatting with their friends in French? 100%, but that’s not the only reason. La Noire has a killer atmosphere with a variety of seating––from communal tables, to small tables, to comfy couches, they’ve got whatever you need depending on what your action plan for the day is. It also has easy access to plugs which, if your as colgada with charging things as I am, you know is important. With a rotating selection of photography on the walls, a very homey feel, and a stacked snacking menu this little Palermo/Villa Crespo hideaway is the perfect spot to post up for an afternoon. 

20:00-21:30 hrs. | La Noire Café | Bonpland 1173 | Villa Crespo



If your looking for a café that is just downright aesthetically pleasing, this’ll be your stop. The design is sleek, the staff is appropriately hipster-bearded, and they’ve got a surprisingly great collection of records spinning for that Sunday morning writing grind. While there are two of these in Palermo, I can only speak for the newly opened location on the Hollywood side, which I’ve been frequenting as of late. Though slightly pricier than others on the list, there are both vegan and gluten-free baked goods to choose from, and a guaranteed selection of chicly dressed clientele to people watch.

8:00-20:00 hrs. | Cuervo | Costa Rica 5801 or El Salvador 4580 | Palermo


Vive Café

I once lived with an Italian girl who taught me that I wasn’t allowed to skimp on two things: olive oil and coffee beans. Of all the cafes in the city, this is where you should be buying your coffee. The beans are far more reasonably priced than other places and are kindly grinded to your specific brewing needs (holla at my moka). Their coffee is directly sourced from the owner’s homelands of Colombia so whether you’re brewing at home or drinking it there, you can’t go wrong with the flavor. Owned by the absolutely sweetest couple, this café is one of my comfort spots in this hectic city. With a variation of tables and cushy seats, the friendliest staff, and crazy good muffins, you’ll feel right at home.

M-F 8:00-20 hrs. Sat-Sun 10:30-20 hrs. |Vive Café |Costa Rica 5722 | Palermo



This gem of a place is an all around game changer. In the heart of Abasto it’s really more of a restaurant than a cafe, but we’ve included it on the list because it still has fantastic coffee and a space that sucks you into staying well past the lunch service. It’s one of those perfect coffee shop transitions where you can sip on a fancy Italian coffee during the day and end up with a bottle of wine and a plate of burrata by night. Order the food, order the lunch special, just go and order something and I promise you that you’ll fall in love. From a comfy couch surrounded by books, to the eclectic art on the walls, to the goddess Italian owner who talks to you like you’ve been a regular for years, I CAN’T SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT MUSETTA. 

Tues-Sat 12-2:00 hrs. Sun 6-2:00 hrs. | Musetta | Billinghurst 894 | Abasto