Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which our food writer Tamx Rivas gives us the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires. 

After a few months of making you happy with the best food events, I’m leaving Moveable Feasts. I’m traveling abroad, looking for greener pastures and hoping to eat as much as I can from everywhere possible. I’ll stay on the LLL team, so stay tuned to see what this grumpy viejo lesbiano has got for you. Also, because you deserve the best, I gathered just about any type of food you could possibly wish for and added it to the list: Portuguese, Iberian, aphrodisiacs, Italian, French, Japanese, vegan, Indian, Mexican and street food. It’s been a pleasure, y’all, I hope I made your inner gordxs happy! *sobs* Sorry (not sorry) to be such a drama king about everything.

THURS 11/7

Portuguese Cuisine

I bet you have never tried Portuguese dishes. Indira Viajes y Turismo is hosting another edition of their food event Cocina del Mundo, this time, it’s Portugal’s turn! Be delighted by their special menu, featuring Bodega Familia Zuccardi (wine and olive oil producers). The cost is $600 per person. Save your place by contacting 11-4501-3090

20:30 – 23:30 hrs. | Indira Viajes y Turismo | Nueva York 4074 | Villa Devoto

Sprouting and Fermentation Workshop

Have you ever sprouted seeds? Did you know it’s a method to improve their nutritional value? Yes! You can eat sprouts, and not just soy beans! In this workshop you’ll learn all about activating seeds, sprouting and fermentation. They’ll teach you to make your own homemade sprouter so you can DIY. Kéfir, Kombucha and chucrut are on the study program too! The cost of the workshop is $1000. You can get more info and save your place by emailing

18:30 – 21:30 hrs. | Orgánica y Natural | Belgrano

Iberian Night

Are you a fan of tapas? How about Spanish food in general? GAL is preparing a special night all about Iberian cuisine. Potato and chorizo tortilla, fish, mussels marinara (see picture), squid, chicken and spinach fritters, etc. You seriously can’t miss it. The ticket is $1200 and GAL is a closed-doors restaurant, so I encourage you with all my foodie power to make reservations ahead! Just like Shia Labeouf used to say “Just do It!” by calling 11-2861-2250

20:30 – 0:30 hrs. | GAL | Conde 3121 | Coghlan

FRI 12/07

Festín: Aphrodisiac Food

Oh, my! Bet you weren’t expecting this kind of picture, this time of day. If you’re in the mood for food and also Netflix and chill, stay home. If you’re ready to get yourself to Ituzaingó to experience a Friday night you’ll never forget (it’ll make your senses tingle), make your reservation before they run out of seats (do it now!). Today we have the honor of having both LIMA (vegan closed-door dinners) and Muluk (photographer) in Argentina. They come all the way from Chile to indulge us into their amazing work! They have gathered forces to prepare an erotic event. Throughout the event, Muluk will show a screening of their work, usually focused on dissident bodies and LGBTIQ+ identities (shorts and photos). At the same time, LIMA will delight us with a series of vegan dishes, all served on one of Muluk’s models. What are we eating, you ask, oh, just the most amazing aphrodisiac food: Sushi, ceviche, mole, patacones and much more! There’ll also be artistic performances and surprises! The cost is $450 per person and you should save your place as soon as you read this because, believe me, this is an unique opportunity and they have limited seating. Just e-mail NOW. 

21:00 – 01:00  hrs. | Casa Frida | Domingo Olivera 1587 | Ituzaingó

Cucina Italiana: Tiramisu

Argentina is full of Italian immigrants, to the point that I, a jewish queer, got to know their dishes better than my family’s. When I was 8 years old, an Italian nonna taught how to make a Tiramisu trucho (this is, without actual mascarpone). Well, if you’re not a chamuyerx like me and you want to learn the real deal, Passione Tricolore (Italian association) is teaching a class on how to make an authentic and rich Tiramisu (vanillas and mascarpone dessert). The cost of the workshop is $500 and you can save your place by filling out this form: Cucina Italiana

17:00 – 19:00  hrs. | Passione Tricolore  | Bolívar 580 | San Telmo

SAT 13/7

Le Marché

Did you know it’s the French Revolution’s 230 Anniversary? No? Should’ve paid more attention in History class instead of feeding your Tamagotchi repeatedly. Yes, you killed it! Everyone remembers…*sinister music playing*…a-hem. As always, we gorditxs come up with the greatest excuses just to munch down on gourmet sh*t. Apparently,  Le Marché is right there with us. Get ready for this list because you won’t be able to contain your boner—your excitement! Hot wholesome stews like coq au vin, bœuf bourguignon, soupe à l’oignon. Dreamy pastries to die for: macarons, éclairs, pain au chocolat, croissants, etc. My favorite part of it all: cheese! Fondue, Raclette, Brie, etc. Are you still not convinced? What are you, some kind of food-hating-Tamagotchi-murderer? Come on, it’s free! 

11:00 – 18:00 | Le Marché | (Plaza Francia) Av. del Libertador Y Doctor Luis Agote | Recoleta

Close up Grilled eel in bowl

Japanese Entrepreneurs’ Fair

*  cue sad music * Before I came to BA, the only actual Japanese food I could come close to was a dry pack of Ramen. Brought all the way from BA, the noodles would usually break down before you could even open the package *sobs* . Luckily, those days are gone now! Nowadays, BA is filled with Japanese entrepreneurs who are happy to share their culture and their wholesome food! Japon made in Argentina is a new food fair, taking place this weekend, hosted by Comunidad Japonesa en Argentina. Go support your local ponjas!

12:00 – 19:00 hrs. | Hanami | Av. Medrano 1230 | Palermo

Italian Vegan Show Cooking

If you have (or you’re) that kind of friend who’s on a vegan-gluten-free-healthy diet, this is the event for you! Demetra Ali, nutritionist and chef, is at it again! This time in Il Ballo del Mattone (I always thought this place’s name sounds like the Italian Mafia runs it)…nevermind. There’s limited seating and dinner is by reservation only, save your place by calling 11-4776-4247. Let go of that sahumerio and palo santo and get munching, you dirty (or is it clean?) Palermo hipster!

21:30 hrs. | Il Ballo del Mattone | Gorriti 5936 | Palermo

SUN 14/7

The Vegan Market

Aaaaah…Sunday’s made its way onto us once again. Ya’ hear that? It’s that inevitable feeling of dread, the existential thoughts that usually appear on a day like today. I’m not saying fill up with food so you don’t think about it anymore but…wow, it’s getting dark, chicxs. You vegans *points drunkenly at random people*, The Vegan Market is back in town! Sweet, savory and animal cruelty free! You know the drill, it’s in La Casa del Arbol, as usual. Ticket is free bb, you know it.

12:00 – 17:00 hrs. | The Vegan Market | Av. Córdoba 5217 | Palermo

BA Celebrates India

If you were looking for a good excuse to finally get out of bed and for some inexplicable reason you weren’t convinced with the last two events, get this. Indian food is one of the most amazing and flavorful spicy goodness I have encountered in my life. Prepare your stomach (and take some toilet paper just in case) to submerge into the spicy world of Indian goods. Buenos Aires Celebra is honoring India this time, with over fifty stands: Indian Tea, clothes, yoga classes, ayurvedic food, vegetarian, vegan, drinks, etc. Ticket is free, so clean up that pretty, but dreadful hangover face and get eating!

12:00 – 18:00 hrs. | Buenos Aires Celebra | Av. de Mayo y Bolívar | Microcentro

MON 15/7

MASA’s Last Night in Banquito Rojo

Look, I can’t emphasize this enough: YOU NEED TO TRY MASA’S FOOD. I’ve been warning you all of this time. This Monday it’s their last night at Banquito Rojo. The place is closing up. But MASA isn’t! Still, you should go tonight and honor them; make songs about them, tell the people! You’ve never tried anything like this before, this isn’t just traditional Mexican food, this is made by an amazing team who knows what food is all about. It’s always just the right amount of spicy. It’s also one of my idols’ food. I admire him so profoundly and wish someday I can make food as good as his. Guys, take this chance to give him a wonderful night for all the effort he makes everyday to bring us the best of the Mexican culinary scene in BA. Yes I said it. See you there!

19:00 – 23:30 hrs. | Banquito Rojo | Bolívar 914 | San Telmo

My Vegan Menu

Are you vegan? How hard is it for you to get a vegan meal everyday? We know there aren’t many options around even these days in this city. This is why the people at Mi Menu Vegano Argentina are building a draft law to make every food establishment in BA have at least one vegan option in their menu. There’ll be vegan catering throughout the event, this is a way of supporting vegans all around the city! E-mail for more info.

18:00 – 20:00 hrs. | Mi Menu Vegano Argentina | Rivadavia 1180 | Monserrat

TUES 16/7

Craft Beer and Street Food Tour

Wow, I was just talking vegan food and now, oh well. You, immigrant, turist or just regular guy who wants to eat out (who doesn’t, right). Get ready for a foodie adventure, where you’ll scout the weird neighbourhood of Palermo, looking for craft beer and street food. There’s isn’t much more to explain, if you want tickets get them in Craft Beer and Street Food. Just avoid the Mason jar empanadas and you’ll be okay.

19:00 – 22:00  hrs. | EATING BA Tours | Plaza Serrano (Thames 1832) | Palermo

WED 17/7

By Festín

This is the first time two events in my list have the same name. I find this peculiar, as is this next event. Have you ever watched a film and wanted to eat what you saw in the movie? FESTIN is totally up there with you and they’re hosting a Marie Antoinette screening alongside a French cuisine menu to die for. You can get your tickets at Festín Edición Francia.

19:00 – 22:30  hrs. | FESTIN | Don Anselmo Aieta 1069 | San Telmo