I’ve had a lot of painful vegan experiences in this city. Sad tofu blocks, overcooked vegetables, and worst of all vegan “desserts” that are an amalgamation of fruit, nuts, and stevia (oh helllll nah). Whether you’re vegan, or simply want a treat that’s not smothered in dulce de leche, below are a few of my favorite Palermo Hollywood vegan sweets. 

Serendipity: Banana Bread

My experiences with banana bread in this country have generally been dry, flavorless, and “oh my gosh why did I just spend 100 pesos on that?” But recently I popped into Serendipity Coffee and Wine Bar and my outlook changed. From a distance it could be mistaken for any old budin, but when you bite into it, it’s magically moist, fluffy, with just a hint of vanilla. The top is drizzled with a sweet sugar glaze that will make you swoon. If you’re in a rush or simply don’t want to interact with the human race, order at their take-away window. 

Bonpland 1968 | Mon-Fri 8:30-20 & Sun 11-20 | Palermo Hollywood

Von Berry: Chocolate Fudge Cookies

A magical employee on the morning staff at Von Berry is responsible for the giant homemade chocolate fudge cookies that are piled high in a glass jar atop the pastry shelf. They are chewy and you can actually taste the cacao. My favorite part of this cookie experience is the rectangular fudge chunk placed perfectly on top.

Fitz Roy 2192 | Mon-Sun 9-20:30 | Palermo Hollywood

French Cookie: Oatmeal Apricot 

If you’re one of those slightly disturbed people who isn’t into chocolate, French Cookie has got you covered. Sweet whole grain oats form the weirdly oily but delicious oatmeal apricot cookie. The gooey apricot preserves are added when you order, so be nice. I personally find fruit in my sweets offensive, but the quality of ingredients, presentation, and taste almost made me rethink my stance. 

Honduras 5760 | Tuesday-Thursday 8:30-20:00 & Weekends 10-20:00

Veganius: Facturas

Can’t contemplate going vegan because life without medialunas y facturas isn’t really life at all? You’re in luck because I’ve saved the best for last. Veganius is the all vegan market and takeaway store, that up until recently, was filed away in my brain as the hella overpriced place no one actually needs in their barrio. But over the past six months they’ve grown in popularity and they’ve stepped up their game big time. Every day of the week you will find amazingly flaky sweet y salado facturas that will have you wanting more. I still haven’t figured out how they recreate that perfect  buttery consistency but they’ve nailed an Argentine comfort food classic. They make the dough in house from scratch. On Saturdays they usually sell out within the first two hours, so make sure to show up on time to satisfy your weekend merienda needs. 

Bonpland 2444 | Mon-Fri 11-19 & Sat 10-14 |Palermo Hollywood