Hello from the Wonderful World of Bronchitis! This week I’ll be coughing up phlegm at all the coolest underground shows in town! Doesn’t that sound appealing? Just kidding, I’ll be enjoying the live music from my bed, vicariously, through you, my loyal readers! I’m counting on you. Don’t let me down. Oh wait, shit, I forgot, I’m a musician, I can’t stay in bed, I have to go cough onstage. Change of plan – come see me and other totally sick (but I mean literally sick though) artists coughing onstage this week! Here’s our lineup: 


Silvva, El Gran Búfalo Blanco, and Yuli y Tonga at Casa Colombo

This Thursday at Casa Colombo, come out for an early evening to catch the Horvilleuresco pop of Silvva, the delicate and warm synth-pop of El Gran Búfalo Blanco (who released a new music video three days ago! It’s there, right up there), and the non-diatonic folk-pop of Yuli y Tonga. Come out and let them break your Thursday night right on open. 

  7:30pm | FREE | Casa Colombo | Gallo 557


Dinomatria: Ohdiosa / Expediciones Científicas / Placard

It hath been thus decided that the dino ritual shall be repeated. And on this occasion the form it shall taketh is that of: DINOMATRIA. Don’t be a fossil – come out for a night of prehistoric fun with live performances from ohdiosa, a band whose unusual tunings and unexpected rhythmic shifts will captivate you; Placard, whose unbridled buena onda will echo to all corners of your heart; and Expediciones Científicas, whose groovy synth-pop might just be hot enough to get you to take off your coat. 

9:00pm | $150 advance, $200 door | Roseti | Roseti 722

Deportivo Alemán / Lxs Suplentes / Elriomusical en Panda Rojo

There’s another free show this Friday at Panda Rojo Espacio Cultural, with live performances by kraut-punk rockers Deportivo Alemán, lo-fi indie uwu pop group Lxs Suplentes, and the band that is also a flowing body of water, Elriomusical. As always at Panda, there will be empanadas, french fries, and vegan snacks to munch on, and art expos to enjoy between the music sets. You can also stick around till after the show to dance to the tunage of DJ Justixiero. 

10:00pm | FREE | Panda Rojo Espacio Cultural | Sarmiento 3096

Emily And, Yuli y Tonga, Axel Xavier, and Pepe Zulú at Clásico Fernandez

I curated this one myself! I’ll be playing (and coughing a lot) this Friday at Clásico Fernandez, along with some of my favorite songwriters and friends. Yuli y Tonga, you already know: the folk-pop duo derivative of psychedelic indie band Niños Envueltos, whose debut album was featured on one of our Monthly Music Roundups. You’ve definitely never heard of Pepe Zulú, but you probably will recognize him and his songwriting from his band Playa Sintética. It’s an honor to be able to invite him to his very first gig as a solo artist; don’t miss this rare chance to catch him out of his comfort zone. Axel Xavier is a teenage Conurbano prodigy on the come-up: when they’re not singing their heart out on public transportation, flexing on trap bangers with the Paraná Music record label, playing guitar in the math rock band ¡Shorts!, or organizing techno dance parties, they’re writing hypnotizing original songs that speak directly to the hearts of all the kids in the villa who dream of someday making it big. Please come. 

9:00pm | FREE | Clásico Fernández | Piedras 1020

Subeibaja Eléctrico Presents: Sabor a Menta

Come enjoy the laid-back vibes of chill-hoppers Subeibaja Eléctrico as they bring their blend of hip-hop and neo-soul to the La Tangente stage. They’re showcasing their new EP Sabor a Menta, and their show will feature surprise guests.  

9:00pm | $300 | La Tangente | Honduras 5317


Lxs Tremendxs, Tototomás, Acción performática a cargo de Colectivo Público, and Avepez at Roseti

Monqui Albino records and Pocos Pero Malos have put together a fechón on Saturday night. The Marplatense folk-pop duo Avepez will be playing, along with Lxs Tremendxs, a band formed by Ivo Ferrer, Daiana Leonelli, Pitucardi, Gaby Colman and Juan Ormaechea, and their fifth member, Ceci Fernandez, who is in charge of making the stage and the band look totally, well, tremendxs. They’ll be joined by their friends from La Plata, Tototomás, and the phenomenon known as Acción performática a cargo de Colectivo Público (performative action at the charge of the public collective) which, well, you have to experience firsthand. There will home cooked food, beer on tap, cocktails, and a patio – come cough with friends!

9:00pm | suggested donation $200 | Roseti | Roseti 722

Ciclo Infinito, Especial Cupo Femenino: Penny Peligro, Lea Franov, Jesica Anabel

In times of darkness such as the ones we’re living, there’s only one struggle that illuminates and charms us to no end; it’s the struggle of women for an egalitarian and radically different society. Exhibit A: the struggle of thousands of women for something so simple as to be considered to play at festivals. That’s why, from this humble space in which we always make an effort to have mixed lineups, we want to celebrate it with a special all-women edition. Come out to see Penny Peligro (and me accompanying her with coughs!), Lea Franov, and Jesica Anabel. Remember, at Ciclo Infinito, your $150 entrance fee always goes directly to the artists, so you can feel good about forking it over. 

10:00pm | $150 | Espacio Salvo | Luis Viale 89


Varieté Orbitarte at Panda Rojo

From the furthest corners of the solar system, artists are arriving, ready to take you on an unforgettable journey of emotions. Celtic music, theatre, tenebrous tunes, bizarre rapper humor, clowns, rock, photography, visual art – you name it, you got it, at Varieté Orbitarte, this Sunday at Panda Rojo. Clara Brisa will sweeten our earholes with her life expressed through song. Irish and Scottish musicians, Frith, will bring us peace by transporting us to far away lands. Kino, AKA Dr. Macabre, AKA Fernando Hadad will perform as a soloist, showing his darkest facet playing ragtime and dreamscape music. Kimonos, a power trio full of raw energy and catchy melodies a la pure power funk grunge. Los Madatti, Gaspar Harte and Matias Flores’ new theatre act, will offer a little fractal illustration of Saturnian links. Generations pass and the pattern continues. Can we ever get out of the loop? And last but not least, IopZapRapHero in Colors “El muchacho del Rap” will perform as a clown. Yep. You don’t wanna miss this one, folks. 

7:30pm | FREE | Panda Rojo Espacio Cultural | Sarmiento 3096