Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which our food writer Tamx Rivas gives us the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires.

Get this, the month is almost ending. A big trip is coming up for me, one that will take me to another continent, another country, another city with other people. I’ll officially be an immigrant starting in August. I’m currently going through a lot, emotionally speaking…a-hem. Do you know what I need? FOOD, SO MUCH FOOD. You feel me? I made sure this week we’d get to eat just about everything: Venezuelan food, burgers, beef, pastries, Mexican food, German, Japanese and vegan. * poses, out of breath * Follow me!

THURS 20/6

Venezuelan Flavors + Cinema

You know me, I love a good arepa. But did you know there’s a whole Venezuelan variety besides just those? Each is tastier than the one before, without even mentioning the amount of love they put in to making them.  If you love cinema as much as you love food, this is your Thursday gig. During Refugee Day (today) FECIVE, the Venezuelan Cinema Festival, is hosting a Venezuelan movie screening alongside their delightful traditional dishes. Yawn a little, try not to think about the hangover, and I’ll see you there!

12:0019:00 hrs. | El Bar de Kowalski | Billinghurst 835 | Palermo

Red Wine on Canvas

Are you an artist? Do you like watching live artistic performances and/or paintings? This is your chance! Lienzo en Tinto is hosting a wine tasting tonight at Espacio García, where you’ll be surrounded by all kinds of art, while you munch on a cheese board and drink red wine. The artists themselves will be talking about their works and you’ll be able to chat with them! The ticket is $350 per person, and you must get them in advance. There’s limited capacity; you can get your tickets in Lienzo en Tinto Tickets

19:0021:00 hrs. | Espacio García | Vidal 3801 | Saavedra

FRI 21/6

Sourdough Workshop

Bread. Such an ancient recipe, such a basic element for every meal. Throughout the years, it’s morphed into an industrial, flavorless, and not all that nutritional food. If you wanna know how to make it from scratch, using the sourdough recipe, the most ancient and flavorful of all, this is the workshop for you! For more info email or contact 11-31664250

18:00 – 21:00  hrs. | Somos Raíz | Bolívar 1802 | San Telmo

Grand Opening: La Estación 

Are you the kind of person that loves to eat a burger drenched in cheddar, bacon, etc? La Estación is a new burger joint down in Villa Lugano and they’re celebrating their grand opening in the neighborhood! Look at that picture, you know you want it. Grab more than a few napkins.

19:30 hrs. | La Estación | Oliden 4156 | Villa Lugano

Happy Hour at the Packing District

Do you like beef? Have you heard about sous-vide cuisine? It’s a method of cooking in which food is placed in a plastic pouch or a glass jar and cooked in a water bath for longer than usual cooking times (usually 1 to 7 hours, up to 48 or more in some cases) at an accurately regulated temperature. The temperature is much lower than usually used for cooking; the intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and to retain moisture and flavors. Now, this sounds like a bunch of nerd chef talk. Still, I encourage you to discover this kind of food, since it’s the most delicious and pure way of eating beef you’ll ever find. The Packing District specializes in this method of cooking and their menu is outstanding. Their Happy Hour consists of an appetizer and two drinks for only $500 from 17 hrs to 21 hrs. Yes, once you’re drunk, you’ll probably order the whole menu.

17:00 – 21:00  hrs. | Packing District | Soler 5975 | Palermo

SAT 22/6

Buenos Aires Market

The food fair unites us all: either you’re going out with your wife and kids to have a nice day at the park or you’re just a fisura trying to get over last night’s wild party. The Buenos Aires Market is back! This time in Parque Saavedra. As usual, there’ll be food trucks, renowned restaurants, entrepreneurs, etc. All of this is on during the weekend, so you have no excuse to not go.

10:00 – 18:00 | Buenos Aires Market | Av. García del Río y Pinto | Saavedra

Extrawurst Bierfest

It’s getting colder and colder by the minute, and you need a little pick me up, don’t you? The Germans know how to fight the cold. Extrawurst has the best homemade sausages (the spicy ones are a treat) and they’re hosting a beer fest for all of us drunks (yes, don’t act like you don’t know). To save your place (it gets crowded really fast) contact them on their phone +54 11 43132225 or via Whatsapp +54 911 67556575 or email

19:000:00 hrs. | Extrawurst | Tres Sargentos 427 | Microcentro

Merienda + Wine Pairing

It’s Saturday, you have a sweet tooth and a little love for drinks…let’s call it: you’re kind of an early bird. I have just the place for you. Sommelier Mariana Gil Juncal and Melina Fernández, founder and chef of Melicias are hosting a Saturday evening you won’t forget! There’ll be a selection of pastries: cheesecake, toffee cake, apple crumble and red velvet cake; all of this will be joined by wines specially selected to pair each pastry. You don’t wanna miss it. Bring your grandma, get her drunk, talk about life. Thank me later.

15:30 – 17:00 hrs. | Acabajo | Lanin 154 | Barracas


Ayurvedic Food + Medicine: Introductory Workshop

Are you familiar with Ayurveda? The word Ayurveda, when unpacked from its sanskrit form, technically means the science of life. Beyond that it’s a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that teaches you how to live in harmony with the laws of nature. Alimentación Experimental 1986 is hosting an Ayurvedic workshop where you’ll learn everything about this ancient form of life: what it’s based on, their recipes, etc. The workshop will be hosted by Dr. Ximena Delgado Soruco, a doctor who specializes in herbal medicine. The cost is $950 per person and there’s a limited capacity of 8 people. For more info contact or call 11-31664250

11:00 – 14:00 | Somos Raíz | Bolívar 1802 | San Telmo

SUN 23/6

Healthy Lunchboxes Workshop

This city life isn’t sustainable. You want to eat healthy, but all you get is food you pay for by weight in the chino (yes I see everything, I’m a food God). Worry no more, for there’s a healthy lunchbox workshop down at Espacio Vida Sana where they’ll teach you how to prepare meals in advance, without dying in the process. They’ll give you a cookbook with all the recipes they’ll cover. The event is free, so you don’t have any excuse!

15:00 – 17:00 hrs. | Espacio Vida Sana | Uriarte 2435 | Palermo

Vegan Mini Market

Looking for a vegan option for that one friend that stayed overnight, woke up at 3 pm saying “I’ll have none of that panchito”? You’re lucky! The vegan mini market is back in town, ready to fulfill your vegan desires! Everything from sweet and savory food to make-up to clothes, all of this animal cruelty free! Entrance is also free.

13:0019:00 hrs. | Mini Super Vegano | Campichuelo 472 | Caballito

Comandante Pastel Pop-Up

Do you like eclairs? You don’t know what they are? Just look at the picture. This cream-filled deluxe pastries are the specialty of Comandante Pastel, who’s popping up with their delicacies every Sunday at Lattente, a coffee shop in Palermo. If you’re out of bed by 4 pm, you’ll wanna check them out.

16:00 hrs. | Lattente | Thames 1891 | Palermo

Brunch by Ulúa

I don’t know what your whole Sunday deal is, either crawling into bed with an alfajor or getting up early and going for a walk. Either way, who doesn’t like brunch? Ulúa awaits every Sunday at Elote for you and your insatiable hunger with their traditional Mexican food. Don’t miss out!

13:00 | Elote | Jorge Newbery 3791 | Chacarita

MON 24/6

MASA’S Blissful Pop-Up

Last week was kind of a roller coaster: holidays passing by as some kind of weird staycation. The weekend was rough, cold, and you need to warm up your tummy. Mexican food is one of the best options at hand, and thankfully, we have MASA in our lives.

I wanna take this space to thank Kevin from MASA for creating such a delightful gastronomic experience, us mortals don’t deserve so much. Head down there and see why I’m changing my religion to MASA.

19:00 – 23:30 hrs. | Banquito Rojo | Bolivar 914 | San Telmo

Wine Tasting by Bonvino

You need a classy way to end your Monday, what better than a wine tasting and some fine cuisine? Bon Vino is hosting a wine night to help you prepare for the week ahead. They’ll have a wine sommelier that will explain the different varietals and why it’s paired with the food you’re having. There’s limited capacity and you can save your place/buy your tickets through Cata Barroca Tickets

19:30 – 22:30 hrs. | Bon Vino | Maipú 995 | Microcentro

Saigon + El Gordo Cocina Pop-Up

Noodles are a basic part of my diet, mainly because I’m lazy (yes, even us cooks are lazy AF, you’re not alone sweet online game goblin). Nevertheless, there are people that know their craft and they do it well: Saigon (our favorite noodle bar) has joined El gordo cocina to create a new menu. They’re popping up together and creating something beyond our comprehension: wholesome and warm food. You don’t wanna miss it.

19:00 hrs. | Saigon Noodle Bar | Bolívar 986 | San Telmo

TUES 25/6

Pure Flavor

Prepare for a fancy night out: Vuelta Abajo Social Club is hosting Puro Sabor, a classy event for classy-ass folk. A perfect place to impress your date or just your mom (I don’t judge, I’m Jewish, I know about mothers). You’ll be able to smoke fine cigars, taste the best wines and drinks, eat some chocolate and/or cheese. It doesn’t get classier than this, I recommend wearing a tuxedo (and a cloth napkin, ooh la la). The ticket is $1500 and you can get it on Puro Sabor Tickets or by emailing There’s limited capacity.

19 – 2:00  hrs. | Vuelta Abajo Social Club | Av. Corrientes 222 | Microcentro

WED 26/6

Gourmet Dinner by Iwao

Do you know Iwao Komiyama? He’s an Argentinian chef born in La Plata. His family is Japanese and he’s created a delightful gourmet menu to impress you and your palate. He is the responsible for the creation of Latin American sushi, with milanesa beef and stuff, yeah his stuff is flashera. I totally recommend you check it out. Get your tickets on Cena de pasos con Iwao Tickets

20:00 – 23:00  hrs. | Gourmand Food Hall | Posadas 1245 | Recoleta