Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which our food writer Tamx Rivas gives us the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires.

Is it me or did five months pass already? I disagree with Madonna, time doesn’t go by so slowly. June is starting and winter is coming (too soon, GOT fans?). The desire for warm food won’t let me stay at home. Let’s hit the streets and get eating!

THURS 30/5

Bife de Chorizo and Wine

If you’re in Argentina, you’ve probably heard about Bife de chorizo: it’s similar to the sirloin or the New York strip of the United States. A genuine meat-lover’s delight, it comes with a satisfying edge of fat and, in this particular case, is filled with Provolone cheese and caramelized onions. Don’t go crazy yet, that’s not even the main event! Culto Oculto Vino is hosting a wine tasting to pair with this delicious main course. You will taste five different wines and receive a 20% discount on every wine. Get your ticket through prior reservations only and go quick because there is limited capacity. Save your place by calling 11-4824-0647 or email

20:00 – 22:30 hrs. | La Cava de Vittorio | Arenales 2321 | Recoleta

Romanian Food

Are you familiar with Romanian food? This event is part of a gastronomic adventure where you’ll travel the world by eating food from different countries and cultures! This time, it’s Romania’s turn. Tiempo de Sabores is hosting this amazing four course dinner (entreé, soup, main course and dessert) that is sure to amaze you! The ticket is $600 per person, it includes a glass of wine and a non-alcoholic beverage. Save your seat by calling 11-4501-3090.

20:30 – 23:30 hrs. | Tiempo de Sabores | Asunción 4026 | Villa Devoto

FRI 31/5

Patagonian Dinner

Have you ever been to Patagonia? It’s the southern region of the country, usually on the news because of the snow, the whales, penguins and the cold, oh so cold (yes, I’m Patagonian). An area well known for its delicious specialties: lamb, seafood, mushrooms, etc. Novecento is hosting an exquisite four course dinner with a Patagonia inspired menu. All of this paired with Familia Schroeder wine means you don’t want to miss it. The ticket is $1150 per person. To save your place contact 11-4778-1900

12:00 – 0:30  hrs. | Novecento | Báez 199 | Las Cañitas

Wine Filled Chocolate + Wine Tasting + Tour

Do you see that on the picture? It’s chocolate filled with cabernet sauvignon. I know, makes you wanna get an enormous bar and eat it in one seating. A-hem, where was I—Espacio Gasset is hosting a wine and chocolate tasting at the Palacio Paz. It used to be a huge house that belonged to José C. Paz and displays early twentieth century Beaux-Arts architecture. You’ll taste five different wines alongside five different chocolates while you take a tour through the luxurious Palacio Paz. Need I say more? The ticket is $590 per person (but $17 for foreign tourists, so bring those DNIs) and this is a +18 only event. The tour is in Spanish, but if you need a translator they’ll have one available, just let them know beforehand by emailing Get your tickets through Chocolate + Vino + Historia.

19:15 – 21:30  hrs. | Espacio Gasset | Av. Santa Fe 750 | Recoleta

SAT 01/6

Le Marché

Le Marché is back! The French food and produce fair comes our way with an amazing edition this weekend! You’ll find piping hot dishes such as boeuf bourguignon and soupe à l’oignon ready to take down that nasty cold that’s been driving you crazy (yeah I know everything). I’m particularly excited to get some Raclette cheese and potatoes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here (food porn ahead) Raclette Goodness. There will also be the classics from the French patisserie: macarons, croissants, crêpes, éclairs, pains au chocolat, crème brûlée etc. Food’s not the only thing on the menu, there’ll be recycling workshops and talks about the environment, a non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages workshop, live music and much more! All of this and the entrance is free! Beware, the event will be postponed in the event of rain.

11–18:00 hrs. | Plaza Francia | Av. del Libertador y Dr. Luis Agote | Recoleta


Are you looking for a Saturday night vegan joint? Bio Terra is back, this time in Casa Jache, and they’re bringing the best to the table! You’ll find different vegan dishes both sweet and savory from several entrepreneurs that wish for a better world with no animal cruelty! You can enjoy some beer or wine while listening to some live music and a stand up show. This event has everything, plus entrance is free!

21:00 – 01:00 hrs. | Casa Jache | Aranguren 213 | Caballito

BA celebrates Central America

This weekend one of my favorite events is taking place: Buenos Aires celebrates Central America: Mexico, Ecuador, Cuba, Haití, Dominican Republic and El Salvador. There will be stands representing each country and they’ll offer their best dishes to display their culture. I love these kind of events because of Argentina’s immigrant culture and history. This country is full of (and was built almost entirely by) immigrants from all over the world, and sometimes we forget about our Latin American brothers and sisters. I encourage you to take this as a chance to learn about new stories, other lives, and other families. This is not just an excuse to eat, this is an opportunity to help and embrace Latin immigrants!

11:00 – 20:00 hrs. | MENAR | Av de Mayo y Bolívar | Microcentro

SUN 02/6

Vegan Fury Fair

The guys from Locura Vegana are back at it again in this Sunday’s June edition. Grab your eco-friendly shopping bag and head to Cooperativa Bar Casona Humahuaca where all vegans and animals have a safe space. This beloved fair is getting bigger and more beautiful each time, and you’ll find the most flavorful vegan options there are alongside personal care products, make up, accessories and even clothes! With each purchase you get a ticket for the raffle (you can win a product from each entrepreneur) and a surprise gift (you get another ticket if you bring your own shopping bag)! There’ll also be free vegan cooking classes, you can find the recipes, product prices and more by clicking here Locura Vegana. The ticket is free and the event won’t be suspended by rain.

13:30 – 17:30 | Casona Humahuaca | Humahuaca 3508 | Abasto

Sunday Brunch at Casa Barro

Were you looking for a classy Sunday brunch? I could tell. Casa Barro awaits you with a four course brunch that will bring you down to earth in the most delightful way: a wholesome brunch made with firewood in a clay oven. The ticket is $880 and includes the four course menu, three glasses of wine (yes, three, I don’t have a problem with alcohol) and a glass of water (to stay healthy). You can attend with a prior reservation only since there is a limited capacity. Save your place by contacting 11-5890-8526

12:00 – 16:00  hrs. | Casa Barro | Nicaragua 4618 | Palermo

MON 03/6

MASA’S Anti-Monday Bliss

You had too many plans on the weekend and couldn’t take the time to sit and have some good comfort food? Don’t worry, Masa is always awaiting you in their weekly pop-up at Banquito Rojo with the best Mexican food you could ever dream of. Wait, I take it back, you couldn’t possibly dream what’s ahead, their food is so good it’s unbelievable. Ok, I’ll shut up, but promise me you’ll go. You seriously don’t know what you’re missing.

19:00 – 23:30 hrs. | Banquito Rojo | Bolivar 914 | San Telmo

TUES 04/6

Japanese Street Food by Festín

Have you ever watched a movie and wanted to eat what the characters were eating? This is your chance! Festín is hosting a Japanese Street Food event inspired by the movie Shoplifters. The menu consists of Izakaya food: rolls, karaage, yakitori, yaki onigiri, among others. You’ll also find Asahi, Japanese beer. You’ll spend the night in Anselmo Hotel, watching Shoplifters and eating Japanese delicacies. What else do you need? The ticket is $1300 per person and you can get it on Festín Tickets.

19:00 – 22:30  hrs. | Festín | Don Anselmo Aieta 1069 | San Telmo

WED 05/6

Nagasaki Sushi Pop-up at Parque BAR

Prepare for a pop-up you don’t want to miss: Nagasaki Sushi, a Japanese-Peruvian food fusion crew, and Ernesto Catena (wine sommelier) are preparing a night you won’t forget. In the streets of Palermo you’ll find this pop-up in Parque BAR’s beautiful space. This promises to be an amazing night where you’ll be blown away by the highest variety and quality of sushi you’ll ever try. The ticket is $1600 per person and it includes all the sushi you can eat and wine. Get your place on Noche Nikkei Tickets

20:00 – 23:00  hrs. | Parque BAR | Thames 1472 | Palermo