Just four days ago the strike was resolved, but now it’s Wednesday and here we are once again with no way of getting from point A to point B. Classic Argentina! But what I’m wondering is: when are the musicians going to go on strike?? Well, fortunately for you, NOT THIS WEEK! (But good luck getting to the show!) Here’s the agenda:


Los Muchachos de la Secta Present: Club Negro

Club Negro is the first LP of Los Muchachos de La Secta, who were featured in a La La Lista article last week! The album is an invitation, in 9 tracks, to enter a rhythmic trance as a remedy to the chaotic context of the world. The music, in reality, is more like a sort of psychedelic shock therapy. Let the unbridled spirit of rock and roll possess you through dance, and blur the lines between performer and spectator – before you know it, you’ll be a full-blown member of the secta. And beware: once you’re in, there’s no getting out. Come experience Club Negro live this Thursday in Boedo.

8pm | $150 | Hasta Trilce | Calle Maza 177 


Daniel Melero – Gratis at Camping

The revolutionary leader of Los Encargados, an all-around great inspiration, the songwriter behind “Trátame suavemente” (which you surely have heard a million very questionable renditions of on the Subway), “Quiero estar entre tus cosas,” and other historical hits. This week, we will have the good fortune of his presence at the Camping campfire, and for free! Don’t miss it.

9pm | FREE | Camping | Av. Pueyrredón 2501

Juana Molina + Bandalos Chinos at Groove

Whaaaaaat??? Juana Molina is playing the Fiesta Clandestina ciclo?! And with Bándalos Chinos? This event has clearly leveled up, and where will they go from here? It just doesn’t get any better than this. You don’t want to miss being at Groove when it gets filled with the magic of these unique and top-notch artists this Friday. Click here to get your tickets online.

11pm | $400 | Groove | Av. Santa Fe 4389


Joint Ravolta Presents: Desgano, with Telefonema

Joint Ravolta is pleased to invite us all to this presentation of their new EP titled Desgano, which is available for listening on Spotify right now at this link. And on other platforms too, but who cares? It’s happening this Saturday in the Caras y Caretas cultural space in San Telmo. The opening act will be the spectacular post punk/indie/electronica duo, Telefonema.

8pm | $150 | Salas Caras y Caretas | Venezuela 330

Presentation of La vida en el norte by Marco Rossi Peralta

This Saturday at Otra Historia Club Cultural there will be a special presentation of the poetry book La vida en el norte by Marco Rossi Peralta, the beloved tucumano poet. Tomás Ruiz O’Malley will make some comments about the poetry and there will be live readings by poets Florencia Piedrabuena, Zaira Nofal, Juan Coronel, Sol Amancay y Vera Buendía. Okay, getting to the music part now – singer songwriter BILOBA will close out the event with some songs from the heart. The event is free and there will be copies of the book for sale.

8pm | FREE | Otra Historia Club Cultural | Estomba 851

Los Sub – Loreto – Deportivo Aleman at Boddah

There will be a fancy little get-together in Palermo this Saturday. (Wow, can you believe it? A fancy get together in Palermo? Who’da thunk it?) And providing the live music accompaniment for the together-getting and the fanciness will be Loreto, Los Sub, and Deportivo Alemán. Don’t forget to wear your fancy shoes! (I’m totally kidding, it’s not a fancy event, I literally just made that up. But you do you!)

8pm | $100 | Boddah Club | Serrano 1291

Lucho Fraschina returns to Lucille

Lucho Fraschina returns to the sweet little stage of Lucille along with his whole dang band. The exclusive show starts at 9 o’ clock sharp, and Lucho plans to offer a review of his hits, some sneak peeks of what’s to come, AND a “bonus surprise” (come on folks, you don’t want to miss that bonus surprise!) The incredible band, composed of musicians with a certain status in the local scene, will bring Lucho’s songs to the next level, allowing them to shine with all the magic and passion they were meant to have.

9pm | $250 | Lucille | Gorriti 5520

Damsel TALK: Vaudeville – Jazz – Glam Noir

This Saturday in Buenos Aires most acclaimed jazz club, Thelonious, English artist Jennifer Moule will be performing as her alter ego, DAMSEL TALK. Her act has been described as “Amy Winehouse crossed with Peggy Lee, an inimitable talent spanning the spectrum of vocal stylings and conquering everything from jazz to tango. Damsel Talk is not just a voice but a fully fledged one-woman show, with stints on the ukulele, monologues, and comedy skits all spliced into her performances.” I promise you will be impressed, I promise you won’t get bored! I promise that if you click here your browser will take you to a page where you can buy tickets!

11:50pm | $250 | Thelonious Club | Nicaragua 5549