Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which our food writer Tamx Rivas gives us the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires.

May is almost gone and with the impending doom of winter it’s almost impossible to resist temptation. Anyone else having the munchies every day and night now? How’s everyone dealing with the cold weather? Food, duh. This week we have everything from 25 de Mayo locro to Greek and Mexican food. Get munching before hibernation strikes!

THURS 23/5

Greek Food

While we all want to travel around the world, we’re living in the time of Macrisis and it’s not so feasible. Luckily for you, Tiempo de Sabores can take you on a trip to Greece with their delightful four course dinner. Their menu costs $600 per person and it includes a glass of wine and a non-alcoholic beverage. You don’t even have to pack.

20:30 – 23:30 hrs. | Tiempo de Sabores | Asunción 4026 | Villa Devoto

Crazy Thursday at Extrawurst

Who knows how to fight the cold with food better than the Germans? Sausages abound for Extrawurst’s 10% off Thursdays and we are ready. Head down to Constitución for the most authentic German food and craft beer in BA!

12:00 – 0:00 hrs. | Extrawurst | Solís 1699 | Constitución

FRI 24/5

Beef Casserole and Wine

Whenever I think of home in the winter, I picture some steamy guiso (a delicious Argentinian stew). At La Cava de Vittorio they specialize in wine, and nothing goes better with guiso than red wine. They’ll be hosting a Nanni wine tasting night with a limited capacity of 16 people. To save your place contact 11-4824-0647 or email

20:00 – 22:30  hrs. | La Cava de Vittorio | Arenales 2321 | Recoleta

SAT 25/5

BA Food Fest

BA Food Fest is back in town! Bringing the widest range of culinary stands and food-trucks! This time, they’re taking it to La Rural for this year’s first edition! Head down there and try everything from arepas and shawarma to pastries and Japanese food! Psst…entrance is free, we got you.

13:00 hrs. | La Rural | Sarmiento 2704 | Palermo

Tea and Chocolate: a sensory experience

I bet you have already tried wine and chocolate, but what about tea and chocolate? Hey, I’m not judging. I mostly picture myself as an old person that enjoys a good cup o’ tea, chocolate, gardening and dogs (lesbian stereotype much?) Ahem, moving on: Teabet and Querido Watson are hosting a tea and chocolate tasting down in Colegiales. There will be a talk from tea sommelier, Hernán Repetto, and the chocolatier Mora Salguero about this exquisite combination. There will also be a raffle for a teapot and chocolate! The ticket costs $300 ($400 w/ card). Get them here: Teabet Tickets.

17:00 – 19:00 hrs. | Querido Watson | Superí 1399 | Colegiales

25 de Mayo Locro

If you haven’t heard of locro, what have you been doing? Here in Argentina, it’s one of the main typical dishes from the colonial times (1810) that we eat every 25th of May. This Saturday you’ll find a huge variety (vegan, gluten free, vegetarian) all around town. Locro is a stew made out of squash, beans, meat, bacon….I will stop listing things because my mouth is watering way too much. I encourage you to take advantage of this date to eat as many different locros as you possibly can (CAUTION: if you are going to stuff your face with several varieties of this bean heavy dish have a toilet nearby, don’t be a newbie). The guys at Capataz are hosting a three course patriotic meal for this holiday, the ticket is $500 per person + wine/non-alcoholic beverage. Save a table for you and your friends by emailing

20:00 – 23:00 hrs. | Capataz | Maipú 529 | Microcentro

SUN 26/5

Brunch, Brunch, Baby by MASA

It’s Sunday, are you really not into that brunchy vibe? I know I am. Who knows how to fill our foodie hearts better than the guys from MASA? This time it’s brunch edition and you don’t wanna miss it. They will be bringing everything they got to the table; wholesome food that you can’t get enough of! Don’t worry, they have vegan options as well. Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity! I personally recommend saving your place ahead, you can do that by contacting 11-6371-0728. If you go, tell Kevin I said hi.

12:00  hrs. | Menenga | Espinosa 480 | Caballito

Patriotic Food Fest

Once again, BA Market blesses us with its presence this weekend. This time, the theme is typical Argentine food! Pastelitos, locro, empanadas and much more is awaiting you in one of the best and biggest food fairs in Buenos Aires. Head down there with the usual hangover (yes, you know I know) and get ready to spend your whole payday on that comfort food.

10 –18:00 hrs. |BA Market |Av. Asamblea y Emilio Mitre |Parque Chacabuco

Vegan Mini Market

Our favorite mini market is back! As I always say, you should try this out regardless of your meat eating ways or not. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! From empanadas to chorizos (yes sir, all vegan) Mini Supers Veganos has the widest variety with the best quality to satiate your palate! Either you’re trying to get everything you need for your weekly meal prep or just wanna get some bajón (munchies) they got you covered! Entrance is free, as per usual.

13 – 18 hrs. | Mini Supers Veganos | Campichuelo 472 | Parque Centenario

Colombian Food Fair

Our friends at the La Casa del Árbol are hosting a Colombian food fair that is sure to blow your mind and give you something to help get you back on that horse for the week! Colombian food is full of new flavors and sensations so you don’t want to miss this unique experience. Plus, entrance is free, so you have no excuse to stay home.

11:00 – 17:00  hrs. | La Casa del Árbol | Av. Córdoba 5217 | Palermo

MON 27/5

Saigon + Sheikob’s Bagels Pop-up Fusion Night

Were you looking for an anti-Monday dinner plan? Saigon Noodle Bar, a Vietnamese food joint, and Sheikob’s Bagels, one of the best bagel spots in Buenos Aires, are joining forces tonight. It’s not an event you want to miss. If you’re a true foodie, I’ll see you there.

19:00 hrs. | Saigon Noodle Bar | Bolivar 986 | San Telmo

TUES 28/05

Wine, Cigars, Chocolate, and Cheese

You classy? Then I have the event for you! Vuelta Abajo Social Club is hosting a classy cocktail night with chocolate, wine, cigars and cheese boards. The cost is $1500 per person and they have a limited capacity, so save your place by emailing It can’t possibly get any fancier than this.

19 – 2:00  hrs. | Vuelta Abajo Social Club | Av. Corrientes 222 | Microcentro

WED 29/5

Coffee Party

Before I say anything, this is a picture of a Coffee Gin and Tonic. Do I have your attention now? This is not your usual party, Fiesta del Café is a coffee party. You’ll find coffee in all its forms: food, drinks, blends, pastries and more! The ticket costs $250 per person and you can get them through Fiesta del Café Tickets.  

17:00 – 0:00  hrs. | Club Araoz | Araoz 2424 | Palermo