Yes. At long last, the longest fall seems to be winding itself down, and this week was the first in awhile in which I found myself dreading getting out of bed (aside from the ocassional hangover anyway). Whether it’s due to the creeping chill of existential dread or just the weather getting a little colder is anyone’s guess (maybe it’s both!)

In any case, I now I could use a little bit of live music to make the days a little more easy to bear, and maybe you could too. From drone to triphop to synthpop and more, we have just the selection to shimmy away your angst.

Wednesday 8

DRONE Celebration VOL 2 – Stephen O´Malley y más!

We start off our pre-weekend with one for the more adventurous music fans out there. Drone legend Stephen O’Malley (of Sun O))) fame) is coming to Buenos Aires to present the aptly-titled ‘Drone Sound Bath’, his latest production involving eclectic instrumentation and occult overtones. He’ll be joined by local kindred spirits Fiend, Alma Laprida + Alan Courtis, Zigo Rayopineal, and vlüba.

7 PM | AR $900 | Casa Colombo – Cantina Club | Gallo 557

Thursday 9

LeRock Fest Sideshow: Buenos Aires

Record labels LeRock Psicophonique (CL) and Chancho Discos (AR) are organizing a sideshow for this Saturday’s LeRock Fest, which will take place in Santiago, Chile. Playing live here in Buenos Aires will be UK ambient/trip hop musician Steve Strong, post rock outfit YON, math rockers Colonia de Vacaciones, and electronic artist Nicolás Aimo.

9 PM | AR $250 | Teatro Monteviejo | Lavalle 3177

Friday 10

Viernes de FUEGO presenta:

Viernes de FUEGO takes things to a next level with a pop extravaganza that will leave you wanting more. Dancy synthpop outfit Junior 1, twee pop act Tani, and groovy lounge pop project Rudo will be bringing the heat to the stage of Strummer for a night with plenty of catchy hooks and memorable melodies.

9 PM | AR $150 | Strummer Bar | Godoy Cruz 1631

Justo Antes / Pyramides / De Incendios en El Emergente Almagro

Compañía Discográfica Cosmodemónica brings you a triple feature that will kick your Friday into high gear. Dream pop act Justo Antes de la Guerra con los Esquimales, indie rockers De Incendios, and post-punk mainstays Pyramides will be playing live at El Emergente Almagro in an electrifying one-of-a-kind event.

11:30 PM | AR $200 | El Emergente Bar | Acuña de Figueroa 1030

Saturday 11

Riel presenta ‘Espacio Interior’ en La Confitería

Beloved noise rock duo Riel are presenting their fourth LP, Espacio Interior, at La Confitería. If you haven’t checked out their live show yet, you can expect fuzzed-out bursts of distortion combined with a healthy dose of pristine, jangly indie rock. They’ll be joined by Medalla Milagrosa and their kraut-inspired brand of dream pop, plus record stands by labels Casa del Puente and Fuego Amigo.

8 PM | $200 | La Confiteria | Federico Lacroze 2963

Sesiones místicas 3 Andres Ruiz Chelo Lares y Piter Mazda

Mínima Discos is hosting the 3rd edition of Sesiones Místicas, this time with indie crooner Andrés Ruiz, space rocker Chelo Lares, and the psychedelic sounds of Piter Mazda and his band. As per youzhe, there will be art expos and a live vinyl DJ set to keep the party going all night long.

9 PM | Rincón Casa Cultural | Rincón 1330