It’s never easy, the first full week after carnaval. But to get you through the inevitable hanger of longer work hours, we have a full agenda of great food events worth checking out.

MON 11/3

MASA Invades Banquito Rojo

Want to jumpstart your week with a whole lotta flavor? Get yourself down to San Telmo to eat some tacos at MASA’s weekly pop-up at Banquito Rojo, where our resident food writer and Mexican-inspired chef Kevin Vaughn will be serving up stuffed chili tacos, pork carnitas, chileatole with nachos, and a whole lot more.

19:00 – 23:30 hrs. | Banquito Rojo | Bolivar 914 | San Telmo

TUES 03/05

FREE Whiskey Tasting in Centro

Yes, you read that right. Feminist badasses and whiskey connoisseurs Wachas Whiskeras are treating a lucky few to a free guided whiskey tasting of Glenfiddich 12, conducted by local whiskey pioner Veronica Tomaghelli and Whisky En Buenos Aires owner Hernan Padial. Reservations: via instagram. If you’re too late to catch this one, make sure to follow their profile for future events!

20:00 hrs |Whisky En Buenos Aires| Corrientes 1660 | Centro

Masa Invades Sede

Between the dim lighting, smokey whiskey cocktails, and rap caviar-esque playlist, the last time we went to Sede we really got down with our bad selves. You know what else is bad, in that good way? Fried potato and tongue tacos. No, no wait, make that over baked bacon and mole tacos. And don’t forget about the walnut ice cream churros. That’s right, Masa’s invading Sede this week. Don’t miss it.

20 hrs | Sede |Guevara 421 | Chacarita

Vico Sessions – Degustando Japón

Guided by professional bartender Niquito Constan, and assisted by Sommelier Maria Florencia Yrazusta, Vico opens its door for a special tasting focusing on Sake. Following the tasting, which costs $650 ARS, there will be a selection of cheeses and cured meats.
Reservations via Whatsapp: (+54911)6402-5610

20:00 hrs |Vico Wine Bar| Gurruchaga 1149| Villa Crespo

WED 06/03

Taco Takeover

Couldn’t make it out to San Telmo on Monday? Well, if you’re anywhere near Chacarita, you’ll get a second chance on Wednesday Masa witakes over the kitchen at Elote this Wednesday, providing your fix for all those Mexican food cravings. Enchiladas, tacos, you name it and Kevin’s created a thoughtful and unlikely combination of ingredients to make it pop.

19:00 hr | Elote | Jorge Newbery 3791 | Chacarita

THURS 07/03

Masa Invades Si Patron

Celebrate the week being basically over with a big ole pastrami sandwich from your pal, Kevin. Prefer a taco? Snag a pork carnita. Pork not your style? Good thing there’s a corned beef with chile verde option. Craving kimchi? Yeah, he has you covered there too. You’re welcome.

19 hrs | Sí, Pastrón| Arevalo 1502

FRI 8/3

Distrito Arcos Wine & Food Festival

Feel like exploring all the great outdoor mall of Palermo has to offer? Yeah, we’re not entirely sure we should be recommending it either. But it’s happening, and if you’re in the neighborhood, you might as well check it out. There will be wine stands, food trucks and more – go and report back, yeah?

18-22 hrs | Distrito de Arcos| Paraguay 4979

SAT 16/3

La Neta Closed Door

Couldn’t make it to any of Kevin’s closed doors this week for some taco on taco action? Or maybe you did but you’re still craving more – there’s no such thing as too many tacos. Get thee to La Neta closed door for a menu full of delicious options, such as breaded shrimp tacos, chipotle rice noodle soup, chorizo and goat cheese quesadillas, spinach tamales, and more. Plus several agua fresca options, a lemon curd dessert, and house coffee with cinnamon. Reservations via whatsapp: 5491157610590 or insta/facebook: La Neta

21 hrs | Address via pm| Colegiales

SUN 17/3

Brunch Las Nenas

Vietnamese coffee, blended juices, fresh breads, pastries and more – it all awaits you every Sunday starting this week at Koko bar.

12:00 – 17:00 hrs. |Koko| Av. Cordoba 5217 | Palermo