Are you looking for a new swimsuit? A mate shaped like a teta? Shopping in Buenos Aires can be frustrating, but not anymore! Your guide to shopping local and supporting women creators is here.

Any time is a great time to pick up a little something for the people in your life. Or, you know, just to treat yourself. Whatever the occasion, these female owned and operated collectives are sprinkled throughout Capital Federal, so no matter where you are or what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.



Juntas is a collective of artists (like the jewelry maker Julieta Morten) that puts on a feria one weekend every month. The event is always hosted in a charming old apartment just around the corner from the Olleros stop on the D-line and the Colegiales mitre stop. The featured artists rotate each month, so each time you go the event is a bit different.

While any artist can belong to Juntas, members are almost exclusively women. Featured products may include art, original clothing designs, vintage clothes and shoes, pins, jewelry, notebooks, ceramics, stamps, health food and yummy treats, beauty products and more.

This month it’s their 5th anniversary and 50th edition of the feria, so mark your calendars!

Fun Fact: Some of makers at Juntas this month also have independent shops or belong to collectives in this list.

The artists featured this month include: Airam, Aurora Pérez, Amuleto, Apio, Aww mini, Banana, Brunel, Calatea, Dobleufa, Franca Mandia, Florencia Heredia, Flora Te, Brilla Gringa, Haluro, Honey Bastards, Imprenta Rescate, Josefina Schargorodsky, Julieta Morten Joyería, La Rosa botánicos, Miel Feria, Muela, Notoria Textiles & indumentaria, Pina, Señora Dominga, Singapur, Sucu, Taller Ramos Generales, Universo, Wayra, Wicca

Saturday March 16 16:00-20:00 hrs | Cuidad de la paz 502 | Colegiales

Montón Junta de Diseño

You’ll know you’ve arrived because the door and railing of Montón is a freshly painted soft pink. Montón Junta de Diseño moved into their current space just last year when they outgrew their previous showroom, so everything is newly decorated and distinctly funky-fresh. According to Montón, the shop isn’t just about design — it’s about coming together to create bonds both between the makers themselves and between the makers and their patrons, with a focus on supporting local designers.

Fun Fact: Aside from the unique and beautiful things that can be found in the store, Montón offers workshops and holds pop-ups with other brands that aren’t fixed members of the collective.

Artists featured at Montón include:
Marlot Lingerie, Notoria Textiles & indumentaria, Prata Minimal, Trapo Arte impreso, Amhuler, La Rosa botánicos, Giacari Warehouse, Neto Wear, Gran Jardín, Continuo Presente, Iuju, Bord, Woolnwild, Curadoras

Monday-Friday 16-20 hrs, Saturday 14-20 hrs.|Nicaragua 5587 |Palermo

Manada Showroom

Manada Showroom boasts an impressive collection of products from over 20 different artists. You’ll find the showroom up a flight of stairs from the street, marked with a pañuelo verde on the door. At Manada, they also sell beer for you to sip on as you wander through the space and pick out your treasures (with a cheeky reminder that it’s “cheaper than at the chino”). The artists themselves are usually around as well, so while you shop you can ask them questions about stock, sizing, custom orders or just give them a little extra love.

Fun Fact: Manada is the only showroom on this list that is open every day. Aprovechá!

Artists featured at Manada Showroom include:
Abrakadabra Tienda, tallerdelahuerta, Las Martas Vintage, espuma.textil, Petit Objet,, Clarabella Lingerie, FRANZESI SISTERS, Aire Molino, las horas ingenuas, Diana Mangialavori, Sicard, BOUE, Ati Lin, LEVALLOIS, M A N O Cerámica, Le Baiser Deco, Dagobah Store, SABOTAGE / DESIGN, Frutal Feria, Camila Monserrat Joyería, barcadoro, GRANAccesorios, El Otro Reino, Libre Vencejo, pnysauruss, Libre editora, Rebelion Animica, Utopía Colors, Buxiboop, Bicho Feo, Suskin Belleza Natural

Every day 16:00-20:00 hrs | Soler 5060 | Palermo Soho

Paraiso Store

Located a block and a half from Avenida Cordoba, Paraiso Store is home to pieces from from five different artists, including original clothing designs, swimwear, lingerie and accessories. Each month, they host a feria with additional brands they invite to participate where they offer discounts, music and craft beer. At Paraiso Store, none of the artists create large collections but focus instead on creating unique pieces made with love.

Fun fact: Paraiso Store shares its space with a women owned and operated printmaking workshop.

Artists featured at Paraiso Store include:
marcrusad, Vintage Love Boutique, Reir Enloquecer, Toy Pop,  THIS IS D I R T

Saturdays 17:00-20:00 hrs |Jean Juares 1157 | Barrio NorteJ

Hidra Tienda

Hidra Tienda just made the move from Almagro to their new larger showroom in Congreso, just across the street from Palacio Barolo. With more beautiful products to choose from than ever before, artists who previously used the showroom as a pickup point now have a space to fully display their goods.

Artists featured at Hidra Tienda include:
Bordadora Entusiasta, JAPON, Sustancia, Natalie Duncan, Connie Bow, Romanela Bo, Honey Bastards, Mandolina Libros, Aymará Mont, Inquieta, ACONCAGUA, lisettavintage, Julieta Morten Joyería

Mondays-Saturdays 15:00-20:00 hrs | Hipolito Yrigoyen 1376 |Congreso


The following locales aren’t collectives, but they’re run by independent female artists and  definitely worth mentioning in this list.

Brilla Gringa

Brilla Gringa makes beautiful, unique swimsuits and lingerie by hand, and their instagram celebrates the beautiful, unique women who wear them.

Fun Fact: They collaborate with artist Josefina Schargordosky for some of their prints.

15:00-20:00 hrs | Lerma 690 | Villa Crespo

Enagua Tienda

At Enagua Tienda, you’ll find whimsical dresses, skirts and tops and a smattering of fun graphic tees created and by local designers.

Thursday-Saturday 14:00-20:00 hrs |Avenida Santa Fe 2729|Recoleta

See something you like? Aside from the showrooms and ferias, most of the artists have their own online shops and instagrams where they host ferias virtuales and announce special sales, discounts, and giveaways. Give ‘em a follow or go visit them in person to show some love for these incredible female makers.

*Did we miss anyone? Let us know at and we’ll add them to our next list.