At long last there is a breeze in the air and we aren’t having to shower several times a day. As we prepare to say so-long to summer, our slow decline into hibernation mode has begun. In other words, our appetites are back and we’re looking to gorge. This week we’ve got you covered on where to eat, what workshops to take, and what fairs to hit up for all your culinary fulfillment.

MON 25/02

MASA Invades Banquito Rojo

Your weekend is over and work today was a struggle. Reward yourself with the mouth-watering Mexican flavors of your favorite taco pop-up in town. You already know the only place to go on Mondays is MASA (run by our favorite chef Kevin Vaughn). So what are you doing? Get down there. And grab a beer while you’re at it. It’s Monday people, you deserve it.

19:00 – 23:30 hrs. | Banquito Rojo | Bolivar 914 | San Telmo

TUES 26/02

Wagyu & Whisky: Asian Latin Fusion

Head to Sede Whisky Bar for a tasting menu that fuses our favorite Asian classics with an Argentine flair. Think nigiri with a chita sauce, a tartare brûlée with wasabi emulsions, bread, and cured yolk, with wagyu (a Japanese breed of cattle), fig and tomato salad, and sweet potato confit. With a dessert that includes a single malt salted caramel, this is the dinner we’ve been dreaming of all our lives. Cost is $500 ARG and reservations can be made through shooting a message to their Instagram here. Reserve quickly because only the 20:00 time slot still has openings!

20:00 hr | Sede Whisky Bar | Guevara 421 | Chacarita

WED 27/02

Japanese American Pop-Up at Usina Del Arte

Stella Artois’s shared table series is back this week with two killer Japanese-American chefs set to host a dinner at our beloved Usina Del Arte. The menu starts with miso chicken wings, a sushi pork roll, and corn on the cob to nibble on. From there you’ll enjoy a variety of foods from trout Usuzukuri to American style hot pot, and a classic apple pie for dessert. With this setting and this menu we promise the big bucks (999 ARG per ticket) will be well spent. Buy tickets here.

21:00 hr | Usina Del Arte | Agustín R. Caffarena 1 | La Boca

Taco Takeover

If you were too busy to get your taco fix on Monday don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Head to your favorite Chacarita Mexican restaurant to get your fill of Masa’s delicious rotating menu. Think combinations you never knew you needed on a taco and that neighborhood style of eating you always knew you wanted.

19:00 hr | Elote | Jorge Newbery 3791 | Chacarita

THURS 28/02

Cooking Class: Macrobiotics in Fall

If you’re like me and haven’t had air conditioning this summer, then this mini cold snap has you thanking your lucky stars that fall is fast approaching. What better way to welcome in the new season than to take a cooking class that focuses on probiotics and fermentation. Cleanse that summer beer body of yours with some nutrients and learn how to make things like almond, seaweed soup and green yamaní vegetable risotto. Reservations can be made by calling: 20638075 or 1550380603.

18:00 – 21:30 hrs. | Clara Aurora |Conde 4400 | Saavedra

FRI 29/02

Lunch at El Refuerzo

It’s Friday and at this point you’re doing everything you can in your office to avoid actually working. Why not give yourself a nice long lunch? Remember when Please Feed Kevin had our mouths watering over a $200 menú del dia? Well let us remind you of El Refuerzo, one of our favorite local bars in the San Telmo area. With their constantly rotating menu of Spanish and Italian dishes you’ll always be in for a savory surprise. While also recommended for dinner, it’ll be far easier to get yourself a table if you play a little hooky.

10:00 – 02:00 hrs. | El Refuerzo | Chacabuco 872| San Telmo

SAT 02/03

Bagels and Brazil: Pop-Up at 416 Snack Bar

Our favorite bagel maker Jacob of Sheikob’s Bagels is teaming up with 416 Snack Bar to celebrate all things Carnaval. With bagel related treats, Brazilian snacks, and beats by a Sao Paolo native Abud we’ve been promised a perfect beginning to your Carnaval long weekend.

20:00 hr | 416 Snack Bar Argentina | Angel J Carranza 1940 | Palermo

SUN 24/02

Monthly Vegan Fair

Every first Sunday of the month one of our favorite Almagro collectives hosts a vegan fair. With handmade, artisanal products that all focus on environmentally friendly, humane ingredients you can feel good about whatever it is you buy. Entrance is free and there will be a raffle along with free workshops so that you can learn a thing or to while you shop responsibly.

13:30 – 17:30 hrs. | Cooperativa Bar Casona Humahuaca | Humahuaca 3508 | Almagro