Well, we’ve made it one month into 2019. Did you hear about the huge cavity under Antarctica? So far, no dentists have come forward to offer a solution. Did you hear that Trump wants to protect democracy in Venezuela? Welp. Fascism, imperialism, and climate change abound. But, on the bright side, so does LIVE MUSIC! Here’s our lineup for this week:


Fútbol, Los Peyotes, and Ayermaniana at Liverpool Bar

This Wednesday at the Liverpool Bar in Palermo, you can hear Fútbol, a violin-fronted rock band with an eclectic sound that falls perhaps somewhere between nü-metal, kraut rock, celtic punk, and chamber music. You can also hear Los Peyotes, a similarly unorthodox rock group, blending elements of punk, ska, and rock-n-roll, all with a prominent, psychedelic, straight-out-of-the-60s electric organ. And, last but not least, Ayermaniana, a dark and smooth psychedelic space rock group.

9PM | FREE | Liverpool Bar Palermo |Arévalo 1376

Un Planeta Free Show on the Terrace at La Confiteria

I recently saw Un Planeta for the first time at Festival Cuero en Sierra de los Padres (which was awesome, by the way). I enjoyed their show, but I was pretty far out, and as I watched them on the stage, I developed this sneaking suspicion that the lead singer/guitarist wasn’t actually playing the guitar (think Pink Slip’s performance at the end of Freaky Friday), and I ended up being extremely fixated on that throughout the whole set, and even afterward (to the point where I’m writing about it now even though I’m aware that it’s really quite a strange angle to take writing about a band in a music agenda where I could surely write many things that would be much more relevant). In the end, I concluded that he was in fact playing the guitar, but he just plays it so DAMN CASUALLY, as though it were nothing, that it seems like he’s not playing it, which is a feat in itself. But anyway – they are playing for free at La Confitería on Wednesday, and they are really pretty good, so get out there to see the most casual guitar player to ever play the guitar.

7PM | FREE | La Confitería | Av. Federico Lacroze 2963


This Machine Kills Fascists

The ciclo “This Machine Kills Fascists” (Esta Máquina Mata Fascistas) comes to Thursdays at Salón Pueyrredón, along with all the urgency of expression one would expect from conurbano creatives. This week there will be punk-inspired live music performances by Christian Vaca, Le Perdant (solo project of Juan Trainer, frontman of Excursionistas), Zorra de Jade, Carne, Soñé Calavera, and Corre Mientras Puedas. There will also be art exhibitions, DJs spinning vinyls, and a whole bunch of ferias to peruse.

8PM | AR $50 | Salón Pueyrredón | Avenida Santa Fe 4560


Emotional Spectrum: Javier Mareco and Daiana Leonelli (with band)

Another Macrisis Summer has kept singer-songwriters Javier Mareco and Daiana Leonelli from vacationing, fortunately for the rest of us also staying behind in Capital. The two musicians have no advice to offer on the economic front, but what they DO have to offer is a bit of catharsis, in the form of songs and beer, al sobre (which means the entrance is free BUT they will pass around some fancy envelopes and you can put money in them if you want, and that money will go to the artists). Come out to good ol’ Clásico Fernandez on Friday to experience an emotional spectrum of music brought forth from the hearts of two of Buenos Aires’ most excellent songwriters. Also, don’t forget that shows at Clásico tends to start ON TIME (really really on time though for real).

9PM | FREE | Clásico Fernandez | Piedras 1020

Electrolipse Party

An all-night dance party at El Quetzal, curated and organized by local Renaissance woman Marfa Monotributo. The party will feature four original live DJ sets of distinctive styles, by artists Inv3r (progressive house), JP Prada (deep house), Aurenaut (deep 80s techno), and Mica James (indie dance). The party starts just before midnight on Friday and won’t stop till the sun comes up!

11PM | AR $100 | El Quetzal | Guatemala 4516

Anti-Repression Festival at Salón Pueyrredón

Correpi (a local group that organizes against police repression), and Salón Pueyrredón Discos (Salón Pueyrredón’s very own record shop) invite us out to help support the fight against police repression, while also supporting local music, and, as it happens, LOTS OF MUSICIANS WHO ARE WOMEN. The bands participating in the event are: Sicaliptians, an all-Girl band that plays what they call sweet and spicy Jamaican music; Las Otras, an almost-all-Girl punk rock band; Mirla, an all-Girl punk trio; female-fronted hardcore band El alba disuelve monstruos, experimental post-rock group Colonia de Vacaciones; out-of-this-world solo artist Divina Encarnacion; and, in special acoustic format, rock/reggae group Mal Pasar. There will also be poetry readings, ferias, and art expositions!

Gente Conversando en vivo en Roseti

Perenial La La Lista favorite Gente Conversandoreturn to where it all started (at least for us) – the site of their incredible and aptly titled live album, Vivo en Roseti. Go to this show. You won’t regret it.

9:30PM | $150 ARS| Roseti | Roseti 722


LXCN Fest (First Edition) with Anklepants

Anklepants, the bird-man with an animatronic remote-controlled dick for a nose, is descending upon Buenos Aires. Years ago, Anklepants left his home in Australia, where he could have lived out his days posing a threat to families by simply existing, and moved to Berlin to be an IDM techno musician. He wears a bird suit based on a character from the 17th century, and he sings into a violin-shaped microphone with sensors that modify his voice. If you’ve read this description I imagine you are either shaking your head in confusion or SUPER STOKED TO GO TO THIS SHOW. I fall into the second category, so, see you there.

9PM | $200 advance, $300 door | Otra Historia Club Cultural | Estomba 851

Emily And at Ciclo Girl Gang

Girl Gang is a ciclo designed to promote women artisans and entrepreneurs, and give them a space to sell their goods and network amongst each other. There will be women selling handmade clothing, accessories, arts and crafts, food and desserts, ceramics, and books. There will be women giving workshops, tattoos, and haircuts. AND, there will be not one, but two acoustic sets of live original music performed by yours truly, Emily And! The event is free to attend, but if you bring a donation it will go to the animal shelter Callejeritos de Flores. Also, keep in mind, this event is early (so afterwards we can go see Anklepants!!!)

5PM | FREE | Estilo A |Av. Pueyrredon 1373

Ivo Ferrer, Los Aullidos & Placard en Roseti

Few bands have impressed the hell out of us live like Los Aullidos, the freak-folk trio powered by the incredibly gorgeous voice of Maria Morillo. They’ll be returning to their beloved Roseti with eclectic indie rock act
Placard and lofi folk act Ivo Ferrer & su banda mutante.

9:30PM | $150 ARS| Roseti | Roseti 722