The weather this past week has been much like that great aunt we saw over the holidays–coming in way too hot and ever so slightly suffocating. If you’re like me and lacking your own personal body of water to cool down in, we hear you, we feel you, we are sweating just as much. To distract you from the insufferable humidity, we’re offering a handle of suggestions on how to spend your time and take full advantage of what’s happening around the city. From poetry, to improv there’s just no possible way you can be bored as the summer trickles slowly to a close.


Drawing Basics

Whether you are an expert sketcher, an office meeting doodler, or you’re the weakest on your Pictionary team this drawing workshop sounds like the perfect way to improve those skills of yours. Head down to Recoleta any Saturday from now until the end of February for an hour and a half free drawing workshop led by two badass professors/artists–Mariano Grassi and Daniela Kantor. They’ll explore color theory, composition, and have assured us that participants need not be artistically skilled.

16-18:30 |Starts January 26th| Free | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junín 1930

Spontaneous Theatre: Improv 

If you haven’t been one of the lucky few to catch the theatre performances of the Hilo Rojo crew we highly reccomend you do so sometime in the next year. Using emotions as their starting points these actors re-create your feelings and even reenact memories of audience members as part of their highly interactive spontaneous theatre show. This summer you can learn some of their tricks by taking one of their monthly (2nd Saturday of every month) spontaneous theatre workshops. Gather those creative expressions you’ve been harboring all summer long and learn how to streamline them into art. Email Elisa Davolio Talleres at or use the Whatsapp 011-15-56071180 for pricing and sign ups.

15-17:30 | Saturday February 9th | Facultad de Medicina Zone

Free Acroyoga 

Looking to stick with those resolutions where you vowed to work on your flexibility and physical well-being? La Quince is hooking it up every Saturday with a free Acroyoga workshop that encourages drop-ins of all levels. The perfect place for partners to practice their superman poses or individuals to stretch themselves out of their comfort zones. Give it a try or scope their agenda for any of the free workshops they offer throughout the week.

17:00 | Saturdays | Free | La Quince Espacio Cultural | Av. Corrientes 5426 | Villa Crespo

Video Poetry in the Digital Age 

It’s 2019 my futuristic friends and that means that if you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 20 years now would be the time to get digital. With this workshop participants can learn all about the relationship between poetry and the digital age and how to get more inter-disciplinary with their projects. The workshop consists of four two hour classes and you can sign up for it by emailing

18:00-20:00 | Friday February 1 |Price and Location TBD

Bringing Tango Back

As a transplant here in Buenos Aires we bet you’ve sorted through your fair share of tango memorabilia down in San Telmo. There was that one time you went on arguably the worst date of your life to that cringey hotel tango show. And yes, you’ve passed the Gardel station on the subte. While tango is seeped into the roots of this city, it’s not nearly as vibrant as it once was. Or so we thought… Espacio Sísmico is bringing tango alive with its Milonga nights every Saturday for the rest of the summer. With live djs, music, and a variety of class levels to choose from this is the perfect way to get into the tango spirit. If you can’t seem to find your footing that’s what the bar is for.

20:00-1:00 | Jan-February |$150 | Espacio Sísmico Lavalleja 960 | Villa Crespo

Things to See

Kweens: Stand Up Comedy

Tonight at La Casa Del Árbol laugh off your macrisis impending doom and the fact that living is hard with the comedians of Kweens: a rotating comedy group focused on a healthy dose of patriarchal takedown. With four different comedians in this second round of the cultural center’s Femininja cycle you know it’s going to be good. Or at least a safe place to commiserate about the woes of the systemically sexist world we live in.

23:00 |Friday 25th | $100 | La Casa del Árbol | Cordoba 5217 | Palermo

Wednesday at the MALBA: Pablo Suárez

Before this exhibit ends (you have until Feb 18th y’all) you need to get down to the MALBA. Pablo Suárez was an Argentine painter and sculptor whose work is both graphic and captivating. He takes his paintings and transforms them into living pieces through his sculptural inclusions, like a literal piece of milanesa hanging off a pan of boiling oil or a mate shaped ass. Provocative with its religious commentaries, portraits of naked men, and overall cheeky commentaries Suárez has captured an essence of Argentina that I think is some of the best the MALBA has showed in years. Remember to bring your old student ids if you have them or head down there early on a Wednesday for those discounted tickets.

12-9:00 |Wednesdays: $85 General/Free for Students | Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415| Recoleta

Movie Nights 

While those outdoor patios are our summer haven, let’s be honest sometimes being outside is just too damn hot. You need a heavily air conditioned space. What better than a movie theatre? Every Saturday during the month of February trek on down to Nuñez to see the latest in Argentine cinema. With varied films and live discussions with the directors following the screenings the long bus ride will be well worth it. Tickets are limited to two per person and can be picked up an hour before screening.

19:00| Free | Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti |Av. Del Libertador 8151 | Nuñez

Fel!za Fridays

With both a unicorn and a focus on queer love in this event’s title these Friday night art cycles had us sold from the start. Whether it’s film, theatre, or some live tunes this LBTBiq community is always creating a space we want to be in. Stop by any Friday in February for the open space, the love, and the killer happy hour from 19 to 22:00. And if you’re like me and arrive way too fashionably late, there’s always an arcade game or two to entertain the guests you brought with you.

19:00 |Free Entrance | Feliza | Av. Cordoba 3271 | Almagro

Get Thrifty

I know the idea of “tidying” seems to be in fashion, but what ever happened to good old fashioned hoarding? What better way to prepare for the upcoming change of season then to scour through vintage treasures and load that closet up. Head to the Feria de Ropa for the most unique finds, but be responsible my people and try donating an item of your closet for every item you acquire.

16:00-22:00 | February 9th | Cooperativa Cultural Qi | Thames 240 | Villa Crespo