It’s a new year, and La Lista is back in action, bringing you the best of Buenos Aires’ underground music scene, every week. January is a big month for acoustic shows in Buenos Aires, since bands tend to have at least one member off vacationing somewhere. Fortunately for you, during this fragile time for bands, you can catch them out and about playing intimate shows in various experimental, stripped-down formats. AND your favorite solo acoustic acts, including yours truly, will likely be playing more shows than usual this month!

Here’s our lineup for the week:


Falso Acústico de Verano at POMO

POMO will be choc-full of singer-songwriters this Wednesday night. Just the way I like it! The lineup includes: Kitty Cumbia (Erika Lehner), Mariano LoboLaura GalloTomás Rios (de WALFER), Tincho Galán (frontman of Galán), Astropolo (Ignacio Astica), and La La Lista’s very own Emily And (it’s me!!). So come on out, grab a beer, and let’s get in touch with our feelings (or lack thereof) together!

9PM | AR $60 | POMO, Distrito de Arte | Santa Rosa 5157


Frescura #87 at Matienzo

There’s no time to waste – underground indie culture doesn’t take days off! For this reason, we’re starting off the year with a breath of fresh poetry and songs. The 87th edition of Frescura will be finger-lickin’ good. Host Aguerrido is ON FIRE, this time around bringing us the music of: Playa Sintética, gracing Matienzo’s stage for the first time; Basual, returning from a long hiatus to play for Frescura; Manuel Fernández Pérez, the vocalist of Las Sombras, who will perform this night as a soloist; and Laika Vive, back for their second round in the ciclo. You can get discounted tickets for the event online at Passline

9PM | AR $100 advance, $150 door | Club Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249


Acústicos en el Jardín: Carolina Pacheco and Mariana Bianchini

Acústicos en el Jardín is an outdoor Summer ciclo that will take place in the garden of the Auditorio Belgrano through the end of February, bringing the sweet acoustic music of fresh artists to audiences every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Come out to familiarize yourself with spectacular artists from the indie scene, two projects each night in semi-acoustic format under the stars. This Thursday, the invited performers are Carolina Pacheco and Mariana Bianchini.

7PM | FREE | Auditorio Belgrano | Virrey Loreto 2348

Another Falso acústico de Verano at POMO

This Thursday at POMO there will be another round of acoustic music. This time you can hear De Incendios in a rare stripped-down acoustic duo format, a solo set from pop artist Silvva, your favorite hits by singer-songwriter Johndy Foal,  Montevideoan (definitely not the proper demonym but it will do just fine) grunge-folk artist Ratón, singer Paloma Gomez Rocha, and Fede Biamonte.

9PM | AR $60 | POMO, Distrito de Arte | Santa Rosa 5157


Another Acústicos en el Jardín

The second installment of Acústicos en el Jardín, a free outdoor acoustic music event that is happening every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through the end of February! What a great time to be alive and in Buenos Aires. This edition will feature performances by the epic duo Vero Y Pablo (Verónica Espino and Pablo Meschini) and guitarist Lucy Patané  (of Las Taradas).

7PM | FREE | Auditorio Belgrano | Virrey Loreto 2348


Vapor Crew: Summer Edition 

Dang, it’s been a MINUTE since I’ve been to a vaporwave show (and I didn’t even know there was a vapor wave subculture presence in Buenos Aires until just a few minutes ago), but the last one was LIT AF, so this probably will be too. Vapor Crew 95 (本のクールなもの) is a collective of artists and musicians who promote Vaporwave culture in Argentina. They organize events, festivals, and audiovisual and musical productions based around 90s nostalgia and the lives of kids and teenagers during the decade. VHS tapes, 90s music, the internet boom, videogame consoles…all this and more make up the aesthetic and sound of Vaporwave. This event will feature an array of musical and visual art collaborations, both analog and digital, from almost 20 artists/musicians who have been invited to showcase their work.

8PM | AR $100 | Panda Rojo Espacio Cultural | Sarmiento 3096

Clasico Fernandez: Dhartra & Vieja Parca y el Espectro de la noche

Dhartra, a 6-piece rock fusion group that brings together elements of jazz, folklore, hard rock, and power metal, is presenting their debut EP in acoustic format this Saturday in Clásico Fernandez. Joining Dhartra on their special evening will be trio rock group Vieja Parca.

9PM | FREE | Clásico Fernandez | Piedras 1020

Yet Another Acústicos en el Jardín

Free acoustic shows every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through the end of February, wow! This Saturday you can catch acoustic performances by Lisandro Etala and PUM (Joaco Baglietto y Santiago González).

7PM | FREE | Auditorio Belgrano | Virrey Loreto 2348


Yet Another Acústicos en el Jardín

Sorry I know this is getting repetitive BUT this is an AWESOME FREE ACOUSTIC CICLO AND IT’S HAPPENING FOUR DAYS A WEEK FOR ALMOST TWO WHOLE MONTHS SERIOUSLY THIS IS SO DOPE YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO GO CHECK IT OUT. This Sunday’s edition will feature an acoustic set by pop-rock group Ludico.

7PM | FREE | Auditorio Belgrano | Virrey Loreto 2348