Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which our food writer Alyssa Hansen gives us the low-down on this week’s food truck festivals, Korean BBQ, burgers, and networking happy hours in Buenos Aires. 

MON 10/12

Yanqui Food Week: Miami Edition

Organized by the U.S. Embassy and Sabor USA Argentina, the third edition of US Food Week celebrates the culinary traditions of one of Argentina’s most beloved American cities: Miami. Over 70 restaurants in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba and San Juan will offer special dishes and menus at discounted prices (click here to search your city and neighborhood). If you compulsively document all your meals on Instagram, you can enter your pics to be judged by a panel of top chefs using the hashtag #saborusafoodweek and following the Instagram account @SaborUSAArgentina. Winners will be treated to a free brunch, lunch, merienda or dinner at participating restaurants.

08/12 – 15/12 | Miami Flavors: Sun, Food & Fun | across the country

MASA Invades Banquito Rojo

You can never eat too many tacos, and MASA keeps things popping at Banquito Rojo. Flavors dreamt-up by chef Kevin Vaughn will have you coming back for second, and third, helpings. Get into shape for the summer with your very own taco diet.

19 – 23:30 hrs. | Banquito Rojo | Bolivar 914 | San Telmo


TUE 11/12


If you’ve ever wondered which burger place you should be obsessing over, you’ve probably stumbled upon Leandro Volpe’s recommendations (he’s even created a map). Leno (check out his Instagram for the expected burger porn) is the founder of BurgerFacts, your guide to navigating the burger-bloat going on here in Buenos Aires. BurgerFacts has joined up with some of your favorites (Tierra de Nadie, La Birra Bar, Mi Barrio, and more) to give you their version of the classic cheeseburger. But wait, don’t just stumble into one of these joints, you have to buy your combo online with PassLine (burger + fries + drink for $230.00) and scan a QR code at each location. Hurry up as combos are starting to sell out!

11/12 – 12/13 | BurgerMania | restaurant locations across the city, from Almagro to Palermo


WED 12/12

Closed Door Comfort Food

This 16-chair closed door restaurant is inspired not by the ridiculous Palermo trend of serving everything in little jars, but the time-honored tradition of pickling and preserves, especially the Spanish speciality of escabeche. Fernando Gomez, a chef trained at the IAG, opens his home to small groups several nights a week. The menu, which rotates seasonally, features a welcome Campari, eggplant dips, a modern take on fish ‘n’ chips (with a vegetarian option), and a chocotorta-in-a-jar as dessert. You can book your spot (couples and groups of 4 or 6 are welcome) through CookApp or Restorando, or contact them directly via email: or Whatsapp: 15 6370-3921. Book early- 24 hour notice is required for all reservations.

Wednesdays & Thursdays | EntreFrascos | address upon request (near Alvarez Thomas and Juramento)  | Villa Urquiza

THUR 13/12

Business & Beers

The traditional American happy hour tradition of grabbing a few beers with coworkers, blowing off some steam, and ultimately rubbing shoulders and networking your way to the top has been happily adopted by Argentine culture (although the Argie after tends to last ’til the wee hours of the morning). Taking things back to the roots, Inversores News and Origen CoWork have joined up to provide a happy hour space for entrepreneurs looking to network with other startups, investors, traders, and students. Bring your business cards, prep that elevator pitch, and if you’d like to show a demo of your product email with your full name, business name, logo design, a brief 250-character description about your business and how you’re looking to grow, and attach a picture of you or your team.

19 hrs. | Origen CoWork Bar | Araoz 1201 | Caballito


FRI 14/12

Korean BBQ Block Party

The most authentic Korean BBQ you can get in this city, cooked by a selection of Korean mamas that want you to know what real home-cooking tastes like. Take Sushi and Deli organizes several themed events each year, and to close out 2018 they decided to treat you to a special Korean BBQ, han-sik. The three-plate menu is definitely for meat-lovers, and includes an optional tasting of soju, Korea’s answer to fernet. To reserve your spot for $600.00, email: or send a Whatsapp to: 11 6965 7877.

20 hrs. | Take Sushi and Deli | Helguera 720 | Flores



Buenos Aires Market has brought you special night markets, gluten-free markets, and now they’ve cornered the market on pizza- offering over 50 varieties at stands and food trucks, in addition to the regular fare, beverages and products that are for sale. A pizza-slice eating competition will be held, and you can also cast your vote for your favorite pizza stand of the night. If you’re not a big fan of the typical sauceless BA pizza drowned in cheese, you can happily eat your way through Italian thin crust, NY fold-it-in-half, and deep-dish styles. Once you’ve tasted each type of pizza, you can listen to a talk on how to choose the right beer or wine to wash them down. Entrance is free, but the event will be rescheduled in case of rain.

(14/12 – 15/12) 18 – 01 hrs. | Buenos Aires Market PizzaFest | Paseo De La Costa Raúl Alfonso Vicente López (Alfonsin y Melo) | Vicente Lopez


SAT 15/12

Wateke Fest in Palermo

Do you like music? Food trucks? Cirque du Soleil? Bring your friends, family, and lovers to the Hippodromo for Wateke festival this weekend (from Friday through Sunday). Shows start at 14:00 (click here for the 3-day festival line-up), and the big headliner on Saturday is the pop power-duo, Miranda!. Tickets are $280.00, and if you happen to have the Clarin 365 card you get 2×1 on tickets, or 10% off with Mastercard.

 12 – 00 hrs. (14/12 – 16/12) | Festival Wateke | Av. Libertador 4101 | Palermo


SUN 16/12

Pre-Fiestas Wine Fair

Hosted by Oporto Almacén, with the participation of Wine Marchands, you can hit up this wine fair to snag hard-to-find wines at discounted prices to impress your holiday guests. With over 50 labels from over 10 wineries, and a DJ spinning music on Oporto’s terrace, you’ll want to sip your way through several copas before deciding what -or who- to bring home with you. Your entrance fee is $200.00 (which you can then use towards your purchase of wine).

17:30 – 23 hs. | Oporto Almacén | 11 de Septiembre 4152 | Núñez