Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which our new food writer Alyssa Hansen gives us the low-down on this week’s wine events, organic markets, cooking classes, and brunch options in Buenos Aires. 

MON 26/11

Oodles of Noodles- Ramen Cooking Class

What else do you have going on Monday after work? Why not sign up for a class that will let you finally make use of those random noodles you bought once in Barrio Chino? This intensive course takes you through all the soup bases and all the toppings, so by the time you’re done you’ll have cooked (and tasted!) all your favorites. Ale Aizaka (of Kyoen) is the master chef dedicated to taking ramen to the masses. To reserve your spot you’ll need to email: Vegetarian, vegan, and other special food needs are welcome, just make sure you give a heads up.

19:30 – 23:30 hrs. | Kyoen | super-secret location | Monserrat

French favorites at Fernando’s Cooking Club

Asian cuisine not really your thing? Well, then we’ve got you covered for a lesson with one of Argentina’s best pastry chefs, Luciano Garcia. Learn how to bake classic French favorites like macarons and coulant cake, and prepare pistachio ice cream. After the class you’ll savor a glass of wine from Malamado (Familia Zuccardi), and get to take home some of the rice flour you used (provided by Dos Hermanos Arroz). Fernando Mayoral shares his closed-door restaurant and tasting kitchen with guest chefs as they focus on a new topic, from cured Italian meats to Japanese mushrooms. Email to sign up for the class ($1,600.00 per person). There’s only a few spaces left!

19:30 hrs. | Club de Cocina Fernando Mayoral | Acevedo 830 D | Palermo

MASA Invades Banquito Rojo

Aaand, we’re back again with MASA’s mexican-inspired pop-up at Banquito Rojo. Chef Kevin Vaughn keeps things interesting with San Telmo’s fusion dining scene. Stop by for a taco, or two, for your Monday blues.

19 – 23:30 hrs. | Banquito Rojo | Bolivar 914 | San Telmo


TUE 27/11

A Free Talk for Future Sommeliers

If you’ve been told by friends, “you love wine so much, why not take a sommelier class?” then why not take the next step and see if it’s right for you? Come learn more about the different courses and career trajectories available at Universidad Abierta Interamericana (co-sponsors, along with Winexperts de Argentina). If you decide the sommelier-life is calling your name, you can get a 10% discount if you enroll in a class before December 15th. Hosted by the Bodegas de Argentina wine school, with the participation of the international educational program Wine in Moderation, this is a free talk, but you must RSVP because space is limited (email:

20 – 21 hrs. | Bodegas de Argentina Wine School | Güemes 4474, 1st Floor | Palermo

Sushi, Wine, and Beats

Desperate to combine all your favorite things into one epic Tuesday night? Progressive Wines is hosting a wine tasting at the trendy Dashi Palermo location, with electronic DJ Ale Lacroix to draw in that crowd of mid-week porteño partiers. To reserve your spot, email:, or try to win 2 tickets through their Facebook page

19 hrs. | Dashi House | Fitz Roy 1613 | Palermo


WED 28/11

Gettin’ Muddy at Malba

Malba Joven, the monthly event that features music, wine and the close or opening of a new show, celebrates Pablo Suárez– a prolific Argentine folk artist that rebelled against the di Tella school of the 70s. His sculptures of leggy and semi-nude figures will inspire the freak in you as you’re guided by Pablo Insurralde in making your own piece of artwork in clay. Come get your hands dirty and drink a little wine at this event co-hosted by De Copas y Brochas and sponsored by Edding (art supplies) and Navarro Correas wines. Buy your tickets for $700 by clicking here.

19 – 21:30 hrs. | Malba | Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3415 | Palermo


A Proper Take-Over at Aldo’s

The traditional flavors that Aldo’s is known for peek out of simply-presented dishes that are a staple at Proper: sweetbreads, chickpeas, anchovies, and hazelnuts. The menu includes an opening cocktail (designed by one of BA’s modern cocktail culture’s pioneers, Pablo Pignatta), 4 plates accompanied by wine pairings from the Saint Felicien line of Catena Zapata and a closing coffee. The evening will set you back $1,000.00 but give you a chance to taste the creations of Maximiliano Matsumoto (of Aldo’s), and Augusto Mayer and Leo Lanussol (of Proper). Reservations by phone (or Whatsapp): +5411 4343-0823.

20 – 23:50 hrs. | ALDOS Restorán & Vinoteca | Moreno 372 | San Telmo


THUR 29/11

Our Daily Bread- with a side of dipping oil

Olive oil tastings are a way to explore Argentina’s culinary heritage as one of the greatest olive-producing countries. Familia Zuccardi is not just famous for their wine, but also their olive oils. If you’re running low on high-quality oil in your pantry, $100.00 of your $400.00 ticket can go towards the purchase of your favorite olive oil of the night. And let’s not forget the bread, people. A combination that satisfies, and a great appetizer before your next gourmet experience. Click here to purchase tickets online.

20 – 21:30 hrs. | Sommelier en Bicicleta Espacio y Vinos | Soler 5046 | Palermo


FRI 30/11

Organic Food Market in Palermo

The last date in November for Mercado Punto Verde in Chacarita! Stop by on your lunch break, after Spanish class, or on your way home from work and pick up enough organic veggies and yogurt to get you through next week. Participating vendors include Mikhuy Sustentable and essential oils by Om Esenciales

10 – 19 hrs. | Mercado Punto Verde | Av. Dorrego 1429 | Palermo


SAT 1/12

All-You-Can Eat Salmon

That’s right, and all-you-can-drink too. Throw your precautions about mercury poisoning to the winds, and dive in to Moby Dick’s menu celebrating all things salmon and salmon caviar. Guest chefs, DJs, and live bands will provide the perfect backdrop for your gluttony. Co-sponsored by Club del Salmon, email to reserve your spot: Your ticket is $1,700.00 at the door.

 12 – 21 hrs. | Moby Dick | Av. Rafael Obligado 6350 | Palermo


SUN 2/12

The Week of the Milanesa

Mmm, it’s the weekend and you’re either hungover or destined to share a meal with your Argie family. Nothing hits the spot better than milanesa. How do you like yours: chicken or meat? Traditional with a side of mashed potatoes, or do you need those fries? Now’s your chance to enjoy this lowbrow favorite at over 20 top restaurants around town. The milanesa movement, or homage if you prefer, is being organized by Buena Morfa (a social club for those that know how to eat). Participating restaurants include: Chori, Fifí Almacén, La Brigada, La Carnicería, Tierra de Nadie, and more.

11/26 -2/12 | 20 restaurants all across the city | Buenos Aires