This weekend the city celebrates 15 years of Noche de Museos. But do you know what we celebrate EVERY weekend? That’s right – LIVE MUSIC. From shamanic funk to post-kraut to ethereal dream pop, we never tire of the array of totally bonkers subgenres that you can sample any given weekend in this fair city of ours. So take a look through our picks for this week and, well, skere.


 La Quispe + Madre + Suspensivos Inflamables

Set the controls for the heart of Pachamama! Shamanic funk band La Quispe is hosting the psilocybin-fueled Fiesta Quispe, joined by kindred spirits psychedelic blues trio Madre, and dub rock outfit Suspensivos Inflamables. Magic shroomies sold separately.

23:30 PM | Otra Historia Club Cultural | Estomba 851


Libélulas presents “Hacer un fuego” at CCM, with guests La Experiencia

Chaco’s very own Libelulas Musica are officially presenting their latest LP, the contagious ‘Hacer un fuego’, at Club Cultural Matienzo with the help of ambient pop outfit La Experiencia. If you enjoy sensitive indie music with a penchant for hard-hitting dance floor hooks, then look no further, this is the show for you.

10 PM | Club Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249

Las Edades + Marton Marton

Want a more intimate Friday night option? Try the luscious, gloomy love songs of Las Edades and the gentle psychedelia of Marton Marton at El Quetzal. Ideal for broken hearts looking to find some solace in two of the best bands currently playing live around town.

9 PM | El Quetzal | Guatemala 4516

FESTI 2000 Vol 9: Koyi + El Club Audiovisual +  Fizz + Las Mentiras

It’s the last FESTI 2000 of 2018, and they’re going out with bang. Joining the guitar-heavy extravaganza will be pristine indie rockers Koyi, fuzzy dream pop outfit El Club Audiovisual, psychedelic rock trio Fizz, and kraut-y garage rock band Las Mentiras.

11 PM | AR $100 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Agüero 787



MAR presents: Deportivo Alemán, PEM  & Bidones Auxiliares

Maldito Acople Records makes its Cap Fed debut with post kraut act Deportivo Alemán, noise trio Bidones Auxiliares, and emotive post-rock act band Paul Está Muerto.

11 PM | AR $50 | La Gran Jaime | Aráoz 832

Festival Sin Pantalla

Are you TIRED of starting at your screen ALL THE TIME? Get yourself to Festival Sin Pantalla, who are celebrating their first year of existence with ferias, an affordable bar, and 4 bands playing live! Joining the festivities are surfy garage band Playa Sintetica, punky indie rock outfit Los Darwin, math-rockers Shorts, and noise rock band Blatant. Plus, they will be giving you a free shot of tequila when you walk in the door!

10 PM | AR $50 | PM for address

Ciclo Asterisco Vol. 1: DJs and Live Sets

Ciclo Asterisco is a brand new concert series that brings together different electronic artists from all kinds of genres to celebrate all things knobs and faders. On its first edition ever, you’ll get to enjoy a live set by Papu Dark Disco, and DJ sets by ALELI CHEVAL, Gustavo Plaza, DJ METRA, and Lachina venenosa.

10 PM | AR $100 | PM for address


El Mar + Pol Nada

Need a gentle comedown from Saturday’s gira? We’ve got the plan just for you. Come chill and enjoy some laid-back music at a secret location with jazzy folk ensemble El Mar and experimental modern-day troubadour Pol Nada.  

5 PM | A la gorra | PM for address