Dearest readers, we don’t know if we’ve shoved it down your throats enough yet but..IT’S SPRING. That means the stoop-kid sidewalks are full and the bicisendas are jam-packed. It also means if you’re inside your house and not out in the world you’re doing something wrong. Get outside. Get yourself cultured. We’ll hold your hand.

While each week we arm you with an agenda for eating and another for grooving, we thought you’d enjoy this sampler of the art events in store for this long weekend. From philosophy talks, to art fairs on art fairs, there is so much happening for those of you stuck in the city. Monday is a holiday my people, which means you best be taking advantage of that Sunday night. Whether it’s that Norwegian short film you’ve been dying to see, or that artist you’ve been wanting to meet, we’ve got the lowdown on how to support your local art scene.

Friday 12/10

Being a patron of the arts is something we highly encourage regardless of the current economic state. This is the biggest art fair (IN THE WORLD!!!) where patrons can buy directly from the artist themselves. Artists, too, have bills to pay—so check out one of the four days of this art frenzy and support them directly. Friday is the opening night of the fair and your first chance to visit hundreds of stalls of contemporary artists. Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with your favorite artist face to face and bombard them with all of your questions about their mediums. General entrance for one day is $190 and $350 for all four.

14-21:00 | La Rural | Av. Sarmiento 2704 | Palermo

15 Minute Mini-Plays

We live in an age of instant access. Our attention spans are seemingly nonexistent and that means that our capabilities of sitting through that second drink with Tindy boy of the week are dwindling by the minute. That’s why Microteatro is the greatest thing to happen to theatre in a long time. Centered around a new theme each month (love, money, family etc.), this theatre company provides six different short scenes at staggered intervals. With two different nightly sessions (at 20:30 and 22:45 respectively) there is bound to be something to interest you. Grab a beer and pick and choose two or three of the roughly 15 minute plays for a night of engaging, sometimes interactive, and always captivating modern theatre.

20:30/22:45 | Microteatro | Serrano 1139 | Villa Crespo

Saturday 13/10

Juntas: Fair of Beautiful Things

Head down to Colegiales for this month’s edition of Juntas, our favorite monthly activity to support those local creators. This collective of artists has just about anything your little heart could desire, plus great gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. From Julieta’s jewelry, to vintage clothing, to badass art prints and more, this is the perfect spot to cruise to for a mid-afternoon perusal. Be prepared to get cozy as the space is always packed. Entrance is free, but fair warning it’ll be hard not to spend that cash.

16-20:00 | Ciudad de la Paz 502 | Colegiales

Norwegian Films

Your tired from all that moshing at those Friday night punk shows and you want to take it easy with a movie night on Saturday. But why be boring and watch Netflix when you can get out there into the world and explore the cinema of the north? Join this ongoing series that presents the latest contemporary cinematic gems of the Nordic regions. In this week’s edition there will be a series of short films that somehow incorporate humor into “the snow and hostile climate that is characteristic of the Nordic scene.”

19:00 | Kino Palais Cine | Riobamba 985 | Microcentro

Sunday 14/10

Philosophy Lecture by Donation

You know when you’re a few beers in and you hear yourself citing half-baked versions of that one book you read in that one class you took in university? Alas, you’re deep in the trenches of the  definition of existence. Woof. Stimulate those weekend brain cells with a lecture focused on the aesthetics and metaphysics of the most well-known Argentine writer of all time, Sir Borges himself. Diego Singer, a philosophy professor, runs Filosofía a la gorra which spreads that philosophical lovin’ outside those traditional spaces to make these types of concepts more accessible. Grab a seat, pay what you can, and learn a thing or two to contribute to your next beer-fueled metaphysical debate. No reservations necessary.

21:00 | Club Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249 | Palermo

Art & Design Fair

Join a ton of different artists to share a space of creativity on a lovely Sunday afternoon. Hosted at the gallery Quema la nave there will be workshops on everything from textiles, art and photography in Japanese cinema, created experiences with the body and respiration and more. With art for purchase and the chance to talk to lots of other creatives you won’t want to miss this supportive and inspiring space.

15-19:00 | Quema la nave | Adolfo Alsina 440 | San Nicolás 

Short Films by Cool Chicks 

Coming at you hot is the second edition of Bendita Tu, the international feminist film festival of short films directed only by women. Each edition features a different collaboration of two different countries: this week it’s Argentina and Spain. If you can’t make it to the Sunday screenings, fear not. Monday this event continues with an announcement of the winners and a fair of fan zines and the like.

19:00 | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930 | Recoleta

Free Screening of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring

Suffering hard from that Macrisis wallet, but still want to be social and ingest that art? Easy! Stop by this week’s Cinema de las luces held every Sunday at the cultural center Manzana de las luces. Spring has sprung my friends and we can’t stop talking about. This month’s screenings are all focused around the season we’ve been waiting for all year. This week in particular is a Korean film that depicts the different life stages of a monk through the four seasons. It is a beautifully reflective film that explores the Buddhist religion.

19:30 | Manzana de las luces | Perú 272 | San Nicolás

Color BA: Persian Edition

Color BA is a festival of urban art that takes place in public spaces around the city. Full of local, national, and international artists this edition features more than 80 different Persian artists in three different locations. Get outside into that spring sunshine and roam around the different booths stationed on Lavalle, Reconquista and Av. Pueyrredón. There will also be live music, food trucks, and apparently even spaces to “chill out.” And chill out we will on this blessed pre-feriado Sunday.
9-22:00 | Calles: Lavalle, Reconquista, and Av. Pueyrredón