Hark! For the void is upon us, and the void demands live shows. Its gaping maw black and deep as the infinite abyss, slobber streaming out of its jagged corners. It laughs with the hoarse crackle of Beelzebub. Its eyes fall on you like a searchlight, circling where you lost your way. It sees you. It knows you. It knows what you’ve done. And it won’t let you forget that which you so desperately tried to bury.

Uh, I mean, hey, welcome to La Lista! Below are some cool shows to enjoy this week, and be sure to check out the Spotify playlist featuring all these excellent bands.

Thursday 11/10

Salón Pueyrredón turns 21

Veritable Palermo punk rock institution Salón Pueyrredón turns twenty-one! Aww. Isn’t that adorable? We love the divey, patched-together feel of the venue, so we’ll be there celebrating along with hardcore bands DOSIS and Funerales, peppy indie-rock band Impermeables, bluesy garage rockers Excursionistas, punky shoegazey band LoS Posibles, adrenaline-fueled punk chanters Hércules Vigila, irresistibly catchy Calma Isabel, our good friends Ex-Colorado, and the punky stoutheartedness Ragazzas.

8 PM | AR $100 | Salón Pueyrredón | Av. Santa Fe 4560

Frescura #80 at Matienzo

The eightieth installment of the Frescura concert series brings us the fresh, laid-back songs of Brigada Barceló; the jazzy, progressive, experimental sounds of Melanie Williams & El Cabloide; the energetic stomp of Los Aullidos; and the electronic sounds of Alan Alaska.

9:30 PM | AR $90 | Club Cultural Matienzo | Honduras 5317

Srta Truenonegro and Ana Menor

This show at Zelaya brings us with the ever-so-singable wistfulness of Laptra Records’ Srta. trueno negro, with support from singer-songwriter Ana Menor.

8 PM |AR $150 | Zelaya | Zelaya 3134

Friday 12/10

Pyramides and Viva Elástico at La Confitería

The excellent post-punkers Pyramides, who could have been plucked straight out of early 80s Madchester, join forces with Viva Elástico to deliver a night of deliciously danceable anxiety.

11:30 PM | AR $150 | La Confitería | Av. Federico Lacroze 2963

Medalla Milagrosa, Placard, La Noche Que Estuve a Punto de Morir

You know what’s a really good combination? The energy of punk rock and the vast soundscapes of shoegaze. It’s like yeah I like a good pop melody, but also give me that sense of ethereal grandiosity, yanno? That’s why we love Medalla Milagrosa, and the fact that they’re playing this show with eclectic rockers La Noche Que Estuve A Punto De Morir and the wonderful Placard.

9 PM | AR $200 | Salas Caras y Caretas | Sarmiento 2037

Mauro Valenti and Coghlan at Roseti

Singer-songwriter Mauro Valenti makes anachronistic, head-scratchy music, and we mean that in the best possible way. He is joining forces with fellow quirky character Coghlan for a night of delightful weirdness.

9 PM | AR $100 | Roseti | Roseti 722

Conversación Nocturna Vol. 2

Espacio Cultural Mi Casa maintains its track record of hosting some of the more unique and interesting nights out for indie music in town. This new installment of the Conversación Nocturna series brings us the wonderful Ruidas (who are not on Spotify yet, but seriously, check out their bandcamp, they’re great), the irreverent peppiness of Gente conversando, and Qleaa.

10 PM | AR $100 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

De Rabona, Monotóno and Pretoria at Liverpool bar

The awesome De Rabona, who bring indie, desert-rock and autochthonous rhythms together, will be showcasing their new single “La Libertad.” They’re joined by Pretoria, who are showcasing their latest album Arbusto, and also the lovely Monotóno, who will be previewing songs from their upcoming studio work.

8:30 PM | Liverpool Bar | Arévalo 1376

De Incendios, Los Pencales and Distancias at Panda Rojo

The twisty-bendy sound of power trio Los Pencales goes along great with the twinkly is-it-summer-yet wistfulness of De Incendios and the aggressive sounds of hardcore band Distancias.

10:30 PM | AR $100 | Panda Rojo Espacio Cultural | Sarmiento 3096

Elektor x Tade & Inaki Claisse at Levitar

If you’re more into electronic sounds, come see Iñaki Claisse & Tade Kop do a set at Levitar, along with the driving acid sounds of Elektor.

11 PM | Levitar | Godoy Cruz 1715

Saturday 13/10

Festival Manantial Beat # 2 – Las Ligas Menores, Las Cosas Que Pasan, Sar Rules

Hey, here’s a set of impeccable listlessness, as Mendoza’s masters of distant screaming Las Cosas Que Pasan join forces with beloved porteño indie-rock band Las Ligas Menores, along with a solo set by Sâr Rules.

9 PM | AR $250 | Xirgu Espacio Untref | Chacabuco 875

La Fortaleza #1

You know, singing about our petty struggles for fun and profit is nice and all, but sometimes it’s also good to get together for a good cause. That is exactly what the inaugural installment of La Fortaleza wants to do by bringing artists such as Fede PetroSebastian CabelloNichiDiego MarchionattiFacundo GalliNehuen GavlinCarolina Donati and Juan Demarco together for a night of lovely, folky melodies and actually doing some good.

9:30 PM | A non-perishable food item donation | Wara Wara | Martinez Rosas 973

Haus Party Vol. 6: Laika Vive, Telefonema & Fervors

Hey, it’s another haus party! Come to this free entry event for some drinks, some delicious food, and three sets by three great bands: dream-poppers Fervors, post-punkers Telefonema, and lo-fi bedroom poppers Laika Vive.

9 PM | FREE | PM the Event for Address