Moveable Feasts 8.10.2018

Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which food writer Lola Rubinstein gives us the low-down on what food fairs, pop-ups, closed door restaurants, and other culinary events we should check out in the coming week. 


MON 8/10

MASA Invades Banquito Rojo

Kevin Vaughn fills his weekly post at Banquito Rojo, where he serves his delicious, Mexican-inspired tacos, enchiladas, and soups. This week’s menu consists of 5 wrestler-inspired dishes: Black Warrior (gírgola in tamarind sauce, sweet red onion and coriander over a fried corn tortilla), Chico García (blood sausage, potato and black bean fried tacos with cabbage and yellow sauce), Las Cachorras (chicken and red caramelized onion tacos in chili red sauce with lettuce and sour cream), El Salvaje (pork cheek, red onion, grilled egg, cabbage and watermelon with sauces), and Guerrero Negro (osobuco, cheese and spicy chimichurri sandwich).There will be vegan or/and TACC-free options available. Enjoy!

19 – 23:30 hrs. | Banquito Rojo | Bolivar 914 | San Telmo


Boca en Boca Cooks At Koko

Olivia Saal will be cooking this Monday at this Asian-inspired restaurant, with her project Boca en Boca. The menu consists of: cottage loaf, blood sausage and vanilla butter; strawberry, preserved beet and burnt cherry salad; ravioli, yolk, beurre noisette and asparagus; and a dessert of chocolate and chamomile, salad tuile, and chocolate and rye pancake. For the end of an amazing meal enjoy a toffee cinder and coffee. All of this deliciousness for only ARS $600. Reservations through DM.

20 or 22 hrs. | Koko Bao Bar | Arévalo 1470 | Palermo Viejo


WED 10/10

Elote Invites Masa

Chef Kevin Vaughn will be cooking in this Masa Tacos pop-up. The menu will be filled with sausage, potato and black bean fried tacos; pork cheek tacos; kimchi and fried egg fried tacos and chicken enchiladas. We don’t need specifics – we know it will be good.

19 – 23:30 hrs. | Elote | Jorge Newbery 3791 | Chacarita


THUR 11/10

Resultado de imagen para challah

Challah Kneading

It’s October and that means it’s time for an Israeli celebration. Take a class that teaches you how to knead Challah, a special braided bread consumed during Shabbat and on Jewish holidays. Confirm your attendance via DM.

18 – 20 hrs. | Centro Nacional de Oración | Av. Rivadavia 1829, 1rst Floor | Congreso


FRI 12/10

La imagen puede contener: 1 persona, sonriendo, sentado, bebida, tabla e interior

Masa At Testa Bar

Chef Kevin Vaughn will be cooking once more this week, this time in a cool Colegiales bar. The menu will consist of cheek pork, black bean, red onion and sour cream fried tacos; yellow sweet potato, peanut sauce, kale, fried corn and red onion tacos; osobuco, black bean, pico de gallo and spicy chimichurri tacos, and some other surprises. Good cocktails and good food, who needs more?

20 – 01 hrs. | Testa | C. Gral. Ramón Freire 1393 | Colegiales


SAT 13/10

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Super Saturday Brunch

Drinks, good food and groovy music at this New Yorker style Saturday Brunch. Menu (ARS $350) will be garlic and parsley bread, gravlax, ciboulette, onions and sour cream; egg, bacon, spinach and pepperoni (optional) pizza; honey and berry pancake for dessert. The guest bartender will be Luis Miranda (Uptown Bar), preparing Bloody Marys, Gin Tonic and Aperol Spritz, all of them 2×1 all day long. Finally Alone will be DJing.

12:30 – 18 hrs. | Hell’s Pizza | Humboldt 1654 | Palermo Hollywood


SUN 14/11

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The Vegan Market

An afternoon of vegan food, drinks, juices and smoothies, pastries, cosmetics, clothing, accessories, workshops and a live acoustic show all at our dear cultural space, La Casa del Árbol. There will be more than twenty 100% vegan booths, so you can buy in good consciousness. Plus, free entry.

12 – 17 hrs. | La Casa del Árbol | Córdoba Av. 5217 | Palermo Viejo